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Ivendi : a new approach to real estate between individuals



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Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came

The founder, Hicham Lahlou Mimi, was part of a sale of an apartment in Casablanca when he noticed how the process was complicated and costly for both parties involved. He thought about Uberising the real estate transactions by connecting directly homeowners and possible buyers to save the usual commission 0f 2.5% paid to the middleman.

Your products and services is the 1st web platform in Morocco designed to bring home buyers and home sellers closer. We accompany customers throughout their journey by taking professional photos of their house, virtual tour, price estimation, online advertising on listing websites and digital marketing.

Your success factors 

Customer service, website user experience, partnership with major listing websites

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

We are the first to offer this business model in Morocco, for a fixed price of 300$ we help homeowners market their good, estimate the price distribute over 20 websites and follow up until sale is concluded.

Your business model 

We offer different plans for selling ranging from 100-500$ and for renting ranging from 100-200$.

A few words about your competitors

We are a substitute to real estate agencies, we offer same services to help owners sell themselves by proving the tool and necessary real estate expertise.

Your website

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