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John Rexroad of Pucuda Inc Tells Us How the Firm has Changed the Netting Industry Using Advanced Technology

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John Rexroad Pucuda Inc

First of all, how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times? 

John Rexroad: My family is doing fine considering. My business remains vital and necessary, and I have needed to travel during COVID. Most all face challenges regarding basic travel. We have both the state we are based in with travel restrictions and the state we need to travel to with restrictions in place. As I have projects that mean life and death and national security, I feel it my responsibility to continue doing business and addressing the industry’s needs. Travel can be done safely and responsibly. My wife is in the high-risk category as she had a kidney transplant in 2018 (my donated kidney) and is on immune suppression medication. Businesses can also function responsibility, and work can continue in a safe work environment. Like many, the stress associated with continued shutdowns and unreachable people because of working from home is massive. But as a business person, it’s important to remember that you can and you will. 

Tell us about you, your career, how you founded Pucuda Inc.

John Rexroad: I founded the business 27 years ago, but business can’t remain static. It has to continue to grow, innovate, and change with the times. COVID is a great example of the challenges we face in business. Like many, I started in a very small space, and creativity ruled the day. I started my career looking for and finding a unique company. I started my business when the company was sold to a person that was going to dismantle it and sell it for its assets. 

How does Pucuda Inc innovate? 

John Rexroad: Team is what makes any person successful and what makes a company successful. I truly believe in people, and I push them to be all they can be. I work to create an environment where everyone can succeed. To have the building blocks from which they can be successful. I could be wrong, but I believe everyone is capable of being more than others may think they can. Maybe even more then they think they can be. I guess I motivate through example, working hard, being honest, being the innovator, and leading the industry. I want and expect the company to positively impact society and each person’s family in a very positive way. 

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how are you coping?

John Rexroad: It’s not easy to see the silver lining in COVID, but one is there if you use your ingenuity. It’s a crushing blow to business when your customers are closed, and everyone is strapped for cash. I do hear that some are doing great, but who are those companies doing great? We are utilizing the shifts to grow, and you simply need to find ways to manage the stress and focus on the future.

Did you have to make difficult choices, and what are the lessons learned?

John Rexroad: COVID required difficult choices every day. I see no difference in those hard choices today than when COVID started. In fact, today’s hard choices are more difficult than when COVID started. No PPP, no backup. We all know that it’s not ending tomorrow. Lesson learned are people want an easy handout, and working from home does not work. Anyone who thinks working from home works does not need to do business with other companies with employees sitting in their bunker, letting things go to voice mail. Who’s fooling who? If remote working really is the answer, then we don’t need workers in America. We can join the companies that send phone calls over seas. My lesson learned is to make the office a safe haven, continue interaction, and know that employees, at least mine, are making safe and responsible choices. 

How do you deal with stress and anxiety, how do you project yourself and Pucuda Inc in the future?

John Rexroad: I deal with my stress by focusing on a project in my free time. I have made an incredible toolbox that is like nothing else on the planet. I watch TV programs that allow my mind to turn off, so I recharge, and like many, I spend quality time with my wife. 

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game?

John Rexroad: I don’t have competitors, but other companies sell my products as a commodity. In my view, you first have to lose orders to competitors, and second, be at the same low level of knowledge and ability as them. Who is the competitor for Apple, or Microsoft, or Google? It’s doing something else, and then something else is deficient. Sure some companies sell iPhones for less than Apple, Software, and other things you can use instead of Microsoft and other search engines than Google. You go to them because you know they are quality, innovative, and leaders. I guess if I had to consider a competitor, I would need to be like Apple and consider a flip phone a competitor. I say let invent, innovate, and improve. That’s my plan, and it’s using all the current things to remain Leading Edge. I am using this time to put not just pictures on a website but informative videos. Frankly, I am engaging in what I already started. That’s why I have dozens of patents, own major domain names and brands.   

Your final thoughts?

John Rexroad: To others in business, it’s not easy, and it never will be easy, nor was it ever easy. If you felt it was, then you lost track of growth and innovation. This is a wakeup and use your brain call. I always look outside the box, and outside of the box is invention and solutions. This is what makes a company a leader. Live by the three words I do, and all solutions and decisions lay in answer to these three words, “I CAN IF.”

Your website?

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