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Kaymiz3 koncept : a fashion brand manufacturing hair extensions, makeup and cosmetics

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Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came

Kaymiz3 Koncept came to life when the co-founder, Mary Akoh met me with a hair extension (crochet) she made locally with manual means, I asked the cost which she told me was 800 (in Naira) and we tried selling it and it went for 1500 (Naira). So I  picked up the idea and researched it, we took a trip to Lagos to make findings, costs and market competition. On the other hand, we looked into combining hair extensions with Fashion products since our basic objective is to make look go and stay beautiful for as long as you want, (beauty and durability).

Your products and services 

Hair Extensions, Shoes, T-shirts, Wares, All Customized Fashion products, Our K3k brand, and our ready to wear closet. 

Your success factors 

We have an active, strong and dedicated team

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

 Durability, prices, length of hair extensions and designs

Your business model  

 We earn money by selling our products.

A few words about your competitors

The competitors’ products are those which the public have known well. We are coming with entirely new designs and lengths.

Link to your Facebook page

Kaymiz3 Koncept k3k is a fashion enterprise that make classic and durable fashion products ranging from hair extensions, already T shirts, Shoes and Packaged African Wares. So far we have been been able to achieve a part of our hair extension, Frizz Curls - Crochet. And we time we hope to achieve our standard products.

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