KodePay : Web/mobile payment with local currency for every country

Written by Nassym Louradi

Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came

 Nassym Louradi & Nesrine Aissani, and we are Algerian Serial Entrepreneurs in addition to our Genius COO Paul Degli.

Nassym Louradi : Android apps developer

Nesrine Aissani : Business development

Paul Degli : Marketing and financial strategist

In Africa we can’t buy or pay online, pay for Bill or book for event or even buy giftcards for our mothers or girlfriend or top up my friends mobile when his car’s tires wasted.

Credit cards with their foreing euro and dollar isn’t solution nor bank cards where majority of Africans are unbanked though M-pesa and Airtel Money solved the problem, but it’s not convincing African youngsters who are connected with smartphone / web

That’s why we thought of KodePay

Your products and services 

e-payment/mobile payment with local currency for every country.

KodePay is : Ticket / voucher, prepaid card, e-wallet (it could be funded using Kpay Ticket/voucher) supports most of African currencies, and cover all needs, minors to professionals! And in future we’ll make bitcoin wallet for Africa to renforce m/e commerce in our way, in African way!

 Your success factors 

KodePay covers need for e-payment in africa without credit cards and bank account.

also options we give our clients which vary from : Ticket and pre-paid card and e-wallet!

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

KodePay Ticket/Pre-paid card is for illeterate,youngsters, and everyone who wants to pay in easy, fast and anonymous on websites (that installed our API) way!

KodePay e-wallet is just smooth, and modern, for everyone who wants to shop online (with our partner websites/ services) and it’s for the professionals to make bigger amounts transactions, also other use.

KodePay simply cover needs for mostly all population and professionals and gives them way to do their shopping or whatever in easy, simple and fast way without bank account and not even required to register at our website in case of Ticket/pre-paid card or provide any identity papers.

Your business model

We take 1% for every sold ticket/reload pre-paid card.

2% from every transaction in our Kpay App (e-wallet).

we charge 100% monthly fees for merchants (we take no comissions).

A few words about your competitors

M-Pesa and Airtel money : Good solution but it’s not for professionals nor web payments.

Credit cards and bank cards : International cards in dollar and Euro doesn’t help African costumer, nor bank cards because of lack solid and popularity of banks ( majority are unbanked)

Website :


About the author

Nassym Louradi

Président directeur général chez KickSide


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