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Kratom And Alcohol: Should You Use Kratom For Alcohol Withdrawal?

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Let me start upfront here by saying that kratom can be brilliant for helping with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. On the other side of that coin, kratom can actually increase anxiety, and replace alcohol dependency with a kratom problem instead.

So you need to tread carefully if you’re going to use kratom to alleviate the symptoms of alcohol dependence. However, used carefully and sensibly, it is possible to use a simple strategy to get off alcohol and not replace that problem with a kratom problem.

I’m going to do here is talk you through everything you need to know. Why kratom can help, the symptoms it can help with, the best kratom strains to use, and a strategy to use kratom successfully for alcoholism and depression symptoms.

Here’s How You Should Quit Using Alcohol Generally

You’ll know when you’ve got an alcohol problem because it will dominate your thoughts, gradually take over your life, and then begin to wreck it. You may not be at that point now, but you certainly could be.

If you don’t feel you’re in control of alcohol, then it’s time to quit. Or at least get down to moderate and infrequent drinking levels.

If you’re drinking daily, or most days of the week, then you should not just stop. That can cause significant problems, including withdrawal symptoms and anxiety that can be crippling.

The first part of an alcohol withdrawal strategy, regardless of using kratom to alleviate the worst symptoms, is to slowly taper down. Look at your usage, and try to work week on week with less alcohol intake.

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The Reasons Why Kratom Can Help With Quitting Alcohol

Here are the exact reasons why kratom can help with quitting alcohol more easily:

  1. Kratom helps to chill you out and calm you down, which helps to alleviate the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal anxiety.
  2. Kratom gives you a buzz, even a high. It makes you feel good, makes you feel euphoric. When you really need a hit, it can replace getting drunk on a very occasional basis.
  3. Kratom can lift your mood. That makes it good for low mood and depression symptoms that can manifest during alcohol withdrawal, and when you sober up and feel guilty.
  4. Kratom can give you energy. Do you know those days when you wake up and just don’t want to function? A few grams of good-quality white kratom can really help you with your mood and your physical energy, so you can function as a human being.

Using Kratom For Alcohol Anxiety Symptom Relief

Let’s talk first about those crippling alcohol anxiety symptoms. Using kratom for alcohol anxiety relief can be really beneficial, as it will allow you to function better.

You know that feeling when the alcohol leaves your system and gets progressively worse over the days if you are a chronic daily drinker, it can be crippling and leave you unable to function.

A good dose of kratom can really chill you out and calm you down, washing away those anxiety symptoms and allowing you the calmness and presence of mind to get control of yourself and function.

Strategy: How To Use Kratom For Alcoholism And Depression Symptoms

Now you’ve got a bit more of an idea of how to use kratom for alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and what the benefits can be, let’s go through a full strategy in brief on how you can use kratom for alcoholism and depression to make the whole process of quitting alcohol easier.

These are the steps you need to take:

  1. The first thing you need to do is work on an alcohol taper strategy. Look at your consumption, and then try to get that down. It could be less drinks when you drink, although you’re unlikely to be able to stick to that. So try having more days per week, or per month, dry. Once you’ve achieved your goal of tapering down a couple of days per month for example, try and do another couple of days.
  2. When it comes to using kratom to help with quitting alcohol, you need to look at why you want to use it. If it’s to get an energy boost through the day, then small doses of white kratom can help. If it’s to sleep, moderate doses of red kratom. If you want to get high and happy, larger doses of white or green. If you want to feel spaced out and lay around, then larger doses of red kratom.
  3. You need to look at the frequency and dosing levels of the kratom you use. I’ll talk about that in more detail in a moment, but using kratom at the lowest possible dose, and as infrequently as possible (only when you really need it) has to be crucial to using kratom to counter the effects of alcohol.
  4. Once you’ve successfully tapered down on alcohol to a reasonable level, usually over three months or so, it’s time to start tapering down on kratom as well. The exit strategy, once you got control of your alcoholism, has to be to also not be dependent on kratom to counter the effects.

Recommended Kratom Colors And Strains

The kratom vein colors and specific strains you use for dealing with alcohol problems will depend on the type of problem you’re trying to deal with.

If you want to use kratom for anxiety generated from alcohol use then you really are looking at the lowest possible doses of red kratom, and possibly green kratom that you can get good effects from.

For anxiety relief, any good-quality red kratom will do. Red Borneo, red Indo, it doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s good quality kratom. With green kratom, some can be more energizing, so I’d start with Green Malay as that got a good level of calmness built into it through its alkaloid profile.

For relieving depression symptoms then white kratom and green kratom are best. A good dose of white kratom can get you through the day, energizing you physically and mentally, and improve your mood. Start with strains like White Indo and Borneo. However, for an even more high-energy experience, go for white Maeng Da (which is usually a blend of white kratom types that delivers a bigger punch because it’s got a rich alkaloid profile).

To get high and happy, to have a hit to replace alcohol, use white or green kratom. I find Green Malay, or Green Borneo are really good because they give you an initial rush of euphoria and happiness, and then drift down into peacefulness and calmness. So you won’t get jittery and then reach for alcohol to try and calm the symptoms.

Dosage Guide

Now let’s talk about the sort of dosage of kratom you should be used for alcohol withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, and depression. This is a crucial part of the guide, and unfortunately the first thing you need to know is you’re going to have to experiment.

Kratom is quite personal, and the dose you’ll need will depend on you, and the quality of the kratom. These are the dosage brackets I would generally work within:

  • Low kratom dosage of up to 3 g
  • Moderate kratom dosage up to 5 g
  • Medium kratom dosage up to 7 g
  • High kratom dosage up to 10 g
  • Extreme kratom dosage over 10 g

Now if you’re looking to get euphoric and smashed on kratom, then you’re looking at a high dose, somewhere above 7 g. If you’re doing that, I’d start with around 7 g and work up by a gram on each experience. Also, make sure those experiences are at least a week apart.

For general relief of withdrawal symptoms when you’re trying to quit alcohol, I’d start with a low dose of a couple of grams, and work up a gram at a time with the kratom you want to use for the symptom you want to alleviate (anxiety, depression, physical pain, focus, energy, whatever).

Important Warning: Don’t Replace One Addiction With Another

Using kratom for alcohol withdrawal symptoms is very personal, and you will have to experiment with the type of kratom, and the dosage range of use. Also, the type of kratom dosage range may change as you start to get less dependent on alcohol.

But what you mustn’t do is replace one addiction with another. You mustn’t start getting dependent on kratom as you start to conquer alcohol dependency.

As well as dosing as low as possible, you must also dose as infrequently as possible. Only use kratom two or three times a week where possible, that’s the golden rule I would stick to. If you find you are using it more than three times per week, then you need to look at whether it’s becoming a dependency in its own right.

Where To Buy Good Quality Kratom To Help With Alcoholism And Depression Relief

I really hope this has been helpful, and I want to finish here by telling you where you can buy really good quality kratom that can help with alcohol anxiety, depression, and withdrawal symptoms.

For me, Kona Kratom has been the place I found good quality kratom for the past year now.

The alkaloid content is rich, delivery is quick, and prices are good. They sell all the main types of kratom you’ll need to help with dealing with alcohol dependency, and all the main types I’ve mentioned in this quick guide can be bought there.


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