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Laxman Kafle EveMoo

We talked to Laxman Kafle of EveMoo about transforming client ideas into fully functioning products, and he had the following to say:-

First of all, how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times?

Laxman Kafle: My family and I are doing fine during this pandemic. Most importantly, my EveMoo family is doing awesomely great during this pandemic. Yes, there were some issues at the beginning of the pandemic, but being tech geeks and having a love for innovation, we did great after the first two pandemic weeks. Of course, it took time for us to move to virtual setups and, most importantly, ensure security at all client and employee ends.

However, the pandemic did make us a little far from what we wanted to achieve this year, but I feel we did pretty much incredible given the circumstances worldwide. We have some SaaS products releasing soon, about which we all are excited. Although the initial Covid-19 phase was challenging, it motivated me to spend some more time formulating my vision and ideas. 

In fact, we are going to launch three more startups in the coming months. One of these startups is EveMoo- The HUB for Young Talents looking to transform passion into a reality, where we team up and develop innovations to different niches/industries. The other one is The third one is named, which is a platform for brands/businesses/entrepreneurs who want to succeed in SMM / SEO / Influencer outreach & Reputation management platforms.

Tell us about you, your career, how you founded EveMoo.

Laxman Kafle: Since my young teenage years, I got into entrepreneurship. At the age of 16 and with rookie knowledge about basic internet marketing, I stepped on to the freelancing platform in 2011. Initially, I was although motivated but a little low on confidence, but as soon as I grabbed my first client, there was no way I wanted to stop. For eight years, I got a chance to work with different professionals around the world. I worked with small and medium-sized organizations, understanding their ideas, and giving them an edge over their competitors on digital platforms. Even I offered consultation to businesses that had little idea about how they can take their business forward.

My main forte was Social Media PR, Entertainment marketing, MUSIC, consulting, and involving in Brand projects like IPSY, ArabGT, Huawei, Tuborg, and Huda Beauty. Alongside, I lead the Social media marketing Platform [ SMM] since 2012.

I had a growth mindset, and I still have the same attitude, which motivates me every day to go forward. I was featured in freelancer Friday: Laxman Kafle & From an Ordinary Worker to One of Freelancer’s Best. I have the highest ratio of both repeating clients and employees from around the world. My favorite niches so far have been SaaS applications.

It was around 2016, and I realized the necessity of a strong and solid team for successful project teamwork is what you need. I handled my clients along with managing a team that is more like a family now.

Starting in 2016, I began building SaaS pages. Although at the time I had little knowledge about user acquaintance, I stepped up and formed EveMoo. EveMoo, as its slogans, tells you all, transforming ideas into business, so we transform client ideas into fully functioning products. We handle everything for them, and they just need to stand high at the front.

How does EveMoo innovate? 

Laxman Kafle: We make brands go digital in a way that makes people trust without a second thought. By surrounding the brand with a unique identity, we make them stand out. Although many people claim it’s easy to build community on social media, they forget that the audience needs innovation. Working for so long in the field, and at such a young age, I have understood user psychology and what product management strategy fits the best with an idea. Through the right strategy, We create an identity and an impression that attracts the cognitive biases of the consumers.

Other ways through which I plan to bring innovation to business is through my understanding of programmatic media buying. and are related to SaaS products that aim to give a programmatic media buying platform. By automating the process of selling and buying, we give our client’s the consumer insights that help them design what “exactly” their consumers are searching for. 

Technology is the future, and using technology to the advantage of both businesses and consumers is a win-win situation for everyone.

We develop Innovative Concepts for brands & businesses. Our mission is to make their objective their audiences’ objective, which automatically serves the purpose of their brand being recognized. We take every business objective as a mission, get into any scenario and bring growth – That’s VIA EveMoo.

I would take the opportunity to throw out an opinion, and I believe people will need this opinion sooner or later. The term innovation sounds heavy, but it’s the small changes that bring the biggest differences. My belief is to innovate by building modules and empowering people around me.

It’s not a business or entrepreneurship anymore; it’s my passion and hobby now, which will never allow me to stop. I wake up happy every day because I love doing what I do.

How does the coronavirus pandemic affect your business finances?

Laxman Kafle: The covid-19 pandemic has impacted everyone around the world. The poor have been affected the most. However, the businesses that are based on shipments are impacted the most. Now the companies based on this model are our clients; yes, they did affect our business. Some clients put a halt to their work, and even for some months, there was little or no work from such clients.

But you know it did not pull me down of what I do and how I do it. I worked on the SaaS side, and I am more than excited to launch my new services. Yes, the business’s sustainability was impacted, but as I said, my team is strong, and we managed through this time firmly. 

Did you have to make difficult choices regarding human resources, and what are the lessons learned?

Laxman Kafle: For about a week or so, we were completely out of track. It was not just managing the team, but it was more on selecting tools that ensure that our network is secure. From going to hey what’s up in office lobbies to hey, can you hear me? We used the power of the internet to the best of our abilities.

Tools like Google workspace, ZOHO, Slack, Google meetings became our partner in this journey. Everything went digital, which was not new for us, as we have been communicating with clients like this for so long. But we learned one lesson during this time was to make our business fully digital, and build a digital infrastructure is a must in the current times, even if there was no pandemic.

How did your customer relationship management evolve? Do you use any specific tools to be efficient?

Laxman Kafle: Since we have always been virtual with our clients, at least for communication, it was not an issue when it came to communicating with them. Skype and Emails were there to communicate every part of the deal.

However, the issue was closing these deals and signing legal documents. So, we learned to use some online document sharing and signing tools, which not only made everything easier, but it made it easier for both clients and us to manage all the paperwork in one place.

Our goal during this pandemic was to sustain, and we did that well. We saw how traditional marketing is not the way to go, we realized the power of automation, and here we are operating 70% digitally.

Did you benefit from any government grants, and did that help keep your business afloat?

Laxman Kafle: The Nepal government came up with a few streamlines. Also, the fiscal taxation was postponed. The government came up with different plans. However, these plans benefited the big business the most. The small companies were still at the mercy of the pandemic. This gave me a further motto to help people because the Covid-19 pandemic was not a time to think for ourselves. It was a time, and it is still the time to understand the importance of growing together.

To help people around us and our clients, we did some free consultations, extended payment due dates, and much more. The companies registered in Singapore and the US also faced similar issues, but we made sure to give our clients a relationship they can trust.

Since Jan 1st, I am looking for opportunities & projects. We are floating now again because we aim to move close to our goals. EveMoo earns and funds my projects as I am developing everything on my own at this stage, but I will definitely pitch and look for investors to keep in touch through my social media handles.

Your final thoughts?

Laxman Kafle: I believe that with clear objectives, Ideas, strategies, timing, any individual can achieve anything.

Everything is within you. It’s your thought that limits you and your aims. Once you realize there are no limits, no one can stop you if you have the motivation.

My favorite phrase is Take Action. Just one Action can give you what you have imagined and wanted for so long.

Develop a positive and growth mindset, be consistent, and then see how you achieve everything you ever wanted. What if you fail? Trust me, I failed a million times, but what I never left was learning and moving forward.

Keep your eye on the future, and you are ready to go. 

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