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What I Learned Taking Le-Vel Thrive: Side Effects, Results, and More

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Let me cut right to the chase: When I first heard about the Le-Vel Thrive Experience, I was — shall we say — skeptical. I mean, there are a lot of health and wellness products out there on the market, and most of them aren’t too shy about over-promising and under-delivering. A three-step daily supplement program, no matter how unique or interesting the delivery methods, just didn’t seem like it would be enough to help the average user get control of their health.

But I’m also not one to make up my mind without doing my due diligence. And as a personal fitness coach, I put a lot of stock in the experiences of my clients. So when one of my long-running clients suddenly turned a major corner and started to see some significant success after getting involved with Le-Vel, I took notice. And when a second client did the same thing, that’s when I made up my mind: I was going to try Le-Vel Thrive for myself.

Here, I’ll give you my insider’s experience as it relates to results, side effects, and everything else I discovered while “Thriving” with Le-Vel.

The Thrive Experience: An Overview

If you’re reading this review, you’re probably already at least partially familiar with Le-Vel. If not, here’s the crash course:

Le-Vel is a health-and-wellness company that operates under a direct-sales model, working with independent contractors called Thrive Promoters. And although the health and wellness industry is certainly not lacking in options, Le-Vel managed to blow past much of its competition, achieving more than $2 billion in sales in 10 years of business.

And although Le-Vel offers a range of products, its flagship offering is the aforementioned Thrive Experience: a daily supplement regimen consisting of capsules, shakes, and the unique Thrive DFT. There are a lot of places online where you can read about the Thrive three-step process and each individual product, but suffice it to say that you take two capsules with a glass of water first thing every morning, wait about 20 minutes and then drink a Thrive shake, and then stick a Thrive DFT (which is a kind of adhesive plaster) on a clean, dry, lean patch of your skin. You follow the same process every day, replacing the DFT every 24 hours and switching up where you place it on your body, and you’ve got an idea of what the Thrive Experience entails.

The Results

I went ahead and placed an order. And although I wasn’t at all sure that I wanted to commit right off the bat, I figured that I owed it to myself and my clients to really evaluate the Thrive Experience, and that meant forgoing the less-expensive half pack and instead purchasing the full 60-day “All-in” option.

On day one I woke up, took the capsules, drank the shake, and slapped on the DFT. Then I went about my day.

And I did the same thing on day two. And then day three. And so on.

Now, as I mentioned before, I’m a fitness coach; it’s probably not bragging for me to say that I keep myself in pretty decent shape. So, if the Thrive Experience was designed to melt away unwanted pounds, I probably wasn’t going to be seeing much of a difference.

But what drew me to the Thrive experience was that it supposedly went beyond just helping with weight loss. The list of benefits — shared on the Thrive site and at least partially validated by the experiences of my clients — includes improved general well-being, digestion, and immune support, along with enhanced mood and energy.

And at about day 15, I started to feel many of these benefits take root. I woke up rested and had more than enough energy to hit my morning run without any of the sluggishness that has been an ongoing struggle for as long as I can remember (fit I may be, but a morning person I am not). Also, those aches and pains that just naturally come as a result of getting older seemed to fade away. I even noticed less stiffness and soreness after my daily mid-afternoon workout session.

But for me, the biggest impact was on my mood. I found myself smiling more, and the minor annoyances that come from interacting with other human beings (come on, you know what I’m talking about) just didn’t seem to get to me as much. All in all, I simply felt better, and the evidence all suggested that the Thrive Experience was the reason.

What About Thrive Side Effects?

As I always do before I start taking new supplements or making changes to my diet, I made sure to research the Thrive ingredients first and foremost. After all, I didn’t want to expose myself to dangerous side effects or shady synthetic chemicals (even if I was doing it in the name of science). If you’re interested, you can follow my lead and check out the ingredient lists and nutritional information here:

What I saw boosted my confidence in the product. Far from being potentially dangerous additives or snake-oil fillers, these were essential vitamins and minerals that tend to get overlooked in most modern diets. In addition, I was seeing antioxidants, probiotics, amino acids, and beneficial plant extracts — all naturally sourced. This was a supplement that really was here to supplement; it was designed to help users fill nutritional gaps and enjoy optimal nutrition.

What does this mean in terms of side effects? Well, it means there aren’t really any side effects. Other than the possibility that a user might suffer a reaction as a result of a pre-existing allergy (which is another reason to always check ingredients, and a good argument in favor of checking in with your healthcare provider before you commit), or that someone with extremely sensitive skin might experience localized skin irritation if the DFT isn’t used correctly, the Thrive Experience looked side effect free.

And while I can’t speak for everyone, I can tell you that through my entire 60-day course, the only effects I experienced were positive ones.

Conclusion? Worth Trying

Like I said, when I first encountered Le-Vel Thrive, I was skeptical. But the skepticism quickly gave way as I saw what the Thrive Experience actually brings to the table. Even for someone like myself who already makes health and fitness a primary focus, Thrive created noticeable, positive changes in my life.

So, I’ll tell you what I’ve started telling my other clients: If you’re looking for an effective and easy way to take charge of your health, Le-Vel Thrive is worth looking into.


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