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Written by Taiwo Otitoju

Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came:

The founder’s name is Oladunni Otitoju and the co-founders are Twin sisters; Taiwo and Kehinde Otitoju (its a mother and daughter business). We are in the agriculture business, focused on Livestock farming. Lekkifarm started in 2015 but was officially registered in Lagos, Nigeria on the 27th Jan 2017.

The founder was fond of animals and wanted a clean and healthy way of rearing and slaughtering the livestock. The butchery areas in Lagos use rubber tires to skin the animals, which is unhealthy and can release carcinogens in the meat. We are disrupting that method through the introduction of a blow touch to skin the livestock.

We started off with chick rearing and a few goats. However, due to harsh weather conditions and not having the right incubating facilities, half of the chicks died but the goats resisted. We decided to go fully into Cattle rearing, Ram in addition to the goats. Right now, we have expanded to another state, Oyo State, which is a larger expanse of land.

We’ve been fortunate to be on Reuters International where Lekkifarm was showcased on Women in Agriculture in Africa with a focus on animal husbandry. We also engaged with over 1000 women on Animal husbandry as a speaker at a Panel Discussion on Women in Agriculture (Women Agripreneurs) at Committee of Wives of Lagos State Officials (COWLSO).

We are giving back to society by teaching young school students on livestock farming. We successfully started an initiative called the Young Farmers Projects where schools bring students, ages 3- 17 to the farm on an excursion to learn more about animal farming. We have had over 500 students come to the farm.

Your products and services:

Livestock Farming – Rearing and sale of Cattle, goats, rams.

Your success factors :

Clean way of slaughtering the animals, competitive prices on the sale of livestock

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing:

Organically feeding the livestock 

Your business model :

Sale of livestock

A few words about your competitors :

Our major competitors are supermarkets who sell meat.

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