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Liubov Svezhentseva

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Liubov Svezhentseva

Liubov is Head of the Marketing Department at Payeer, an international e-wallet. She is responsible for the company’s development in the B2B and B2C sectors.

Liubov Svezhentseva started her career at Payeer in 2013 as a support team member. After two years, she was promoted to become head of the support team office. Under the leadership of Liubov Svezhentseva, the support team processed over 2,000 requests from Payeer users from all over the world every day. New standards implementation resulted in a two-fold increase in customer request processing speed and 30% growth in the customer satisfaction index (NPS). The ability to anticipate customer needs, and to provide 24/7 assistance in solving their problems, has also led to an increase in the company’s rating on most review sites.

In 2015, Liubov completed training in online marketing based on the company’s in-house professional development courses. Thanks to her new skills, Liubov moved to work in the Marketing Department and became a manager. Today, more than 20 employees work under Liubov’s supervision to promote Payeer, developing the presence of the Payeer e-wallet –  in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

In the last few years, Liubov on her own opened several offices of the company from scratch and was also involved in training new staff in different countries to improve the efficiency of Payeer. ​​Having completed these tasks successfully Liubov got the position of Executive Manager of one of Payeer’s companies. After achieving these results, Liubov is still working on her professional skills by studying various programs and taking new courses (Anti Money Laundering & Compliance, IT Security, and Risk Management).

Currently, as Director of a Payeer company, Liubov leads the Payeer marketing department, combining her job with the position of Customer Service Manager. Despite her busy schedule, she always finds time to share her experience to help other professionals in the financial sector. Among her recent works is analytical research on the payment market (non-banking), as well as methods for combatting online fraud (scams) in e-wallets/payment systems.

Liubov spends her free time travelling, learning new languages, and discovering different cultures. She strives to constantly learn something new and evolve as a person. In 2022 she moved to Italy.


Payeer is an international e-wallet popular in Eastern Europe and Latin America. Founded in 2012, it is licensed in Estonia, Lithuania, and Vanuatu. It has over 20 million users all over the world, save for some countries.


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