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Mijanur Rahman Doodle Incorporation

We talked to Mijanur Rahman of Doodle Incorporation about his vision of empowering the world through robust digital solutions, and he had the following to say:-

First of all, how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times? 

Mijanur Rahman: I’m doing well; thanks! My family and I have been COVID-free so far. But to be honest, life is no longer the same since the pandemic started, just like millions of other people around the world. I am now forced to reduce my outdoor activities to the lowest. But I am still having a positive mindset and optimistic about the coming years. I am pretty sure we will get over these tough times soon. 

Tell us about you, your career, how you founded Doodle Incorporation.

Mijanur Rahman: I always had an entrepreneurial instinct from a very early age. I use to be very inquisitive about things around me. I loved talking to people and learning about new things. I was also in sports and enjoyed leading my team in games. I studied computer science, and before even finishing my graduation, I started to apply my skills in global market places.

In a very short period, I became a trusted provider of digital solutions in the USA market and started to get more and more work until I was unable to handle every project on my own due to the massive volume of work I was getting. But my vision of empowering the world through robust digital solutions was just taking shape! So I decided to on-board more tech geniuses with me to join my voyage of exploring and building technologies that can help the business community worldwide. 

Therefore, I formed Doodle Inc. back in 2012, which has now become a hub of leading tech experts (custom web developers, system engineers, eCommerce experts, mobile app developers, DevOps experts, etc.). Doodle Inc. is not only ensuring valuable digital solutions throughout the world but also creating opportunities for tech experts to harness their skills and build their careers with us. 

Tell us something about Doodle Incorporation.

Mijanur Rahman: For the past 9 years, Doodle Inc. has established itself as a reliable center of multiplatform full-stack software development, mobile application development, advanced cloud computing solutions, and providing technical consultancy to growing businesses. Doodle Inc. had the pleasure to team up with visionary entrepreneurs from different industries on some of the most challenging projects.

Over the years, Doodle Inc. has successfully executed hundreds of highly scalable and secure digital solutions for users all around the world. Moreover, Doodle Inc. is one of the most trusted resource centers to hire offshore teams under different contractual agreements for both long and short term projects. Doodle Inc. holds expertise in PHP, Node.Js, Python, and a variety of major programming languages and frameworks. 

This gives the company the edge it needs to make dynamic and custom-made features for even the most complex systems. Doodle Inc. adheres to Agile Methodology as a part of its working culture within the organization. Hence, developers and all other team members stay fully committed throughout the project development cycle and ensure an accurate, cost-friendly, and impactful result.

How does Doodle Incorporation innovate? 

Mijanur Rahman: Doodle Incorporation has made technology much easier to avail and use. The company is not restrained to limits in terms of profitability. We encourage everyone who is a tech enthusiast to share their vision, goals, and dreams with us. At Doodle, we try to help everyone with our extensive resources and achieve their target no matter how simple or complex that can be. Our expertise in agile methodology practices gives us the edge we need to cope up with improvisations and changes rapidly. It is one of the main reasons on top of our technical expertise that helps us to be creative in our approach and find out solutions to even the most complex problems. 

Doodle Inc. not only reduces 70% of the development cost for companies around the world but also mitigates the need of setting up offices, infrastructure, finding, hiring employees, or even worry about training or managing a staff. Our project-based and SLA based modules liberate clients from the worries of project development as we take responsibility on their behalf. Hence, our clients have been able to focus on developing their business more, which is also one of the main reasons for our company’s success. 

How does the coronavirus pandemic affect your business finances?

Mijanur Rahman: Most of our clients are with us for a long time. But we did have to go through some changes in our agreements, which could ease the pressure for both parties in this pandemic. However, our company’s revenue has not been heavily influenced by this, and we are going stronger than ever. But unfortunately, our aim of expanding Doodle Inc. had to be postponed due to the cross-border issues and limitations of updating our pricing due to this global financial crisis. Be that as it may, Doodle Inc. feels blessed to have all its employees safe and healthy as that has been our top priority since the pandemic started. 

Did you have to make difficult choices regarding human resources, and what are the lessons learned?

Mijanur Rahman: Not really! We have a very low employee turnover rate at Doodle Inc. We did release a few of our team members last year, but it was not directly because of the pandemic. It was mainly because their agreement came to an end, and they wanted to do something different in the coming years. Most of our employees are working from home at the moment, and we have all adjusted beautifully. But If I have to say about the take away from this pandemic in terms of managing human resources, I would say all businesses should have a contingency plan in place no matter how stable the world looks like. Fortunately, Doodle Inc. has planning to handle emergencies, which is also one of our regular practices as we follow international standards prominently. 

How did your customer relationship management evolve? Do you use any specific tools to be efficient?

Mijanur Rahman: Well, frankly speaking, our customer relationship management never moved from its core belief. Since 2012, we have maintained a very simple policy of maintaining a relationship with our customers, and that is “listening to customers like a friend.” No matter for how long a customer is doing business with us, we pay attention to every one of their words just as a first time customer is on-boarding. 

We love when someone is even saying “Hi” to us or just wants to know more about what we do. One of our core beliefs is that we are not selling any service or product. We are rather using our talent to help people who need technical assistance to improve their business, society, or lifestyle. 

Therefore, listening has been our main of collaborating with customers no matter where they are or who they are. If you have a question related to web-based technologies, Doodle Inc. would love to answer that. 

In terms of tools, we use tools like Zoom and Skype to share information with our customers. We also use some automation software to stay in touch with our followers, subscribers, and customers and keep them informed about various updates.

How do you deal with stress and anxiety?

Mijanur Rahman: I won’t deny that sometimes stress does bother me. Being a human, I cannot bypass this trait. But I am happy that it is pretty much under control. Doodle Inc. is pretty well organized, and the team members all sync together very well. So as the CEO of Doodle Incorporation, I don’t have to interfere that much in terms of work or day to day operations of the company. I get plenty of time to read, which I have always loved. I have a habit of at least reading 1 article a day, which could be a case study, white paper, or anything interesting to me. Before the pandemic, I use to travel a lot. Bangladesh has the longest sea beach in the world, which is a fantastic place to overcome all types of stress. 

Your final thoughts?

Mijanur Rahman: 2020 has been one dramatic year. None of our predictions came true. A lot of our planning failed. But that being said, it also gave us new directions and thoughts. The future is yet to come, and we have to be ready for both the negative and positive angles. Future is not always about sci-fi movies that will have flying cars and hoverboards. It could also be a disaster like the COVID pandemic, which caught us all off-guard with nothing to defend ourselves except going into hiding. Now that we are slowly coming out of this mess, I believe we have to work as a unit and think as one of this planet. Our goal should be globalized. Our tech community has to step forward and think beyond profitability. Business is about people, for people, and by the people. Our technology should make life easier, faster, reliable, and less expensive in the coming years. 

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