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Miro Health : a brain health start up takes on COVID-19

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Miro was started by a sole female founder. As an undergraduate at Stanford, she became the primary caregiver for a family member who was in the early stages of developing a brain disorder. She saw first-hand the obstacles that stood in the way of getting quality brain healthcare. Her work in digital signal processing, information systems, and neurology helped her understand how technology might help to create better brain healthcare. 

The idea for the COVID-19 public research program came from the Miro team’s desire to help outsmart the virus, to harness human ingenuity to turn the COVID tide. You’ve heard the COVID-19 stories: Some people mysteriously lose their sense of smell and taste. Some experience odd muscle twitches, disorientation, eye pain, and seizures. These peculiar symptoms could be an early warning sign of a COVID-19 infection, so reporting them is important. 

While scientists know that COVID-19 can invade our nervous system, little is understood about its effects. “Brain Health in the Time of COVID-19” is a study that aims to gain up-to-date information about the neurological health of the U.S. population to advance the knowledge of COVID-19.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in early April found that 36 percent of Chinese patients infected with COVID-19 had neurological symptoms. In Italy, a special NeuroCovid unit was opened specifically to treat COVID-19 patients who had nervous system involvement. Now doctors in the U.S. may expand emergency room visit criteria for COVID-19 beyond fever, coughing, and shortness of breath to include neurological symptoms. Experts believe that more than one-third of COVID-19 infections involve the brain, and they are beginning to recognize the signs.

Your products and services 

Miro Health provides tools for doctors, tools for researchers, and tools for consumers to measure and monitor neurological health. 

For more information about the COVID-19 study, please visit: The study can be done remotely from home and takes less than an hour. A COVID-19 diagnosis is not required for participation. Anyone 18 years of age or older with access to an iPad and Wi-Fi are encouraged to join, including those who are healthy, those who are or have been infected with COVID-19, and those who have not been tested but suspect that they are or may have been infected with COVID-19. 

Your success factors 

The study has two success factors: 

  1. The number of participants in the study (including both healthy participants and those affected with COVID-19).
  2. The discovery of COVID-19 neurological symptoms (both short and long-term)

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

  • New Data Types

Miro’s sensor-based data capture (audio, video, motion, and touch screen), provides high-fidelity signals for precision analysis of brain functions.

  • Infinite Versioning

Patented methods provide infinite repeatability with little to no learning effects.

  • Machine-Driven Analytics

Miro’s machine-driven data science rapidly extracts features from high-fidelity signals for precise, reliable results.

  • Adaptive Assessment

Miro adapts to each user’s ability.

  • Scalability

Miro can be administered in the office or remotely.

  • Precision Measurement

Rich data signals plus data-driven analytics yield unprecedented precision measurements.

  • Persistent Memory

Clinicians no longer need to rely on memory. Recordings are saved for future reference.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

B2B and B2C: Miro bills insurers and users. 

A few words about your competitors

Miro has been designated as a Breakthrough Device by the FDA which means that Miro is the first CNS lab and Hi-fidelity neurological data aggregator. There are many adjacent competitors. 

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