Move Cargo, an international collaborative platform for the purchase and sale of transport services

Move Cargo, an international collaborative platform for the purchase and sale of transport services

Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came

Mohamed Cherkane : the founder education in marketing and international marketing management, more than 20 years experience in public and private companies, last 15 year in FMCG logistics, 53 of age. & is the fruit of many years research and developments :

2011 – While I was Conducting some research in the logistic and transport fields, the fact that I come across a Report of Study made by The World Bank on the Challenges for the Moroccan government on “Performances of trade and Logistics in Morocco” and the existing of an operating online platform in Europe made from that moment hooked on finding out more.

See the link for detailed information –

(Recommendation of Points 43, 44, and 45 caught my attention).

In 2012 : I started with full steam searching in the market and gathering data about the possibility of having a online market of buying selling or/and exchanging transport services.

2013-2014      Step 1 –  1.An overall view of the business idea was complete.

2.Domaine name (DNS) Registration that changed to

2014- 2015-         Step 2 – 1.Hiring Indian Freelancing company and Started developing the platform based on agile method.

2014 – 2015-     2.The platform was completed but the technological conception failed. Lack of industrial insight and our need was not met.

3.Acquisition and registration of Domain name

4.Registration of Move Cargo Trade Name

2014 – 2015-  Step 3 – 1.Hired a Moroccan Company, failed. uses of inadequate technology (Java EJB), Luck of industrial insight and our needs was not met.

2015 – 2016   Step 4 – 1. Employed an IT engineer and started reviewing everything and started to put thing on truck again and get involved in the project even in details.

  1. Registration of Move Cargo Trade mark / Logo
  2. Registration of Auto Reverse Bid Mark.

2017-           Step 5 – 1.Today (January 2017)We are 95% of finishing the platform, and we can launch the new service at any time soon.

Your products and services 


An International Online Collaborative Platform For The Purchase And Sale Of Multimodal And Intermodal Transport Services. Base On Real Time Reverse &  Platform Offer To All Its Users Several Advanced Tools That Will Permit Them To Achieve The Best And Lowest Price The Market Can Offer. And To Communicate, Plan, Organize, Track, Trace, Control And Valuate The Performances Of Each Others In A Secure And Professional Ecosystem Without Compromising Time Delivery Quality or Product Safety.

Your success factors 

 No Competition

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

 The founding idea of Move cargo offers a disruptive solution for the transportation and logistics sector, which will mitigate the majority of the inefficiencies which hamper the performance of sellers / buyers of transportation services. the disruption includes the Structural, Environmental, Economic, Financial, Transparency / Visibility / location and control aspects.

Your business model

 We have developed a user concept based on two user types that represents our source of revenues:

1st) Revenue From Permanent Users: Shippers & Carriers:

Who Pays a fixed Membership Fee, Monthly or Annually With Unlimited Access to the platform

2de) Revenue from Temporary User Shippers & Carriers:

Who Pays Variable Transaction rate %  on Each Shipment Based  On The Winning  Auction Bid.

The temporary Users are Entitled To Only One Transaction at the time and Must pay The rate for Each New Transaction.

3de) Revenue from Prepaid Amount By Temporary Users:

– The Shipper And All Carriers Participating In The Auction Must Pay A Prepaid Amount Which Represents A Fraction Rate (%)  Of The Price Desired Named By The Shipper. Te Prepaid Amount Is Deductible Only For Shipper And The Carrier ( Winner Of The Auction Bid ), But For The Other Carriers That Has Participated In The Auction Bidding And Has Been Not Fortunate, Will Not Get Any Refund

A few words about your competitors

 First of all, I must underline that there is no direct competitors to our offer in Morocco, but there are some indirect competitors, some operators mostly they use international platforms to fill up the need of one of our services, like Transport Brokers , forwarders and some of international 3LP’s. Whom we will consider them as future users to our services.

All the competitors are in the western world. similar idea has been heavily funded by governments and/or special  private sector groups. Never the less, as the idea is complex and need deep understanding and knowledge in different businesses sectors, it’s not difficult to be copied by tomorrow but it’s it is possible on the long run , these will take some times if not some years to achieve and these will give us a competitive edge in the market. even if it happens we intend to make it very difficult for them to compete in our market segment.

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