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My Local Phone : a modern smartphone with several integrated services for hotels



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How the idea came ?

When I traveled to New York I had an expensive invoice for 3G roaming… Few months later I was in Morocco and the hotel rented us a very basic mobile which permitted to call for free, the hotel, few taxis recommended by the hotel and restaurants… The idea of a real and modern smartphone with several integrated services, dedicated to hotels was born…

Link to online video : 

Products and services 

Smartphone “My Local Phone” permits strangers to call for free a large part of the world. People will find inside information about the hotel (room service, services, e-conciergerie) and a lot of useful apps to visit the town. You have also a Netflix account prepaid included connected to a Chromecast in the TV to watch movies for free. The smartphone is also used as a portable WiFi box (hotspot).

Success factors 

Innovation, business development

Factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Nothing exists with so many services included.

Business model

Monthly payment

Few words about our competitors

Two companies offer smartphones in rooms, but with poor services. They are not personalized, there are no movies inside and they don’t share the 4G connection to create a mobile WiFi…


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