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Noah Schultz of CardUP Tells Us About the Digital Fundraising Tool that is Furthering Nonprofit’s Mission

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Noah Schultz CardUP

Tell us about CardUP and how it was founded?

Noah Schultz: As COVID-19 began to quickly unravel in early March, Morgan (CardUP’s co-founder) and I decided to put our time and unique passions towards helping those most vulnerable to the effects of the global pandemic. We created CardUP, a modern digital donation card platform designed to augment the fundraising ability of non-profit organizations impacted by the economic implications of COVID-19. 

What does the CardUP platform do? 

Noah Schultz: CardUP’s software lets organizations create a platform where donors can customize and purchase greeting cards and deliver them via our digital delivery network, which provides a desperately needed self-sustainable revenue model for organizations whose offices were (and most remain) shuttered, resources limited, and income diminished. 

How has CardUP developed since you launched earlier this year? 

Noah Schultz: Since launching in March, CardUP has received national media attention on outlets including PIX11 Morning News, FOX’s Good Day New York, USA TODAY, and other local publications. We have expanded internationally to Canada, the United Kingdom, and Israel and continue to grow our impact on communities hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, generating thousands upon thousands of dollars in donation revenues for our diversified non-profit customer base. 

How does CardUP innovate? 

Noah Schultz: Our team solves problems, builds with empathy, and embraces the unknown. Our team of 30+ employees works to ensure the well-being of charities and the beneficiaries and individuals who rely on their invaluable support and services, to do our part to move communities in an UPwards direction. 

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business? 

Noah Schultz: What we’re doing is all about responding to new needs during a time of unprecedented change. By embracing change, we’re able to help our customers succeed and thrive when the economic landscape has never been more adversely affecting such success. 

How do you deal with stress and anxiety? How do you project yourself and CardUP in the future?

Noah Schultz: Our company is the realization of facing pain with a bright idea and pushing through unprecedented challenges with innovative solutions that can change the world. 

How do you plan to stay in the game? 

Noah Schultz: Our simple goal is to help generate revenue for non-profits that they wouldn’t have otherwise had, and we get it straight to the organization so they can further their missions. We’re going to keep innovating to be there for our customers no matter where this health crisis takes us. 

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