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An Indian Entrepreneur Who Changes the Digital World Rules by Giving Back the Power of Privacy to Consumers

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Om NamaShivaya jeev60

We talked to Om NamaShivaya of jeev60 on how they are trying to change the way doctors practice medicine and patient experience with their ingenious technology.

First of all, how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times? 

Om NamaShivaya: Thanks for asking. We’re grateful that our team, families, and friends are great and safe during this challenging time. 

Tell us about you, your career, how you founded jeev60.

Om NamaShivaya: I am a 23year old entrepreneur by choice, computer geek by passion, UX & UI Designer by chance & cybersecurity enthusiast. I founded jeev60 when I was 18years old. Then dropped out of college to build something that this world has never seen before. i.e., DIGITAL PRIVACY. “Every day there are a lot more people tracking you than you think” If you look at the present scenario, the rate at which the internet grows is faster than the speed of LIGHT. It makes it harder to protect individuals or an organization’s digital-privacy, especially in the field of Healthcare and Finance.  

So we came up with this idea to safeguard and protect these two fields through our breakthrough technology product Feely-Telemedicine, which helps doctors and patients stay connected safely and securely) & Feely-Business, which helps businesses stay connected with their clients, team, or employees without foregoing their privacy. Both of these products have been fully built with privacy as their foundation element, with AI’s help.  

We proudly say that we are the only one to use AI for such a great purpose, a purpose that helps you be WHO YOU ARE. Our AI, called Lacto, helps our clients with digital eavesdrops and tracking. It also helps protect their privacy. When I say we protect your privacy, I mean it. We live in a world where we forgot about our rights, the right to privacy, and often care more about whether a particular service is FREE or No. It needs to be fixed. At Jeev60, the products we solve a real-world problem and ensure that you got 100% privacy, which means neither we nor anyone, not even Jeev60 employees or our AI, can see what you do with our product. It was made possible purely with the help of our innovative AI-Lacto.  

And from very early, I had the opportunity to attach myself to the great purpose, which is Jeev60, and thought of how I can protect individuals’ digital-privacy and make their lives easier. All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret, and by all means, we are here to protect those lives. Also, we live in a world where everyone and everything is overexposed, so the coolest thing you can do is maintain that mystery, and we are on a mission to help you stay cool.

How does jeev60 innovate?

Om NamaShivaya: Innovation is not something you do once and then sit back and relax. Innovation is a commitment to continuous improvement on everyone’s part. I do this by asking ourselves the question, “How can we help our clients or customers do better?” Discovering an answer to that question is innovation. 

Jeev60 is a health-tech company that has been recognized by the Govt. of India-DIPP. We have built some of the finest innovative products that this healthcare has ever seen. Our Jeev60’s Feely is our flagship AI-based Video conferencing product protected by AI-Lacto from privacy invasion. It’s a breakthrough product in the healthcare industry and the history of doctor’s medical practice as it’s made with privacy as its design principle. 

Feel-Telemedicine is the only product that is 100% data breach-proof. All credit goes to our advanced AI called Lacto. Lacto is our developed in-house AI, designed to protect customer privacy in real-time. It takes care of purging all digital fingerprints that you leave after using any Feely product, Be it in our Feely-Business Video conferencing, Feely-Telemedicine, or 

Feely-Classroom(For Education). Also, We have made the impossible possible. We have made Feely Data a Breach Proof product as our AI-Lacto eliminates the process of storing any data in our servers, not even a single Alphabet. And encryption of data streaming goes without saying. 

ZERO Data Storage Hence ZERO Data to Breach. Meaning you don’t have to worry about data breach problems continually. 

We don’t even use typical analytics or other 3rdparty trackers to track our users’ activity. So, when you bring any Feely product, you get only Feely and Privacy, nothing else. No trackers, No Kidding. There is a myth in the cyber-world, and we are busting that myth. PRIVACY is REAL. 

According to Nature, global data centers account for around 2% of global gas emissions. To date, our AI-Lacto purged data of about 20Terabytes this includes logs other data that could potentially identify individuals. This way, we are also reducing the carbon footprint and making the world a better place. 

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how are you coping? 

Om NamaShivaya: Well, Covid-19 Pandemic helped us a lot in business expansion and exploring untapped areas like education, IT & Govt. Bodies, Right from the inception of jeev60.  

We always wanted to stay and solve problems in the healthcare industry, and we never thought of taking Jeev60 to a different segment altogether. So to say, the pandemic has opened a new gateway to us, so does our Jeev60.  

It helped us expand our vision and purpose of giving back the power of privacy to customers from other segments and letting them FEEL THE POWER OF PRIVACY by giving them the sense of being private and secured. We feel very honored for the fact that we got a noble opportunity which is to help doctors and patients to stay connected. This pandemic has created a considerable gap between patient and doctor relationship, and we are fixing his problem in our own FEELY Style. We helped many doctors, almost 2000+ and hospitals through our Cross-Platform Feely Telemedicine that could take healthcare and doctors to places they couldn’t go before. It happened by bridging the gap between doctor and patient and ensuring the delivery of quality care. Nevertheless, We do help Govt. organizations and other financial institutions with privacy based video conferencing solutions and everyone who cares about their privacy in communication. 

Did you have to make difficult choices, and what are the lessons learned? 

Om NamaShivaya: I make difficult choices every single day. It’s not easy to sit down with a blank piece of paper and create a company out of thin air. From very early days, we had our share of setbacks and challenges. Be it with hiring or firing or even with closing a deal. 

Also, to date, I never ran after investors for funding. Instead of that, I used to think of how I can capitalize on the skills and resources. This thought process eventually made me start another startup to fuel my 1st startup(Jeev60). One of the essential things is that I consider the quality of decisions over quantity because every decision that I make should help us scale our vision and positively ripple our idea. 

Also, I believe that no matter what, you have to do what it takes to do. And when I started, I knew that I’m here to play a long-term game, not the other one. Once, I decided to start another mainstream business to save my baby startup(jeev60), which was 14months old by then. For me, It was almost like sailing on two boats. And back then, I somehow knew that this is the right decision. Perhaps it was my intuition that guided me to go after such a bold idea. We eventually made it, and it turned out to be the wisest decision that I had ever taken. This phase has helped me a lot both on a personal level and also to jeev60. It has been a challenging journey. 

We always used to have plan B. And we design it, so that plan B got plan A’s back but not the other way around. Which eventually helped us sail through some hard times. So always have a plan B in handy and make sure that it supports plan A by all means.

 How do you deal with stress and anxiety? 

Om NamaShivaya: Entrepreneurship is no cakewalk. It is an uphill battle. Sometimes the biggest-battle is one between the heart and the mind. However, I have made it a point to keep myself aligned with my purpose at all times while maintaining good health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally.  

Keeping a positive mindset helped me achieve so much in my life already, just by believing in myself. I talk to my mom whenever I feel low/stressed. She is the most beautiful and intelligent woman I have ever seen. She is the driving force for all of us at jeev60. 

Also, I listen to podcasts of both successful entrepreneurs and unsuccessful. For me, success is a relative concept, and it’s merely illogical to judge or to decide whether someone is successful or Unsuccessful just by looking at their bank balance or the mobile he/she uses. 

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game? 

Om NamaShivaya: Two things that make us stand out from the crowd are PEOPLE and PRIVACY. We are building this new market for privacy with a clear motive to give back the “POWER OF PRIVACY” to customers. Also, ensuring that we give them more privacy than they have in their bedroom. 

Moreover, the game of privacy has just begun. And there is always space left to play around. 

Your final thoughts?

Om NamaShivaya: believe in the quote Go BIG or GO DEEP, not Go HOME. 

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