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Orhun Oguzulgen of Jukeboxy, Explains How a Team In Sync Can Help Your Company Succeed in Times of Crisis

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Orhun Oguzulgen Jukeboxy Music

First of all, how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times? 

Orhun Oguzulgen: Thanks for asking! My family and I, including the Jukeboxy family, are all doing well. We are wearing our masks, socially distancing, and staying safe for ourselves and everyone else around us. 

Tell us about you, your career, how you founded Jukeboxy.

Orhun Oguzulgen: I founded Jukeboxy in 2013 when I was DJ’ing at various New York City venues. I have a graduate degree in Chemistry and an MBA in Finance. Even though I have worked in finance for over 15 years, music has always been my passion. I’ve been playing acoustic, classic, and electric guitar since I was 12 years old. I used to play electric guitar in our college band and composed a few songs. In the late 2000s, I became interested in electronic music and went to a DJ school in New York City called Dubspot and started DJing as a hobby at various venues in New York City, including Pacha NYC.

During that time, I realized that curated business music was almost non-existence and business owners weren’t aware of the consequences of using personal use music services at their venues. I decided to form a music subscription service for business use only. My mission was to create a platform where users can access curated music and smart music management tools to minimize the time spent finding the right music for their businesses. But most importantly, their music licenses would be paid on behalf of them so that the musical artists, songwriters, and publishers would get paid for their work. 

How does Jukeboxy innovate? 

Orhun Oguzulgen: Jukeboxy team consists of extraordinary creative minds and strategic thinkers. We provide them with the right resources so that their ideas come to life, contributing to innovation and growth.

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how are you coping?

Orhun Oguzulgen: During the first few months of the pandemic, the business slowed down a little, when the food & beverage industry had to shut down, one of the largest markets that Jukeboxy services. We were fortunate enough to have the resources to pause for a second and focus on what is working, what isn’t, and why?. That focus helped us release a new app, launch a new website, and a new service. For that reason, I would say the pandemic had more positive effects than negative for Jukeboxy. 

Did you have to make difficult choices, and what are the lessons learned?

Orhun Oguzulgen: I think many of us around the world have learned not to take things for granted and appreciate more. 

As for Jukeboxy, we have learned that working remotely does work! Before the pandemic, we had some employees that worked remotely. The core team, like the management, marketing, sales, music curation, and customer support, worked under one roof either in our HQ in New York or our branch office in Miami Beach. It showed us that if an organization has exceptional communication skills, you can work remotely and be successful. I have to thank my entire team for their excellent teamwork skills that put Jukeboxy ahead of the game. 

How do you deal with stress and anxiety? How do you project yourself and Jukeboxy in the future?

Orhun Oguzulgen: I wake up around 4.30-5 am daily. Waking up early gives me the time that I need for myself. I try to go out for jogging or bicycle every morning. When I start my day with exercise, I feel productive, accomplished, and ready to take what the day brings, which helps me stay calm during stressful times. 

Since day one, we have set our goals for success and worked very hard as a team to bring Jukeboxy where it is today; an established business and a reputable member of the music industry. 

We will continue to get creative and innovate for greater success and bring new opportunities to take us to the next level. 

How do you plan to stay in the game in a competitive industry? 

Orhun Oguzulgen: We always work together with our team to set SMART goals, so we are all on the same page and figure out how we will get there. Jukeboxy team has exceptional communication skills that have helped us climb the ladder and stay in the game. 

Your final thoughts?

Orhun Oguzulgen: Work hard but work hard with people who believe in you, your company, and your success. With the right team around you, you will always succeed. When your company moves to the next level, from being a start-up to an established business, trust your team, and empower your employees. You can have excellent leadership skills, but without a team that works together and trusts their leader, your skills mean nothing, and your company cannot survive. 

Your website?

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