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Paul Sokolov the CEO of Guarda Wallet talking about Blockchain, the future of Cryptocurrencies and how COVID-19 impacts the industry

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Paul Sokolov Guarda Wallet

How does Guarda Wallet Innovate? 

Paul Sokolov: For Guarda Wallet, it is crucial to provide the best service possible, and that’s why we must implement the newest technologies at earliest. For example, when we see a demand for some feature in our community; we definitely onboard it. We are flexible in responding to the market changes and try to anticipate what novelties would be interesting and promising. 

In addition, we are always open to cooperation with promising projects, thanks to which we have introduced such options as crypto exchange, crypto purchase service, support of human-readable addresses, and multi-signature functionality for BTC. Guarda is an innovative company in this sense.

How do you think the Coronavirus Pandemic affects the Field you are operating in?

Paul Sokolov: Well, I guess it’s better to say something positive, right? 

We can clearly see quite a significant increase in the popularity of crypto assets among traditional investors. Which is incredible, it is always nice to know that crypto adoption is picking up. I believe this change was mostly caused by the stock market drops. Also, it is quite prominent that developments managed to switch to digital payments very rapidly in such circumstances.

The coronavirus ended with all governments printing money uncontrollably, which in turn flows into the stock market instead of helping businesses and households. In my opinion, cryptocurrencies with decentralized emission are the real answer to the challenges of the coronavirus-caused economic crisis.

Who are your Competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the Game?

Paul Sokolov: So, as we have already said, Guarda Wallet has several services. Thus our competitors in the exchange sphere are big exchanges that provide users with the ability to swap crypto. But, the difference is that Guarda Wallet is non-custodial storage for assets, while most exchanges are custodial, which means they are custodians of your private keys. 

Crypto exchanges can also be considered our competitors in the crypto storage sphere. But, once again, Guarda Wallet provides an interface for users to manage their funds and has no access to them. Users themselves are the ones holding private keys and having full control over their funds. 

When it comes to crypto management in general – sending, storing, receiving, staking, the delegation of your funds and so on, our main competitors are some of the big multi-crypto wallets, even though only a few of them have multiple platforms. 

Regarding staying in the game, well, as we have already mentioned, we do value our users’ opinion, and we are working closely with the community, which helps us to have a good image among crypto lovers and also stay up-to-date with the latest sphere trends. We’d say that being indeed customer-orientated is super vital to the development and prosperity of a company.

Can you briefly describe Guarda Wallet and tell us about its Features?

Paul Sokolov: Sure thing. Guarda Wallet was established in 2017 as a single-currency wallet for Ethereum. Currently, it is a multi-currency wallet that supports more than 45 blockchains and 10000+ tokens. The wallet is available on a bunch of platforms. It is available on Web, Desktop, Mobile (iOS and Android) and Chrome Extension, which makes it super accessible for everyone. The only thing you need to have to use Guarda is just an internet connection. You can use it on any device.

What we also should mention about Guarda, apart from supporting tons of assets from the wallets currently present, are the built-in features. Thanks to those users can all easily exchange, purchase, delegate crypto and much more. Also in Guarda Wallet, you can stake Tron, Calisto, Tezos, Komodo and Cosmos as well as EOS (stake CPU and NET) and claim GAS (from NEO network). 

You can connect a Ledger wallet to the Web and Desktop version of Guarda and use Guarda’s interface to manage the assets kept in cold storage.

What is Guarda Wallet Mission?

Paul Sokolov: We are really concerned about users’ privacy and security, that’s why we use the safest encryption methods and we let users manage their funds by themselves. Being a non-custodial wallet, we don’t have access to users’ funds. Users are the only ones that have access to their funds.

We want to build an ecosystem that will let users do all the operations with their crypto in a single interface; therefore, we have built-in services like exchange and buy services. Guarda supports currency-specific features like saking and delegation. Guarda stays ahead of everyone; we were the 1st multi-currency wallet to support the multisignature functionality for BTC.

What can you say about World Cryptocurrency Adoption?

Paul Sokolov: The first time we heard about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology was about 10 years ago, however, I believe, it hasn’t received the proper attention and popularity. We do believe that in the nearest future cryptocurrencies can indeed become an excellent alternative to the banks. Now users can send, receive, store, buy, sell, and exchange crypto. I’m not even mentioning staking, which helps users earn money doing practically nothing. With the emergence of Defi services, users can also lend or borrow money, isn’t that great? The Defi industry is booming right now, which, I am sure, will lead to much faster cryptocurrency adoption.

But we should mention that for a massive crypto adoption it is necessary to raise awareness about blockchain technology itself and cryptocurrencies. 

When this is done, people will understand how this whole system works. They will see the advantages and disadvantages of the specific technology. Most importantly, they will know how to use these technologies and to keep their funds safe. 

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