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Pure Pro : Windshield Repair and Garage wastes recycling



Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came

It all started as a joke, I came to meet two guys unhappy complaining of how the Rwanda Vehicle inspection center forced them to replace their car glasses after found them with 4″ long crack in the passenger side and another with a combination crack. By that day I never took it as a point then later after a months visited a friend who used to work on my vehicle then met the similar case of also someone who has the same crack proximately 20 inches and for him at least he had looked everywhere on market but never found any windshield so the only option was to order it from USA because it was a Ford.

That’s when something came up in my mind that I should look for a solution for this case, as usual, I googled my laptop and found four companies doing this technology; One from China, one from UK, one from Netherlands and one USA.  I composed them the same email requesting working with them of which the following day got three responses.

China wanted a deposit of $30,000 in order to work with me,

UK were not interested in expanding their market to Africa since they haven’t even certified theirs.

Netherlands up to now they haven’t responded yet and USA company was so excited to open their market to a new channel in Africa and they were ready to provide all the trainings I required for me to start but on my own expenses.  I apply for a student visa and got me started after six months I became one of the best students and purchased a startup kit then returned back home.

Things weren’t easy as expected because the startup kit was designed accordingly to USA weather with no dust when I came back home all the cracks were full of dust and also our vehicle inspection center never knew that this technology exists.  Had to sell my small land and order a medium machine, register mechanics for training and also doing demos with Vehicle inspection center.

Today Pure Pro is the first company in the region that can only repair a broken windshield that valued as an innovation in Automobile Industry.

Your products and services 

Windshield Repair and Headlight Restoration

Your success factors 

Started small with one customer a week today I can serve three customers a day

A few words about your competitors

My competitors are the Glass Suppliers that I also treat as my customers because most of the time their product get damaged as they are coming and call me for repairing of the damaged one.

Garage operators who offer replacement but also we are partners on other hand since none of the mechanics is specialized in car glass replacement so they find easily repairing for them than replacement since when a glass is replaced can never get fixed the same was it was and other cars their molds are old so when removed is rarely fixed back.

Car owners who don’t care about their vehicle that leaves their cracks grow worse until when are beyond repair.

Your website 

A multi-skilled IT Engineer with good all-round innovational and business open minded person, Murara P. Arthur is a very capable IT professional with a proven ability to ensure the smooth running of IT based business. He has leading spirit all around him with love of uplifting other young entrepreneurs towards developing their business ideas. Arthur worked with ARC International for 9 years as an IT Specialist later joined the private sector. In 2014, Arthur by his innovative ideas he introduced speed limiter to reduce the number of deaths caused by the car accidents that in the same year had picked unimaginable level that hit a number of 4,636 car accident deaths. He worked together hand in hand with the national traffic, Ministry of Infrastructure in implementation of the speed limiter project in all the public transport vehicles that decreased dramatically the number car deaths from 4,636 to 643 deaths in 2016 and the number still coming down. Today Arthur again introduced a new innovative technological business in automobile industry of windshield cracks and chips repair that traditionally has been known that whenever a car glass gets damaged has to be replaced by any extra option an action that is very expensive to car owners, dangerous to the environment that increase number of glass that end up in landfills. He went further and establish another important business of Garage wastes management that is still at a very early stage: - Waste Tyre recycling and Waste Glass Recycling. He is the chairman of Rwanda Garage Association (RGA) Technical Team and a member Rwanda Bureau of Standards as one of the team that put in place Automobile industry national standards.

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