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In 2010 Hatem Tag along with a group of friends who shared the same interest and dream of creating content online and sharing it with people had the idea that they were capable of creating a platform and place for artists to collaborate and create videos.

The company managed to put a foot in the market, expand exponentially and create a buzz in society and not only the market it operates in. The company’s crew was hosted in almost all major talk shows back in 2012 in Egypt (including Amr Adeeb, Yousri Fouda, Bassem Youssef and Mona El Shazly), the major biggest 3 news channels in the region (Al Jazeera, Al-Arabeya and BBC) as well as print and digital newspapers.

The company started as a social organization that depends on its strategic social networks whether online or offline- to promote its brand, recruit talents and more importantly connect directly with its audience and actively engage them. It’s not only driven by the passion of its owners but the passion of the brand owners who exceeded 350 thousand on Facebook only and more than 4 million viewers on YouTube and 60 thousand on Twitter.

The company’s groundbreaking business model depends on creating an agile organization that adopts a crowdsourcing model which makes it always relevant to the market and able to produce unique creative media products and attract talents whenever needed to complement the company’s resources.

Our first online production was a small awareness informative series “Daleel el mowaten l fehm el seyasa” (The civilians guide to understand politics) to help people understand simple political terms during the revolution back in January.

Your products and services 

We are a fully fledged in-house production house, we create our own content and publish online along with our business arm which generates the cash for us to invest in creating the content.

Our in-house studio has more than 40 top artists working on different projects.

We produce :

  • motion graphic videos
  • 2D animated videos
  • Online shooting ads (for clients)
  • Documentaries (short and long)
  • Short films
  • Music Videos
  • Online series
  • TV Series

We create our own content from script writing to final video product that can be viewed either online, or on Tv

Our team consists of passionate storytellers who have good stories to tell, that is our selling point and our point of concentration.

Our company is proud of being a leading company in the region that connects artists and creates opportunities for artists to create their art.

Our other revenue models are our annual short film festival created by our company that hosted more than 3,000 short films in the past 3 years from 100 countries around the world, the film festival aims to shed light on underground film directors and creators and give them a chance to see their work on a big screen.

Along with the festival, we are creating our online platform which connects all the artists and gives them the space to communicate and find each other and give them the knowledge and funds needed to produce their works.

What makes us unique from all the other companies is our unique quality of storytelling along with our high quality of artwork, we have something to say, and we know who we are speaking with, and we are not doing this alone, we are giving other artists the opportunity to join our community of creatives and produce.

In 3 years of work we were able to produce more than 500 videos for different client,
We established our own short film festival for 3 consecutive years.
We produced two seasons of a TV show and it airs in prime time during the holy month of Ramadan

We are working on producing our first Feature film to be seen in theatres in the Arab world and worldwide.

Our company has more than 50 in-house employees living the dream with us and creating high-end artwork.

We are disrupting the market in the middle east and aiming for Europe and the US and Africa,
Our in-house team gives us the opportunity to create high quality of art with lower costs compared to production houses and studios outside of Egypt.

Being pioneers in creating the space for artists to meet, create and produce their work and also view it on the big screen.

We make revenues in 6 different lines :

1- Direct sales to clients

Producing and form of video production to clients depending on their brief, we write, shoot, draw, edit, do music till we deliver the video to the satisfied client.

2- Creating content for TV

We create our own ideas for series, and we pitch them to TV channels for airing rights, then we work on resales and distribution with other networks.

3- Creating content online

Creating content for online users, and getting sponsorships and ads on them, with our youtube channel that has more than 60k subscribers and 4 Million views.

4- Film Festival

Getting sponsors for our film festival each year

5- Online platform

With our subscription model, we are able to attract more filmmakers who subscribe monthly to get all the benefits from our website.

6- In-house editing, Coloring, Sound studios

We rent our in-house studios for rent and for direct gigs which generate money yearly.

We consider ourselves swimming in a blue ocean at this moment, having fun and waiting for someone to follow.


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