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True Innovation Leads to Business Growth during this Global Pandemic



Sen Kugan iPayTotal

Sen Kugan, founder of iPayTotal tells us about the requisite innovation needed in businesses to overcome the challenges during the COVID-19 era.

iPayTotal is a global payment solutions company, offering services to merchants across the globe. What is your involvement in the company, and how do you manage to lead it successfully?

Sen Kugan: It is my responsibility to ensure that the communications aspect of our mission, values, and services are aligned correctly with our promises and vision. I co-ordinate among many sectors within our organization to ensure a smooth-running of our company, from sales to post-consumer management.

This is a position that has its challenges—but with my mind so well adjusted to strategy and leadership, what with my decade-long leadership within the legal realm, not to mention my years in managing coordination between one company and another, acting as a mediator to solve solutions to benefit both parties. I believe my natural instinct is key to this role as well as my Law degree, which admits me the necessary qualifications to manage a successful and global company with confidence.

Many businesses have had to shut their doors or downsize because of the pandemic. How has iPayTotal managed to circumvent this global problem?

Sen Kugan: It is evidently clear that the traditional banking landscape is changing, especially when looking at the Lloyds Banking Group and its shift towards online services as a response to the pandemic, resulting in the bank’s digitally active customer base increasing to 17.4 million customers.

Most interestingly, the bank’s active mobile app users climbed by nearly two million in 2020 to 12.5 million customers—that’s 10.5 million new customers, which shows a promising lead for online and digital transformations throughout all businesses.

For us, it is indeed a challenge, but it is one we take on with great enthusiasm because we know that we can help ailing businesses find new solutions to help them during this crisis. We accept high-risk businesses and help them obtain a merchant account so that they may offer their services to a wider online community.

What type of solutions can you offer businesses, especially during this pandemic?

Sen Kugan: We are not only a payments solutions company for store owners but offer a comprehensive service solution for high-risk merchants such as online casinos and Forex merchant accounts. We also provide a 24/7 support hotline for our clients, which gives them peace of mind, knowing that they are in good hands all the time if a crisis occurs (which does happen). Finally, our anti-fraud is top-rated, with a built-in mechanism that can be integrated easily with our clients’ websites.

How does iPayTotal manage the security aspects of the services/solutions it provides?

Sen Kugan: Security, for us, is perhaps our highest priority. We would love to say that customer service is number one, but our security services are truly the priority, which is, in fact, the greatest customer service we can provide! — In a high-risk industry such as with online casinos, the travel industry, and Forex, etc., the ratio of chargebacks is rather high, not to mention the real threat of fraud. We have measures, systems, and built-in technology, including 3D-processing, ready to prevent and combat fraud and save our clients as well as their customers the trauma of a fraudulent cyber attack.

In addition, we are a twenty-four-seven operation, which means we are here, there, and everywhere, ready to assist and help aid in the fight against cybercriminal activity.

What are the various challenges faced by your company? How has iPayTotal managed to overcome these challenges? 

Sen Kugan: As with any other business, not just within the financial payments solutions industry, we will always have client disputes and queries. Chargebacks are often a cause for many inquiries, but with our trained professionals and our friendly staff, we always find a way to resolve such issues. Sometimes we have technical issues – still, with our 24/7 support ready globally, we are always “live” to assist any faulty or problematic concern regarding a technical issue.

What are your future predictions about the industry? How well-prepared is iPayTotal to deal with the upcoming changes? 

Sen Kugan: By being international, with offices around the world, we have the best staff available to provide the best support we need to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied with the services they receive. The angle we have is to think not only of our clients and the technical aspects of integrating their websites, etc. but to look beyond that and understand the ultimate users of these systems, which are the customers, the people. With that in mind, we always have our intentions in the right place.

The future is not a dark and daunting place as most people may see it. We see opportunity and a growing sense of the need for contactless payment solutions. Also, with cryptocurrencies becoming an increasingly popular ‘currency,’ our business is here to grow. The mechanisms we have in place, the resources, and the banking partners with whom we have a long and well-established relationship can only aid us in presenting steadfast, ready payments solutions offering to all merchants across the world.

Remote working is now part of the working culture. What are the new changes your company has included? How are you dealing with these changes?

Sen Kugan: To start off, we are a global company, so it would be impossible to operate without incorporating remote working situations. Before the onset of Covid-19, we already had a solid foundation in which we operated via all digital and tele-digital technologies. This is part of our business, in its essence. Therefore, we can say confidently that, though Covid-19 has had effects globally as well as within the payments industry, our operational side embraced it rather naturally. We have superb, reliable, and professional team members from the USA, Africa, Europe, and Asia – all continents are in contact with our London-based head office through which we communicate daily and collaborate with efficacy.

What should we look forward to in the near future?

Sen Kugan: We have just launched a partnership in which we can offer merchants a truly revenue-making option, that is, a crypto-exchange platform. In this way, businesses can offer customers the benefit of purchasing crypto using FIAT. Furthermore, with this unexceptional service offering, merchants can tap into the already plus-150 million crypto users online. See a blog about our crypto-exchange platform here.

Your final thoughts?

Sen Kugan: Innovation comes from the necessity to survive during times of trial, and I believe my team has met the challenges head-on, showing that we are a company strengthened by our unity and our sheer determination to survive and be successful, no matter what. I am proud to be part of iPayTotal, and I look forward to helping businesses across the globe participate in the solutions we offer so that they may too experience success during these unprecedented times.

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