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Sequence : a Data Labelling Solution for Data Science Teams



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Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came

The four of us are friends and used to work together. The idea came when we were looking for a way to overcome the problem of tedious high volume data labelling. We found out that it was taking ages for data science teams to get through processing their datasets. All before they could even test their idea. We thought we had a better way – and so we decided to venture into Sequence.


Link to online video  

We don’t have a video, but we do have a demo of our annotation tool here:


Your products and services

Our service includes data labelling, annotation, and classification outsourcing for data science teams. The service covers project management, and sourcing remote contributors to work on data labelling tasks.


Your success factors

Our success comes from the willingness of our team to make small incremental changes. We try to take a grounded/”no-imaginary-problems” approach when solving our business challenges. 


Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

We provide a project-managed data labelling service that runs as lightly and as quickly as a self-service alternative.


Your business model  

We manage the project and outsource the work. We then take a percentage of the fee per task.


A few words about your competitors

There’s a lot of room for everyone, so having competing services keeps everybody on their game. It fosters a better environment for our clients in terms of variety of services on offer. It’s also good for our contributors, giving them options when it comes to rates and task types.


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