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Shoopas : a mobile price comparison app that helps in searching and locating products closest to you



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Shoopas is a retail on-demand location-based shopping platform. The age-old challenges of keeping tag of stores and what inventory they should have to avoid moving from one store to another is now made easy by using our mobile app.

We enable users to find anything at anywhere at any time from stores and get smart automated map direction to the stores.

Shoppers don’t need to carry paper shopping list any more, just search out items and add to your basket and go out shopping with your digital shopping list. However, merchant loves us because they can now publicise the inventory data of their various store locations from a central platform and direct customers to the location close to them. This brings retail outlet closer to the customer.

Shoopas has made it easy to upload inventory data using bulk upload (from POS and other Inventory databases) and API connection from web database rather than the traditional manual upload. We are redefining the e-commerce space (E-commerce 2.0)


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