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Shoppote : an app to discover local retailers in your area



Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came

A team of three friends (All Cameroonians) connected over the years, Etang EGBE has lived and worked in India for over 8 years where he met Cedrick TANDONG who has been a childhood friend and schoolmate of the third co-founder, Allen ABEN.

Etang EGBE, spend the majority of his professional career living and working in Bangalore, India. Where his last worked as r Product Engineer for Telecom BSS company (Subex Ltd) where he travelled 27+ African countries giving an overview of the internet penetration and retail last scape of Africa. He is our CEO driving product strategy and company vision.

Adding to his Experience, Cedrick TANDONG is an MBA graduate from Grenoble School of Management, France with experience in Business development and management through his professional Career at Tata Consultancy and TWU.

Allen ABEN is a financial Executive for Soletanche (VINCI), with his experience in the financial field Allen helps advise the CEO on financial reporting and auditing.

We have been working together for more than three years to build this project to what it is today.

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Your products and services 

Traditional shopping has been the norm for years in the unstructured retail market of Cameroon and Africa at large. E-commerce has not been able to convince local shoppers to go online and pay for product and services considering over 98% of transactions in Cameroon still happen’s offline.

Today, with the fast growth of mobile internet penetration, shoppers go online to find product information and how to obtain the product they are interested. Whereas, local brick-and-mortar business seeks to compete with online businesses and stay relevant to the digital consumer.

Shoppote is a local product discovery platform built to bridge the gap between mobile digital consumers in Cameroon and Offline retailers. In true sense, Shoppote adds a digital user interface that sits on top of physical shopping world & helps both retailers & shoppers to seamlessly connect over the most preferred mode in Cameroon – Mobile. With Shoppote app, Shoppers as per their location discover in-store offers, locate stores nearby, check latest trends and still maintain the charm of physical shopping – touch, feel & family outing. Retailers on the other end use Shoppote as a marketing platform and attract new & repeat foot traffic to their stores (increase sales).

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Etang EGBE (Co-founder) has extensive experience leading large software engineering teams and architecting robust systems that scale. Etang has worked for Subex Ltd in Bangalore, India in the product engineering team of FMS and RAS. Where worked as a product engineer and managed more than 5 client projects at a time. As travel across 25+ African countries as an OSE Engineer and product implementation. He also worked for Convergys India Service Pvt Ltd as a Data Analyst for a Dun&Bradstreet project on Risk Management, Supply Chain Management and Market Maintenance and as an iOS Technical Associate for an Apple Inc project at Aditya Birla Minacs in Bangalore, India.

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