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SIKADAN LOANS & SOLUTIONS: changing the narrative of financial services in Ghana



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Financial illiteracy among traders and other businesses in the informal sector has been identified as a major contributing factor to the high level of poverty in the country.

Studies have indicated that the informal economy in Ghana, which is dominated by wholesale and retail trade and services, had a huge potential for job and income generation.

The SIKADAN Solutions is a financial & business literacy clinic for prospective market vendors and SMEs who want to access SIKADAN loans for their businesses.

SIKADAN believes that offering market vendors and businesses the right financial coaching and practical business guidance is a better way of empowering their businesses and strategically repositioning them for financial support with much priority on making a positive difference in the socio-economic lives of women vendors.

Loans may always go bad if the lender doesn’t understand and know the nature, challenges and strength of the businesses their money is going into.

Loans are aimed to create shared value for both the lender and borrower and mitigating strategies must be designed to achieve such.

The SIKADAN Solutions is the first requirement that needs to be fulfilled by any prospective clients who want to access SIKADAN’s Business and Group Loan.

Solutions & Credit Officer (SCO) is assigned to each client to understand the nature of their business and design a tailored business solutions to meet their needs.

The technical profile report by our SCO will determine whether the client indeed need a loan or not. Most often, a loan may not be the solutions to their demands.

This initiative is also aimed to bridge the gap between the formal and informal sector in financial literacy. Participants shall be schooled once every month on savings, cutting down cost, issuing of receipts and proper accounting practices among many basic business practices.

Market vendors especially women who want to access our Loan must first enrol in our Market Vendor Business Education (MBE) certification.

The MBE shall be our main requirement for our Group Loan Products.

We believe this will go a long way to help the clients in the following added advantage;

  • Enhance their financial literacy
  • Improve their business skills and practices
  • Add value to their goods & services
  • Increase their market share and sales
  • Attain stabilized growth and become profitable
  • To become competitive both in the traditional and modern markets.

Are you a market vendor? Are you an SME? Do you want to start a new business? If yes is your answer then all you need is SIKADAN Solutions & Loans.

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