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Smit Joshi of Green Apex Technolabs Tells Us How the Firm is Providing Technology-based Solutions during the Pandemic Times

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 Smit Joshi Green Apex Technolabs

How did you keep a balance between your personal life and professional one while being quarantined at home? 

Smit Joshi: Ideally, at the start of quarantine life, we all were worried about maintaining the health and stability of the company. To ensure survival and projected growth, it was tough to get out of the laptop screen. Post relief after having strategic calls with our customers, I usually exercise or run to keep myself active during the lockdown. In my spare time, I am involved in household work and take care of my son as no professional daycare services are available. 

Tell us about you, your career, how you Green Apex Technolabs

Smit Joshi: We have started this journey to fill up the gap in the technology and service market. While the beginning was marked with a wide spectrum of endless possibilities, we knew that our venture required a visionary goal. So we had started working towards technology-based solutions, where we have started working providing development services as a tech partner to small and medium enterprises across the globe. This visionary, we wished, would lead to the collective growth of our clients and the company itself, and hence, with every passing year, we continued to strive more in order to raise our bar. The team grew, offices grew bigger, services added up, and within a mere space of 5 years, now, Green Apex Technolabs has served over 100 happy clients and offered more than 130 successful solutions.  

How does Green Apex Technolabs innovate?  

Smit Joshi: Constant innovation in your offering is important to keep pace with changing market trends. It’s important to speak to your customers and understand the new/ upcoming requirements and package the product/ offerings accordingly. We have an Innovation group under Green Apex, which always works on a project which is future-friendly and tech-savvy. 

We just do not deliver products to our customers; we also consult them on business analysis and market analysis level. We also take care of the cost to market, and time to market can meet end business goals. 

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how are you coping? 

Smit Joshi: During COVID -19, as most businesses were dying, the utmost priority was to keep ourselves alive. Since most of the businesses were impacted during COVID -19, we developed a flexible COVID stimulus package for existing and new customers so that it does not create a cash flow problem for them, and at the same time, their business goal is not getting disrupted. We believe in creating a disaster recovery plan since the inception and stable growth. We have incorporated our survival strategy with our customers via transparent communication and collaboration. 

Did you have to make difficult choices, and what are the lessons learned? 

Smit Joshi: And so as the organization continues to scale, they knee-jerk to that aptitude. They knee-jerk to that skill set. After all, it’s one of the reasons they’ve been successful. But as you’re adding people into the organization, suppose 50, as soon as they experience a problem, they come to you as a leader and if you’re knee-jerking, solving the problem for them, the next time they experience the problem, what do you think they’re going to do? They’re going to come right back to you. 

Firing: Manager’s job is to assess whether or not the developer or person will provide input to the company as expected. Once you recognize that someone may not be the right fit for the role that they’re in, as soon as you ask yourself whether or not they’re the right fit, you already know the answer. The question is what you’re going to do about it. 

Culturally fit – Framework Setup: Company’s values are nested within a culture. Values help a company to define its culture. For me, values are the operating principles upon which a company and its leadership make day-to-day decisions. And at some point, you’re going to be hiring and recruiting people from companies that had already achieved scale. And they’re going to bring their own cultural baggage from the companies that they worked at where they were inculcated, and they figured out how to do things. And if the company doesn’t have a codified culture, they’re going to start manifesting whatever the culture they’ve learned, and they’re coming with. This is particularly important when you’re trying to expand globally, and you’re setting up new offices that aren’t in the same place as the headquarters, and you want to make sure that the leadership that’s setting up the offices in these remote locations are good cultural actors. How to set up a framework when you are evolving? 

How do you deal with stress and anxiety, how do you project yourself and Green Apex Technolabs in the future? 

Smit Joshi: I had privileges to work with such strong leads in the industry, and they made me learn about these values, which I follow to date, and I have to try to weave within Green Apex over the years. 

1. Technological Leadership: Bill gates had started coding at the age of 13, and he has achieved such big success by his ability to focus on tech and creativity. What I believe is technical knowledge and data will be the game changer in AI/ML era; achieving excellence in technology will only lead us to success. 

2. Progressive Learning: Constant evolution of your knowledge and skills leads to better personal growth and organization growth. E.g., Account was not something I have ever seen before starting a Green Apex, but my curiosity and continuous effort led me to efficiently head the finance department. 

In the coming years, we want to increase our stake in different industries like Sports and Media. We are also working on our expansion model, and in the next 2 years, we will have a presence in 5 more countries. 

How did Green Apex Technolabs cope with the latest technology? 

Smit Joshi: As I mentioned earlier, research is the primary pillar of Green Apex, and we have identified a paradigm shift in technology with the market research team. We have started our AI/ML initiative in service as an individual department as a result of R&D. Today, we have successfully delivered more than 25 Solutions, which has AI/ML or IoT or AR/VR features. We divide Process as follows: 

  • Research and Shift Identification 
  • Plan & Resource Acquisition 
  • Market MVP / Testing Phase 
  • Audit 
  • Launch of Service Department

What milestones and achievements do Green Apex Technolabs boast of? 

Smit Joshi: The following are our milestones and achievements 

  • Reaching 100+ Team 
  • 100% Success Rate 
  • 84% Customer Retention Rate 
  • 20+ Application Funded 
  • Million Dollar Plus Revenue 

Your final thoughts?

Smit Joshi: To all budding CxO and Entrepreneur, start as soon as possible, Build a trusted team that believes in disruption and Stay true to your goals. 

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