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Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Reviews: Is This Selfie Stand Legit Or Scam? Read This Before Buying

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Snapshot shelfystand 360 is a photography tool relevant to both professional and newbie photographers. Photos taken with Snapshot shelfystand 360 by a newbie cannot be told apart from those of a professional photographer. If you are starting a photography career or wish to take your craft to the next level, this is exactly what you need to capture the best moments.

Some photos are so stunning, they are considered out of this world and will get you wondering how the photographer performed such magic. Rather than focusing on the photographer’s skill set, is more practical to focus on the tools at his or her disposal. Photography skills and good tools account for picture quality. However, with the right tool, even a newbie can look like a professional.

Photography, if done well, is a profession with unending moments of joy and fun. Working as a photographer is rewarding both monetary wise and job satisfaction. An incredibly well-taken photograph will make you shiver down the spine.

Snapshot shelfystand 360 makes every moment spent taking photos more fun than you have ever experienced. It is an intriguing camera mount with unique features that allows you to take stunning photos and have fun doing so.

In the world of selfie photos, standing out takes skills and having the right tools. With Snapshot shelfystand 360 your selfie photos will appear professional irrespective of your level of photography skills. It is an easy-to-use camera mount, usable by someone who is just starting a photography career and knows close to nothing about camera mounts, or photography techniques.

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A lot of persons posting social media content pay photographers serious money to create social media-worthy photo quality. If you wish to save yourself from spending much money and create these photos yourself with an easy-to-use tool, then you are at the right place.

It is impossible to differentiate an armature from a pro when the right photography tools are used. This is exactly what Snapshot shelfystand 360 does. Photos and videos taken using Snapshot shelfystand 360 are astonishing, to say the least. This will attract millions of likes and get your viewers and social media followers wondering how such an incredible photo was captured.

In this article, you will learn everything about Snapshot shelfystand 360, what it is, how to use the camera mount, how it works, its unique features and specifications, benefits of using Snapshot shelfystand 360, customer reviews, pros and cons, frequently asked questions, where to buy Snapshot shelfystand 360 and current price. Every relevant aspect of Snapshot shelfystand 360 is covered in this article. It’s going to be a long journey, so, buckle up and enjoy!

What is Snapshot shelfystand 360?

Snapshot shelfystand 360 is a smart camera mount designed to take the photography skills of photographers to the next level. It is equipt to intelligently track and snap super quality selfies. Following its release, almost everyone with a camera can take a professional photo without anyone being able to tell that you are a newbie. It does most of the work and does not require you to be tech-savvy or a photography expert.

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Compared to its performance, Snapshot shelfystand 360 is by far one of the most affordable camera mounts out there. Additionally, the manufacturing company is offering a 50% discount offer on the market price. This makes it even more affordable.

Ordering for Snapshot shelfystand 360 at this moment will mean that you will only be paying half of what the camera is originally priced at.

In addition to being affordable, it is user-friendly. You get to be your cameraman and create stunning selfie photos. If you formerly pay other professionals for this role, it is time to start saving this money and invest it in something else. When you intend to take a photo using Snapshot shelfystand 360, you simply turn on your phone camera, select the filter you desire and mount the phone on Snapshot shelfystand 360. The rest is left to the camera mount from this point on.


When a paid professional turns in your photos, yes, you may be amazed at how stunning they look and become overjoyed. well, you are about to experience a higher joy when you take selfies using Snapshot shelfystand 360. Upon seeing the result of your hand work, especially when you have little or no photography skills, your heart will be overflowed with joy and happiness unlike you have ever felt before.

Selfie lovers who love to capture selfies of themselves or others and objects at home, gym, and during other outdoor activities are about to have their minds blown apart by the performance of Snapshot shelfystand 360. The camera stand is designed using advanced technology that allows it to track you and take snapshots even while you are underwater swimming.

You can now be hands-free from your phone and take selfies with ease and fun. Snapshot shelfystand 360 as the name implies can rotate 360 degrees while capturing stunning selfie photos. If you are ready to wear big boy pants and take professional photos at home with your kids and pets and at outdoor activities then keep reading about Snapshot shelfystand 360.

Snapshot shelfystand 360 has an in-built tripod stand. This way, you can mount your phone on it and place the entire setup on any flat surface such as the top of a table. So, there is no need to handle your phone, the camera mount does this automatically so you can stay hands-free.

Taking selfies before now involves you stretching your hand, searching for the right angle, and in the process missing important moments and taking poor-quality photos. This is no longer the case.

Snapshot shelfystand 360 is called an intelligent or smart camera mount because it has a facial recognition feature that allows it to recognize your face or objects and follow this around, capturing every moment.

Selfie photos have undergone a considerable transition over time. At some point, taking selfie photos involved setting a timer and rushing to take a pose for the camera. Later, capturing personal or group selfies required you to stretch out your arm, ensuring that everyone is captured within the photo. This job was commonly given to the tallest person with the longest arm in a group photo. It never mattered what his or her photography skills were.

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Very recently, we also experienced the era of selfie sticks. This is like an extension of the outstretched arm. It allows the shortest person in a group selfie photo to take shots from angles same as the tallest person with the longest arms. Selfie sticks required a lot from the user, it requires you to keep the camera steady, take the actual shots, and make sure to capture every moment. So, although convenient, selfie sticks had their setbacks.

Sporadic movements while attempting to take the photo can cause you to lose focus and end up with a blurred or poor photo shot. There is therefore greater emphasis on balance and steady and capturing a well-focused photo shot. These limitations are not seen with Snapshot shelfystand 360.

With Snapshot shelfystand 360, there is the feature of intelligence, facial tracking, auto-rotation, and automatic shots that requires nothing from you, no participation at all. The camera mount does 99.9% of the job. Yours is to turn on your phone camera and select your preferred filter.

This level of automation removes your role in the photo shot. The phone is invited onto Snapshot shelfystand 360 which in turn a placed on a stable flat surface such as a table where it is safe from all forms f disturbance. Snapshot shelfystand 360 then captures every moment using its intelligent feature of tracking faces or objects.

If run a youtube channel, a TikTok page, an Instagram account, or similar other social media including a podcast channel where you have to record yourself, and post selfie photos and videos, you are about to experience a whole new level of photography. Snapshot shelfystand 360 will assist you in capturing stunning photos and videos that will blow up your social media pages and give you the looks of the best content creator out there.

Photography is a highly profitable skill, either as a freelancer or through marketing your content. Creating unique and incredible content keeps you ahead of others and makes your competitors wonder how you manage to come up with such quality content. The secrete to every good photo shot aside from the skill of the photographer and perfect timing is the tool. Your greatest and most valued investment is investing in your equipment.

How do you use Snapshot shelfystand 360?

  • Snapshot shelfystand 360 is possibly the most user-friendly camera mount out there. being an intelligent and smart device, it does most of the work without needing you. Snapshot shelfystand 360 only requires a few setup steps. Here are a few simple steps to set up and use Snapshot shelfystand 360.
  • Insert 3 AAA batteries into the designated compartment. 3 AAA batteries are affordable and can be replaced when they run out.
  • Once powered, you can go ahead and insert your mobile phone. The camera mount is suited for all types of cameras and smartphones including Android and iOS devices. The phone can be inserted in a horizontal or vertical orientation. In either orientation, Snapshot shelfystand 360 will allow you to capture images in the most suitable landscape and create a bewildering photo shot, the likes of which is yet to be seen.
  • Once mounted properly, the phone camera is set to your desired specification. this includes the type of filter and another similar setting you desire.
  • Next, press the power button of Snapshot shelfystand 360. From this point onward, the rest of the job is left to Snapshot shelfystand 360 which automatically captures every moment, using its smart/ intelligent feature. This allows you to stay hands-free and not miss any moment during the photo shoot.

Features of Snapshot shelfystand 360

Motorized auto-turning phone stand

Once mounted on its tripod stand, Snapshot shelfystand 360 can make a 360-degree turn in all directions capturing everyone in its wake. Recording yourself at the gym or swimming is impossible without hiring a professional or pleading with a stranger or friend to help you out. Well, no more. You can record yourself swimming, gyming, and dancing among other things without needing a third party to help you with the camera.

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You only need to mount your phone on the camera stand, start the camera or video recorder, set up your preferred filter and get to work. The results of the photos and videos recorded will stun you.

Built-in a tripod stand

Snapshot shelfystand 360 has a built-in tripod stand. There is no need to spend extra money on a tripod stand after acquiring the camera mount. The tripod stand allows you to place the setup, that is, your mounted phone on any flat surface such as a tabletop. Snapshot shelfystand 360 remains stationed and in fixed possession while it rotates 360 degrees.

Selfie sticks or outstretched hands are uncomfortable and stressful on the arm. You will have to hold out your arm during the entire period of shooting. Failure to keep this steady sometimes causes blurred and poor-quality photos. With the tripod stand, you can mount your phone and keep it from moving. In this position, your phone is safe from all forms of disturbance and can take a well-focused high-quality photo.

Smart tracking

Snapshot shelfystand 360 connects automatically with any mounted device. Once the device is used to capture a face or an object, Snapshot shelfystand 360 will be able to track the face or object and capture every moment while rotating in a 360-degree direction. Images are captured from all angles and nothing is left out.

Benefits of using Snapshot shelfystand 360

Smart shooting

Snapshot shelfystand 360 is considered a smart or intelligent camera mount. It can recognize faces, not objects it has captured before. This is one of gr greatest benefits of Snapshot shelfystand 360.

Sometimes while at the gym or wanting to take a swim, you may require someone to help you cover your routine on camera. While some may be willing to help you with these, you may not be lucky most of the time. With Snapshot shelfystand 360, using its smart feature, you can record your gym activities, swimming, and other similar activity without needing someone to man the camera. It is automatic and tracks faces and objects, capturing every moment and producing incredible shots.

360-degree rotation

Rotates 360 degrees, taking photos from all angles  and all sides


Allows vbloggers to create incredible videos that will amaze viewers and keep them loyal to the channel.

User friendly

No need to be tech-savvy, almost anyone can use Snapshot shelfystand 360.

Customer reviews

“I love this! It’s the best. My kids used to HATE family portrait day, but now they want every day to be one. They’re amazed that it follows them around the room and takes pictures automatically. I am pretty amazed at that feature, too. Worth the price and we all love it.”

Sarah L.- Richmond, VA.

“Well made, sturdy, and works well so far. Add 3 AAA batteries and you’re all set up for taking selfies. Great idea. I use it mainly for recording my home-repair vlog and I couldn’t ask for anything better, actually and I have only good things to say about it. Great value for the price. I’m blown away.

Works so well! It’s amazing how it tracks you wherever you go. It’s very smooth as it moves and is completely noiseless. Great value for the money. The app you download is easy to use. I like that you can take pictures or movies. I will be using this a lot.”

Lots of fun!


“My daughter loves doing vlogs…and this one will help her. She is usually shy when others are watching her when she does it. But now, she can video herself without my help and she can be herself!”


Great device!


The 360 selfie stand is really useful, especially when used within the app for recording videos and taking photographs. The face tracking works well and even if you go out of range for a moment, it catches up when you come back.”


Super durable and easy to setup


“Super sleek and the manual was helpful on how to get it set up. I wasn’t sure what to expect in quality wise but it’s pretty durable and heavy to be stable when my phone is on it which is nice!”


Works great and is easy to use!


“The rotating selfie stand is easy to use…just put in the battery(which I hope it has already), download the app, connect the Bluetooth, turn on the Shelfystand, and turn on the app…and u can start taking photos/videos!”


Pros and cons of Snapshot shelfystand 360

Pros of Snapshot shelfystand 360

  •  Turns 360 degrees, taking sh
  • Affordable
  • Water-resistant
  • Automatic turning
  • Intelligent facial and object tracking
  • User friendly
  • Guaranteed high quality
  • No hassle returns
  • Fast and easy setup

Cons of Snapshot shelfystand 360

  • Available online only
  • Limited stock
  • Discount offers may be taken off the table at any time

Where to buy Snapshot shelfystand 360

Snapshot shelfystand 360 is available on the official website of the manufacturing company. Here, it can be bought at a discount price of 50%.

How much is Snapshot shelfystand 360?

Here are the current prices of Snapshot shelfystand 360 fowlking the application of the 50% discount offer.

Frequently asked questions about Snapshot shelfystand 360

Does Snapshot shelfystand 360 have a return guaranteed?

Snapshot shelfystand 360 is a well-trusted camera mount with millions of positive user comments showing that Snapshot shelfystand 360 is efficient at its job. However, any buyer who finds the performance of Snapshot shelfystand 360 is very much welcome by the manufacturing company to have it returned within 30 days of the purchase.

The company has a few stipulations about guidelines on how to return the camera mount. A full refund will be granted to any user who returns the device within 30 days after purchase and adhered to the guidelines provided by the company. This offer is however only open to those who ordered directly from the official website of the manufacturer’s company.

Buyers who order from the official website of the maifsctruijg company can benefit from the refund policy, discount offers, and other similar promos. They are also protected from scammers and are guaranteed the quality of the product.

Is Snapshot shelfystand 360 legit?

Snapshot shelfystand 360 has proven itself to be one of the most practical photography tools out there. It is capable of allowing an armature to capture photos only a pro could. It is an affordable photography accessory and will turn from an armature to a pro in no time.

Snapshot shelfystand 360 has become the talk of the internet and enjoys patronage. A look at the customer reviews shows users who are more than pleased with the performance of Snapshot shelfystand 360. Most are appreciative of the intelligent feature that allows it to track faces as well as objects.

It is durable and comes with a tripod stand that allows it to be placed on any flat surface. It cost less than hiring professional photography but allows you to take stunning photos that will wow your viewers.

How do you make use of Snapshot shelfystand 360?

One of the first lessons you will learn on your path to becoming a professional photographer is the significance of angles. The angle from which the picture is taken is everything. Snapshot shelfystand 360 allows you to take captures from all 360 angles. The camera mount can rotate your phone 360 degrees, capturing photos from incredible angles and sides. This explains why some viewers cannot phantom how these photos are taken.

Who can use Snapshot shelfystand 360?

Snapshot shelfystand 360 is one of those devices that does not require any special tech skills to operate. You also do not need to have an experience with a solar tool to understand how to use Snapshot shelfystand 360.

Final word

Snapshot shelfystand 360 is precisely what you need to take your photography to the next level. For only a couple of dollars, you can take selfies and record videos no different from a professional.

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