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SpinalTrax Reviews: How to Get Rid of That Acute And Chronic Back Pain Within Seconds.

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Back pain is often regarded as a minor case by some people, whereas it is never so in some cases. It is a common case among the young and old people. Oftentimes pains especially back pains are seen as a problem associated with old age. According to research and diagnosed cases, it is seen and proven that young people also experience back pain though with different causes.

The human back comprises composite or complex structures of muscles, disks, ligaments, tendons and bones which work together to support the human body and enable us to work. Thus, this back pain is experienced mostly at the lower back or lumbar region.

Experiencing back pain is not necessarily a sign of  old age, back injury etc. However problems with any of the structures that support the human body can cause back pain.

Back pain can also be instigated by the nature of the work you do,  excessive standing and bending, bad posturing, muscle strain, injuries, arthritis, osteoporosis, sciatica, medical conditions such as equina syndrome, cancer and infection of the spine etc.

Back pain is always a frustrating, uncomfortable and unbearable situation for you and people who experience it. It deprives them of their normal activities, comfort and also extorts their fortune. It can also subject them to trying out different kinds of weird positions in order for them to feel relieved.


In order to relieve or curb this back pain people often involve a pain therapist, consult a chiropractor who at the end prescribes a bunch of pills that can weaken your body system and also engage them in therapeutic treatment. All these remedies can worsen your condition, relieve you for a while after which the pain continues and they are pricey and can drain your fortune within a twinkle of an eye.

Do you or your loved ones suffering from back pain? Do you want to break out of that chronic back pain permanently without spending thousands of dollars? Then you can’t miss to read and grab this affordable home remedy known as the SpinalTrax.

This SpinalTrax lumbar traction review reveals all you need to know about SpinalTrax, its benefit, features, how to use it, and how to purchase one for yourself.  Do well to read as I unveil the secret of this device. SpinalTrax Reviews

What is SpinalTrax

SpinalTrax is a cervical traction device approved by the FDA that gives all in one lumber system for lower back pain relief. It is a device scientifically and medically proven to be effective and safe if well used.

SpinalTrax is a uniquely curved device that comprises of a traction therapy, four scientifically approved remedies to help restore your lumber spine to its normal physiological state in order to eliminate that irritating and frustrating back pain.

SpinalTrax is a pain relief remedy that does not require any special or professional appointment with any therapist before your lumbar spine can be taken care of. At comfort of your zone you can safely and effectively take care of, monitor your spine and as well take records of your improvement without the help of any therapist.

Poor body posture can affect your spine which in return cause back pain, thus SpinalTrax is a device that naturally helps in correcting your postural imbalance that was developed as a result of abnormal sleeping, sitting, walking, standing, posture. It restores your energic confidence posture.


SpinalTrax is an in-door treatment device that saves you a lot of time especially if you are a busy business owner. There will be no spare time or rush to meet up an appointment with any therapist. You can finish up with your daily business activities and comfortly have a cool message on your spine with your SpinalTrax to relief the pain of a stressful day at your abode. SpinalTrax as well save you thousands of dollars you frequently spend on your daily pain relief pills, chiropractor and other doctors.

SpinalTrax is a tested and proven cure for all chronic and acute back pain. A lot of customers have testified to the effectiveness of this newly introduced product. It is time for you to grab yours and free yourself from that frequent back pain that your routine painkiller cannot take care of. SpinalTrax is a capable, reliable, medically approved remedy for your back pain. Remember back pain that is not taken care of can spread and get intensified.

What Are The Methods Used By SpinalTrax To Relieve Pain?

SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Devices use five harm free techniques to give you an ultimate pain relief. These techniques includes:


Intelligent Infrared Light Phototherapy

This is a light based method for treating pain in the parts of the body. Infrared waves of light emitted from LEDs are used to treat leaving tissues. This method allows the penetration of light far beneath into the deep tissue to ensure regeneration and increase your blood flow.

This intelligent infrared light method supplies infrared energy to any part of your body where nerve pain or muscle stiffness is found in order to treat them. Infrared light is natural, it is not harmful to the body. Unlike Uv-lights that produce ionizing radiation that can damage your skin or pose a threat to your body.

Low Frequency Pulse Electrotherapy

This treatment is also known as electrotherapy. This treatment uses Electrical waveforms and frequencies to alleviate acute and chronic pain and also heals damaged tissue. In this method, soft electrical pulses are sent through the skin to stimulate injured muscles. The SpinalTrax utilizes this method with the help of the electrodes pads which you can place on any part of your body.

Streams of electrical pulses are transmitted through the wires of the electrode to the skin which relay the impulses to the muscles and nerve, stimulating and also releasing endorphins. It targets the spine to promote blood circulation.

Adjustable Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is also known as thermotherapy. It increases the extensibility of collagen tissues, controls joint stiffness,  relieves muscle spasm, reduces pain, and also increases blood flow. The increased blood flow transmits more energy, important nutrients that aids the quick healing of any damaged tissue.

Heat therapy reduces muscle spasm, it relieves tightness in the lower back by relaxing tensed muscles. The SpinalTrax has three heat settings you can select from to achieve your aim.

Dynamic Spinal Traction Therapy

This is a nonsurgical method that relieves you of that back pain by carefully stretching the spine with a motorized traction. It alters the position and force of one’s spine. This traction applied also alleviates all forms of gel-like pressures found in the spine disk.

This method also increases the flow of water, oxygen and other important rich fluids allowing them to heal. Furthermore the dynamic spinal traction enables the back muscle to relax and decreases pressures  to increase range of motions.


Full Body EMS Massage Therapy

Electronic Muscular Stimulation (EMS) is a type of electrotherapy used by SpinalTrax to stimulate muscle contraction with the help of electrical impulses  in order to fortify all weak muscles, reduce swelling, relieve pain and as well heal wounds.

It is also a massage technique employed by SpinalTrax with the help of its electrode pads to massage any parts of the body to relieve tension.

It also offers a unique massage mode. You select the intensity degree that suits you better. The lowest intensity can be utilized on a less stressful day to reduce any slight pain while you can switch to the high intensity to suit the pain of a hectic or stressful day.

What Are The Benefits of Using SpinalTrax?

Some of the benefits enjoyed by SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction users includes :

  • Immediate relief of any kind of pain. SpinalTrax is good at detecting and relieving all forms of pain found in the body, leaving your spines and muscles strong and painless.
  • Posture Improvement. SpinalTrax is perfectly good for restructuring any kinds of posture imbalance which is one of the causes of that back pain you experience. Whether your posture imbalance is as a result of poor sleeping, walking, standing, sitting positions. SpinalTrax restores your posture to its normal natural state.
  • Heals any damaged tissue. SpinalTrax is sure to heal and restore all damaged tissue at your back. With the release of all the approved methods used by SpinalTrax every damaged and dead tissue is sure to come back to life.
  • SpinalTrax helps to support spinal alignment.
  • Any of your damaged tissue is sure to be healed with SpinalTrax.
  • SpinalTrax will help to reduce any pressure of pinched nerves.

How Do I Use SpinalTrax to Get a Desired Result?

SpinalTrax is a device you can use on your own without the help of any therapist. SpinalTrax does not have any side reactions like other pain relief pills. With just a few steps, you can get your desired result with SpinalTrax.

Firstly, you must order and purchase a SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction device on the official website by clicking on any of the purchase links. When you place an order, it will be delivered to you immediately at your doorstep within a few days.

Secondly, when you have the SpinalTrax all to yourself, you can use it at your chosen time or leisure. Place your SpinalTrax on a flat surface – your floor or mattress. Turn your SpinalTrax on, select auto mode 1-2. While using your SpinalTrax, you can adjust your desired frequency to suit you. It is either you adjust it to increase vibration, increase electrostimulation or increase traction. Relax as your SpinalTrax settles the case of your back pain.

It is advised to use the SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction device for a time range of 10-15 minutes per day to restore your spine to its natural position.


Why Should I Go For SpinalTrax Other Than Any Alternatives Out There.

It is always good to go for the best. SpinalTrax gives you the best treatment which other pain relief pills or therapists cannot give you. At the comfort of your zone you are receiving the best treatment, isn’t it amazing?

SpinalTrax has the ability to decompress your spine in order to restore it to its natural state without any surgical procedure. The motorized traction eases your spine of any pressure, enabling the muscle to relax thereby promoting flexibility and mobility.

SpinalTrax EMS offers a direct message to extend relief to any tensed parts of the body with the help of its electrode pad.

It also features Intelligent Infrared Phototherapy that ensures tissue repair, regeneration and proper flow of blood. Also the low frequency pulse electrotherapy focus and targets the spine heal damages and promote proper blood flow.

SpinalTrax gives you an instant relief of any acute and chronic back pain, heal your damaged tissue, correct all your posture imbalance, supports your spinal alignment and ensures you become more productive.

Where Do I Purchase SpinalTrax?

SpinalTrax is on stock and is available on the official website. You can visit the official website through any of the purchase links.

Visit the website, select your desired package, and provide your shipping details for immediate shipping and then proceed to make your payment.

SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device is worth purchasing, it is effective and Jim free, FDA approved, saves you time and money of visiting a therapist. Just at the comfort of your home, you will always enjoy daily treatment.


What Are The Things Included In The SpinalTrax Package

  • The SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device.
  • A remote.
  • User manual and
  • EMS pad.

Pros And Cons of SpinalTrax


  1. Saves you time and money consumed by visiting a therapist and purchasing pain relief pills.
  2. It is an approved method of taking  care of acute and chronic back pain.
  3. It eliminates muscle tensions and stiffness in the back.
  4. Restores your spine’s natural curve.
  5. Pain relief for sciatica.
  6. Work and become more productive without pain.
  7. Restores full motion around the neck.

Cons Of SpinalTrax

  1. It is not for individuals with osteoporosis, it is advised to consult your doctor before purchase.
  2. Mothers are not allowed to use it during pregnancy.
  3. It can only be purchased online via the company’s official website.
  4. SpinalTrax is in rush, and can be out of stock at any time. Grab yours now.
  5. The SpinalTrax does not in any way serve as a subtitute for Professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor.
  6. People with installed pace maker are not allowed to use.
  7. People who had spinal fusion surgery within one year should consult their doctor before purchase.

SpinalTrax Price Specification

Purchasing the SpinalTrax now will give you the opportunity to obtain a discount from its normal size. Below are the price specification :

  • Best Value which consists of 1 SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction device is sold at $120.00.
  • Ultimate Neck and Back Relief Bundle which has 1 SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction device and a Serene Neck Saver is sold at $159.95.
  • Optimum Body Massager Bundle which comes with 1 SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device, 1 Serene Neck Saver and 1 Serene Smart Cupping Massager is sold at $219.95

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) On SpinalTrax Reviews.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, they have a 60-day guarantee that begins only when you receive your product. If for any reason you are not thrilled by the product, you contact and your problem will be sorted out.


Is there a warranty?

Yes, each device is accompanied with a lifetime Warranty.

Is SpinalTrax safe to use?

Yes, SpinalTrax is a sure safe device. It is FDA approved and each device has been thoroughly tested before shipping to ensure it is efficiently working.

Who is not eligible to use SpinalTrax

People with osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, are not qualified to use due to their bone density, consult your treating physician before purchase.

Individuals who have a heart condition or an installed pacemaker are not advised to use. If you had spinal fusion surgery within one year, ensure you contact your treating practitioner before purchase.

SpinalTrax is not to be used in the period of pregnancy.

Is there a weight and size limit?

SpinalTrax was designed in a way to suit majority of the body sizes but the highest weight limit is 140kg or 315Ib

Can I use the SpinalTrax on my upper back?

To always experience the maximum benefits, it is recommended to use SpinalTrax on your lower back


Will the SpinalTrax fix my back pain?

SpinalTrax is carefully designed and a perfect medically approved device for treating and regulating lower back pain.

Which place is perfect to use SpinalTrax?

You can use the SpinalTrax anywhere with a supportive flat surface, that is either floor,  sturdy bed or carpet area.

Are the electrotherapy pads harmful to both the external and internal body?

No, the pads are harm free. The pads have been tested and your body is 100% safe.

SpinalTrax User’s Review

This Device has been a life saver for my low back pain especially since I have to sit for hours working from home. Helen

I like how it stretches and massages at the same time. Stretching makes me feel good alone, so after that everything feels like a little bonus. Now my husband won’t stop stealing it from me. Regina

My parents visited home, both in their late 60’s had a try and they rate it better than their expensive massage machine at home. Matty

I have had major comfort in my lower back for years.  After the 15  minutes of session with SpinalTrax I got a great relief . Thank you very much for producing a machine that really works. It is better than floor roller racks,  pain relieving pills and massages. Mark


For all asking about the prices , it is an amazing product. My back was terrible after a career as a nurse, I must reveal to you that SpinalTrax is great. It was indeed a life saving for me.  Fiona Lydo.

Final Verdict (SpinalTrax Reviews)

SpinalTax is surely the best and perfect device for back pain relief. It also offers you health benefits like blood circulation. It is a game changer for all experiencing low back pain.

It is a low braineer for those suffering from pain and mobility issues. SpinalTrax is not only an easy multi-functional device it is also very effective. Grab yours now that it is cheap and available.

Remember the earlier the better.



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