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Synogut Reviews: Read Customer Results Before Buying [Shocking Facts]

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Synogut is a health supplement formulated to improve digestion with its natural ingredients, including probiotics, prebiotics, fibers, and laxatives. It works for all men and women, regardless if they are above their 40s or 80s.

Don’t Wait Any Longer And Get Synogut To End Your Digestion Problems

Many studies have been done on the digestion system because many people have stomach problems affecting their daily lives. Our digestion system is made up of the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract), pancreas, and liver. So in the GI tract, there are bacteria called gut flora or gut microbiome to help digest food.

Many studies confirmed that when the human body gets old, the efficiency of the digestion system also goes down, which causes poor digestion of food and many other gut problems. According to the customer, the digestion problem starts after they reach their 40s or 50s.

The best solution for gut problems is to take a healthy diet and drink lots of water at a young age because your digestive system needs protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins to work. But most people at a young age don’t eat healthy food because they don’t think about old age. Therefore these people in old age get a weak digestive system and face many stomach problems.

If you are above 30 and getting digestion problems frequently, I recommend SynoGut Supplement, as it has helped over 200 thousand people, and the numbers are still increasing.

Many supplements and drugs over the internet claim to make the digestion system healthy, but all these will not suit everyone. All humans are different from each other, so their digestion systems also differ.

Whereas Synogut is different from all these supplements because all the ingredients of SynoGut are plant-based. Read this Synogut review till last to know how it works, its price, benefits, and much more.

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Why Choose SynoGut Supplement?

When people pass their 30s, many have to face stomach problems because of eating junk foods or drinking alcohol, which weakens their digestion system. So they have to visit the doctor, which recommends high-cost medicine and surgery. Most people cannot afford it, and they don’t give a guarantee that these medicines or surgeries work for them. For this reason, Synogut is the best remedy for them.

Synogut is a digestion supplement that claims to eliminate all stomach problems and enhance digestion health with its 100% natural plant-based ingredients. It can also treat stomach problems like constipation, heartburn, stomach pain, ulcer, bloating, bowel problems, and gut discomfort.

Synogut Formula is a mixture of prebiotics, probiotics, natural laxatives, fiber, and herbal extracts to treat all stomach and gut problems naturally.

Who Is The Creator Of Synogut Formula?

The creator of Synogut Formula is Samuel Bart. He lives in a small village in Tennessee with his wife, Alma. Both have a vast knowledge of plants and trees that they grow in their garden.

When Bart turned 40, he started getting stomach problems, affecting their work and love life. He visited many doctors and health professionals, and all recommended drugs or therapy that were too costly, and he could not afford it.

Then Alma provided some plant leaves or roots to Bart that helped him to overcome digestion problems.

Later, Bart made formula with these leaves, stems, and roots, which perfectly worked for him. He recommended this formula to many of his friends, and from there, he became popular because this formula worked perfectly for all of them.

After a few years, Bart decided to help all the people in the US suffering from digestion issues, so he contacted a supplement company.

This supplement company tested this formula in their laboratory and approved that all ingredients are safe for human health. After various other tests, Synogut is now available for the public to buy.

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How Synogut Capsules Work

Synogut is a dietary supplement that contains 60 capsules in each bottle. Taking two capsules daily will improve the digestive or gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) and provide the body with proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. By improving the digestion tract, the body applies to break foods that we take into energy and also support repairing damaged cell.

Synogut capsules fight against harmful bacteria in the gut that stores foods as fat and make people face many other stomach problems.

The reason behind the success of Synogut is its four core ingredients categories; probiotics, prebiotics, natural laxative, and fiber which are explained below:


Most people know bacteria with a negative view. There are two types of bacteria in the human gut; good and bad. When bad bacteria are more than good, the body gets infected and many health problems occur.

Probiotics refer to good bacteria that maintain a balance between good and bad bacteria. You can take these probiotics by eating healthy foods like vegetables and fruits to improve gut health. When the gut is healthy, it can make more probiotic colonies which are good bacteria. These good bacteria are strong enough to fight against bad bacteria that can cause digestion illnesses.

Research stated that probiotics contain four major benefits; improve the immune system, reduce pain or inflammation, enhance bowel movement, and treat diarrhea.


Prebiotics are not bacteria; they are a fuel to grow good bacteria called Probiotics naturally. Probiotic bacteria are a combination of live yeast bacteria and cannot survive without prebiotics.

Prebiotics are a plant dietary fiber that helps the gut to nourish good bacteria rather than bad ones. These probiotics can be taken naturally through foods like grain, wheat, green vegetables, onion, fruits, soybeans, and many more.

Many people ignore these food items in their daily diet, and bad bacteria grow in the gut, and people have to face many stomach illnesses.


Fiber is the main ingredient of Synogut, as the body needs fiber to digest food quickly. People can take fiber through natural foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and seeds. Fiber is mostly known to relieve constipation and bloating problems.

Synogut comprises of 1.5g proprietary blend of fiber through plant extract to overcome the deficiency of fiber in the body. The body needs fiber to cut off the foods that we take daily. These foods break down into energy utilized by the body for various functions.

Natural Laxatives:

In the past, many people take prune or prune drinks to treat constipation and gastric. Synogut Supplement includes prune and aloe vera extract, which many digestion pills or supplements ignore.

Chemical laxatives are effective and work fast but only for the short term. At the same time, natural laxative works slowly but provide long-term results. These natural laxatives have been taken from natural vegetables and fruits.

Other Plant-Based Extract Ingredients:

Every capsule also contains ten plant-based extracts in their formula, which are mentioned below:

Aloe Vera – We all know the benefits of aloe vera. Many people use aloe vera gel on their skin to make skin shine and glow. A study published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry also suggested that aloe vera will help good bacteria grow.

Psyllium Husks – It contains a soluble and insoluble fiber that helps the gut soak up water and make bowel movement easier.

Bentonite Clay – It is used in Synogut capsules because it helps the body to absorb more nutrients to nourish probiotics bacteria in the gut microbiome.

Prune Extract – In ancient times, people take prune or prune juice to cure constipation and irregular bowel movements. Synogut uses prune extract due to its natural laxative ability.

Flaxseed Oil – This oil is also called linseed oil and is made from the flax seed. Flaxseed Oil is a natural laxative that reduces stomach pain and makes the gut healthy.

Apple pectin – Apple pectin is a soluble fiber to control blood sugar, improves heart health, regulates cholesterol, and improves gut health. It is prebiotics that flourishes probiotics bacteria in the gut.

Black Walnut Hull – Black walnut is a tree native to North America and includes edible nuts. The tree bark is used in many medicines to treat body infections. Black Walnut Hull is also useful for gastrointestinal health and provides a healthy digestive system.

Glucomannan Root – Glucomannan has been extracted from the plant root of konjac. Glucomannan is a dietary fiber that absorbs water in your stomach and intestines to treat digestion problems like bloating, heartburn, gastric acid, and improper bowel movements.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus – Lactobacillus Acidophilus is a probiotic found in dairy items like yogurt, cheese, and milk. Acidophilus is a probiotic that flourishes good bacteria over bad bacteria. These good bacteria can cure yeast infection, digestion infection, and eczema.

Oat Bran – Oat bran and oatmeal are extracted from the same oat groat. Oat bran comes from the outer part, whereas oatmeal comes from the inner part inside the outer layer. A placebo-controlled study confirmed that Oat bran is useful for healthy bowel movements.

Synogut ingredients are all plant-based and do not contain any dangerous chemicals or pesticides that harm the human body. All the ingredients are sourced from the local supplier that grows plants by nature which takes around 6 to 8 months to mature.

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Main Benefits Of Synogut:

  • All ingredients are organic and natural.
  • It helps the good bacteria to grow, which is very useful for overall health.
  • It improves digestion and gut health.
  • The price of this supplement is lower compared to doctors’ medicine or therapy.
  • The manufacturer offers a 60-day full money-back guarantee.
  • It also makes the body detoxifying agent to wash impurities from the body.
  • These pills are also useful for weight loss people who want to control their appetite.
  • It also provides necessary vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals for proper blood flow in the body.

What Is The Price Of Synogut Supplement?

The price of Synogut will range from $69 to $49 as per the official website and can only be bought from its official website, not from any other stores or shops that are selling bogus supplement copies with the same name as Synogut Pills.

Every bottle contains 60 capsules; customers have to take two capsules daily in the morning and at night before bedtime.

Let’s see the price of Synogut Pills as per the official website states:

  • Basic Package:1 Bottle is for 30 days and costs $69.
  • Most Popular Package:The 3 Bottles are enough for 90 days and cost you $59 per bottle.
  • Best Value Package:The 6 Bottles are for 180 days and cost you $49 per bottle. So you are saving $20 on each bottle.

All packages include free shipping to US customers only. If you are ordering from outside America, you must bear the shipping and handling fees of $10.

Money Back Guarantee:

The manufacturer has so much confidence that Synogut will work for all men and women above 18 years old, so he provided a full money-back guarantee within two months of the purchase. If any customer doesn’t like it or doesn’t get the appropriate result can send the open or closed bottle to their address and get their money back.

However, Samuel Bart explains that customers have to try these pills for at least a month to see the appropriate result and then take any decision.

Who Should Not Use Synogut:

It is strictly prohibited on the official page that the following people cannot use it:

  • People under 18 years old cannot consume it due to a weak digestive system.
  • Women who are conceiving or breastfeeding should avoid it.
  • People allergic to any plant ingredient used in Synogut should avoid it or ask the doctor.
  • Last, people taking any medicine for their health problems should avoid it because Synogut will react adversely when combined with other pills or drugs.

Final Verdict On Synogut Pills:

Synogut is made up of a unique formula that combines probiotics, prebiotics, dietary fiber, natural laxatives, and plant extracts, which are 100% free from side effects.

Anyone suffering from stomach ailments can use this supplement, but you must be above 18 years old.

According to Synogut Reviews, over 200 thousand people benefit from it, and no negative reports have been reported till now. It means you must try it, and for any reason, it does not work, then refund it and get the full money back.

In this Synogut review, I recommend beginners buy the basic package for one month, and if they see results, then buy in bulk.

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Disclaimer: The links provided in this review will create a small commission if you decide to purchase the product at no extra cost to you. An advice or guidelines provided here is not a substitute for the advice of medical professional. This product and its results is not confirmed by Food and Drug Administration. This product doesn’t diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disorder or disease.

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