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TALENTEUM : platform for remote working staff from Africa



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TALENTEUM is a platform for remote working staff from Africa. It provides a disruptive solution to the international labor market. It offers skilled professionals who have difficulty finding a job in their home countries or who wish to earn more, to take control of their future by becoming independent and linked to Talenteum.

We are expert in recruitment and training in Africa. Our Headquarter is in Mauritius island.

Globalization and the mutation of work is a subject that is real concern for business executives around the world.
Indeed, with digital, it has become very easy to work from anywhere and at any time. This change in work is an opportunity for Talenteum

africaTALENTEUM is a trusted third party. We help African workers to find a job remotely from Talenteum platform with european clients.

We also propose training session online in order to be part of the tomorrow job

We provide to help African workers to find a job remotely from Talenteum platform with worldwide clients.We also propose online training session in order to be part of the tomorrow job.

Talenteum is taking a fix monthly fee per worker and our collaborators are taken for 12 months with a 3 months pilot period to start.

Our price is from 250€/month to 430€/month based on how long you take a worker.

Training session is sponsored by clients in order we do not have any expenses on workers.

In Nigeria : has been a great success , it combines a new way to teach and train people and directly propose them a job with companies in USA.

We are also similar but we are mainstream and we have several verticals: Digital, Human resource, Marketing, IT, Business Development, Teaching, etc…

We also have platforms such as Hopwork, Upwork, to name a few, the freelancer can land missions from anywhere at any time of the day. The job is no longer associated with a place but rather with a task or series of tasks to accomplish.
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