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Thank You Page: 5 Reasons Why You Should Thank Someone for Performing the Desired Action on Your Website

Inbound marketing is a popular strategy that brands use to cultivate meaningful relationships with their loyal and new customers. A thank you page is an excellent feature that you can create quickly and use to turn your leads into customers.

So then, let’s get started with reasons why you should thank someone for performing the desired action on your site. The article will also highlight thank you page best practices.

Definition of a Thank You Page

A thank you page is also referred to as a conversion page. It’s a page that appears when a customer performs a desired action. That is, the page appears immediately after a visitor signs up, fills out a contact form, downloads some content, or makes a purchase.

The page can be seen as the last step in the conversion process and, at the same time, as the first step towards customer retention. It’s an excellent opportunity to convert leads into customers and turn a loyal customer into a brand advocate.

Here are some tips for designing a thank you page.

  • Use powerful words like Congratulations, Hurray, or Success to show some enthusiasm. This causes users to feel appreciated, wanted and makes them happy.
  • Include a human signature, the CEO’s picture, a short video of your team member speaking about a particular product, or a photo of your team to add a human touch.

Thank you page

  • Put any important text or call to action above the fold. It’s important to note that you only have a few seconds to grab your customers’ attention.
  • Design a nice-looking thank you page. It’s easy to attract your customers’ attention with a well-designed page that has the necessary elements.
  • Keep the message on your thank you page short. Four to five sentences can give you more room to make your Call to Action (CTA) noticed as well as engage your customers better.
  • Don’t over-commit. Simply tell your customers that you will get back to them shortly instead of saying 24 hours. They won’t trust you in the future if you fail to keep this promise.

Reasons Why a Thank You Page is Essential for You

Prospects don’t sign up or make a purchase immediately after they land on your website. So creating a thank you page enables you to feed your potential customers with more information about your business and its offerings. It also highlights the benefits of converting into customers.

Here are valuable roles that a thank you page plays on your website.

1. It offers an easy way to navigate your website

Unlike a landing page that sometimes distracts leads from completing the desired action, the thank you page encourages them to look around. You can add links to your social media channels or most valuable content or blog posts.

Directing them to such pages helps you collect more information about them in order to understand their interests. The details help you to customize your products when engaging with them.

Social media channels on a thank you page

2. Increases your return on investment

You can use your thank you page to convert your website’s visitors into customers. Transform the page from thanking users to a page with a powerful Call to Action (CTA) linked to the action they have just taken. A single CTA is preferable because it doesn’t overwhelm your users.

Other ways of using thank you page to increase ROI are:

  • Ask users to participate in a survey. This is an excellent way of getting inexpensive feedback.
  • Ask readers to tell you more about themselves by leaving a comment. Later, use the information to create tutorials, blogs, products, or services.
  • Ask visitors to follow you on social media. Although you might have these links on the footer or sidebar, a thank you page allows you to share other ways of subscribing or engaging with you.
  • Use the page to showcase your best content. You can turn the thank you page into a helpful resource page that encourages visitors to make a purchase or share your best blog post on social media.
  • Display a promotion on this page in order to convert the hot prospects. These include special offers to new subscribers or buyers, advertisements like affiliates, events, products, and services.

3. Reinforces the confidence of your prospects

A website with value statements that include testimonials, recommendations, positive reviews, and affiliate programs can make visitors feel secure. They are able to get value and high-quality content aside from a visually appealing website.

Because of that, you should share only valuable content and relevant testimonials or product reviews. Further, avoid stuffing your thank you page with recommendations. Doing so will deter your prospects from converting to customers.

4. Tells new customers the next logical step they should take

Generally, a thank you page is designed for people to perform an action such as making a purchase, filling out a form, or downloading something from your website. Still, you can use this page to show them what they can do next as you push them down the sales funnel.

You can, for example, inform your customer who has just made a purchase or signed up for your newsletter that you have emailed them their purchase details or when you’re likely to contact them after filling in their contact details.

5. Records the conversions and evaluate your campaigns’ performance

Marketers are relieved every time their marketing campaign is successful. Use your thank you page as a tool to measure your conversions. You can use the code behind all web pages and add small code snippets called pixels, tags, or tracking codes to enhance your campaign measurement.

How to Use Thank You Page

  • Ask for referrals

It’s challenging for some online businesses to get new businesses onboard. However, when utilized properly, referrals can be a great source of revenue. In fact, word-of-mouth is one of the primary factors influencing people’s purchasing decisions.

As a result, brands encourage their customers to refer them to their friends and family. You can create a thank you page to generate more referrals from your customers.

  • Request for social share

A thank you page is an excellent tool to increase social media engagement and boost conversions. Instead of inserting social media icons on this page as most brands do, you can tell your target audience what to expect when they engage you on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

  • Cross-sell

It’s better to use a thank you page to cross-sell than a checkout page because a customer that has already made a purchase is in their prime stage. At this stage, the customer is most likely to convert again when you use a thank you page than when they visit the site again after months.

In fact, you can give them a coupon or an offer that expires 48 hours after their first purchase to lure them. Use this page to direct them to your top-selling products and encourage them to buy them immediately.

  • Gather feedback

In most instances, frustrated customers are the ones that provide feedback compared to happy customers. You can use the thank you page to collect valuable feedback and use it to grow future conversion rates.

  • Showcase testimonials

Displaying top client testimonials and reviews on the thank you page can motivate your happy customers to refer their peers to your brand or follow you on your social media channels. So include anything that communicates the positive side of your business on this page to ensure continuous engagement.

  • Promote most popular blog posts

Link relevant articles with thank you page to get your prospect or lead to see your blog posts. In fact, sending them to your best possible articles or additional resources is a perfect way to thank your new blog subscribers.

Further, you can use the page to diversify your offers and provide additional options such as exploring the community, signing up for a webinar series, or downloading a toolkit. You should also add your social media buttons and invite your new lead to follow or connect with you online.

Examples of Thank You Pages

Contact form completion: Use the page to notify your customers that they have successfully completed the process. Tell them what you will do or not do with their information. Such confirmation shows them that you’re on their side and ready to deliver value. The message shows them that your brand is different, thus helping them to build trust.

Purchase confirmation page: This is a post-sales confirmation page that you use to display complementary, related, or similar products. You can increase effectiveness by tailor-making your recommendations and aligning your offer with a reward program, coupon, and so on.

Appointment or booking: Use a thank you page to extend the conversation with a new customer that has made some reservations or signed up for an appointment. This encourages them to follow you on social media or engage with your business. Others use the page to encourage the customer to download your app and use it to modify or track changes. So the page should include important details like what to know before arriving at the venue or what is required of them on the appointment day.

Donation page: Donors are not buying your product, but instead, they’re supporting your cause. Therefore such individuals need to be appreciated, affirmed, reassured, and informed how their contribution is being spent to create a positive impact. In view of that, political campaigns, nonprofits, and donor-soliciting sites should have a well-designed page to show the impact of each donation right from the start.


A thank you page is basically designed to confirm a visitor’s action that they have just completed. However, you can do much more with it or use it as an opportunity to convert your leads into customers by pushing them deeper into the sales funnel.

Businesses that have tried the featured tips have recorded increased conversion rates. Kindly share your experience with using a thank you page on your website.

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