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TheWiSpy – Best App to Monitor Remote Employees

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best app to monitor remote employees

At the enterprise level, employee surveillance is a practice to monitor employees through either camera or screen tracking software. The need for monitoring staff arose when businesses started facing data breaches and security threats. It is essential to keep eye on employees because you can’t trust anyone when it comes to business.

At first, ventures implemented staff surveillance through CCTV cameras. With the rise of technology and desktops replacing paperwork, companies started monitoring their workers with desktop monitoring programs.

Now that every business has digitalized, it is vital to track every single device owned by your venture.

Today, employee monitoring has advanced enough that companies can now track their workers’ real-time locations and spy on their cell phones.

Yes, you’ve read it right. Companies can legally monitor the work phones using employee monitoring apps.

This article is for every business owner and manager who finds it difficult to track employee performance due to the high workload.

Here is a simple solution; try the world’s best app to monitor remote employees – TheWiSpy. Of course, businesses need substantial pivoting to retrieve the pre-existing structure of productivity. And that is where employee surveillance software can help you.

Continue reading as we will mention the qualities and features of the world’s leading employee monitoring app in detail.

Let’s get started. Shall we?

TheWiSpy Employee Monitoring App – An Overview:

TheWiSpy is a powerful app to monitor work phones in real-time. It is strongly compatible with almost every Android device running an operating system four or higher. TheWiSpy employee monitoring solution is designed for corporate use enabling employers to monitor their company-owned devices.

TheWiSpy app is loaded with tonnes of mobile monitoring features that empower employers to track their staff’s mobile activities during WFH (work-from-home) shifts.

TheWiSpy Employee Monitoring App Qualities:

TheWiSpy is the right app to monitor employees during remote shifts. Working from home gives liberty to staff to do whatever they want. With TheWiSpy app, employers can even check the text messages, call details, and social media activities of their remote employees.

Here are some prominent attributes making TWS the best employee surveillance software:

  • Easy Monitoring:

TWS lets you peek into the mobile screens of your employees remotely. Its high-end spying features enable you to track every digital fingerprint of your company-owned devices.

TWS gives you easy access to work phone activities in real-time.

  • Remote Access:

Monitoring a bunch of work phones must be tiring, but not with TheWiSpy. Using this app, you can remotely access your work phones’ digital information and monitor each employee device separately. TheWiSpy control panel helps you send monitoring commands remotely. You can access the recorded information whenever you find the time.

  • Instant Alerts:

TheWiSpy sends instant alerts on ongoing cell phone activities. Every time your target device receives a text message or gets a phone call, you will be notified. TheWiSpy also sends alerts on geo-location. You can also receive 24/7 alerts on-screen activities.

  • Data Security:

Business matters are delicate. TheWiSpy is a secure app that claims to provide high-end security to protect the recorded data from hackers and other online perpetrators. TWS does not save the recorded information on its server. If you discontinue using the TWS app, all your data will be removed from their end.

  • User-friendly Interface:

Unlike other monitoring apps that are difficult to use, TheWiSpy offers a user-friendly interface that anyone can operate efficiently. No matter if you have zero technical knowledge, you can still operate TWS app like a boss.

TheWiSpy Pricing & Compatibility:

In contrast to other employee monitoring software, TheWiSpy offers much affordable pricing. TWS has three pricing plans as Starter, Basic, and Premium subscription packages. You can buy the subscription for up to 6 months.

Here are the details of TWS packages:

Starter Plan:

  • 15-Days License: $9.99

Basic Plan:

  • 1-Month License $19.99
  • 3-Month License $49.99
  • 6-Month License $79.99

Premium Plan:

  • 1-Month License $29.99
  • 3-Month License $59.99
  • 6-Month License $89.99

Compatibility wise, TWS supports all the top-ranked Android devices. The target device must have at least 4 OS versions of Android. All the higher Android versions are supported by TWS app.

Currently, TheWiSpy offers a license subscription for only a single device. But, businesses can contact TWS customer support to get tailored pricing for corporate licenses. How cool is that?

TheWiSpy Work Phone Tracking Features:

Hereunder are some highly defined TWS features that will help you monitor everything happening on your employees’ devices.

Monitor Phone Screens:

TheWiSpy gives you the authority to monitor work phone screens during duty hours. You can even monitor social media, instant messengers, and other ongoing activities remotely.

Spy on Camera:

TWS lets you control the camera of your company-owned devices. Classy, isn’t it? Employers can activate the work phone camera and record videos or capture photos to know if the staff is still working or not.

Listen to Phone Calls:

Your employees can get phone calls from company rivals offering them a better job or an opportunity to deceive your business for the sake of some money. Companies must listen to all the phone calls dialed or received via work phones to avoid scams and frauds. You can record calls and view call history remotely.

Read Text Messages:

It is no harm in reading the text messages of your business-owned devices. In fact, companies should track their work phones’ text messages to ensure none of their employees is cheating or leaking corporate information. TheWiSpy app records every message sent or received and enables employers to monitor text chats in real-time.

Monitor Screen Time:

Work from home can make your staff lazy. They might use more of their cellular devices than focusing on work. No worries, as TWS app delivers comprehensive reporting on screen time usage. You can track the screen time and evaluate your employees’ work performance accordingly.

Track GPS Location:

TheWiSpy is the best employee monitoring app and a complete package that even lets employers track their staff members’ GPS location. Yes, we all are stuck at home. But some of your employees may make excuses for visiting a doctor or so. Well, you can actively track your employees’ location to find out where he/she is. TWS delivers complete location history details as well.

Get Keylogging Alerts:

Here is another elite feature for employee monitoring. If you doubt that your employees are in touch with the business rivals, it’s time to track their keystrokes. You can monitor searched queries, typed messages, and posted social media comments secretly.

Listen to Surrounding Sounds:

With the surround recording feature, employers can find out if their staff is actually working or partying in the house. Ambient listening lets you hear all the background noises, chit chats, and other sounds secretly. With the mic turned on, TWS records all the sounds surrounding the work phones.

Other Features:

TheWiSpy other features include; call logs monitoring, contacts monitoring, app tracking, etc. You can even track WiFi history and calendar dates using the best employee monitoring app – TheWISpy.

How to Get Started with TWS Employee Monitoring?

Is employee monitoring legal? Well, this question comes in every person’s brain who just discovered the functionality of employee monitoring tools.

Yes, employee monitoring is legal. But, as an employer, you must acknowledge your staff regarding the monitoring activities. If you spy on work phones without your employees’ consent, then it will be considered an illegal act that might cause objection in the court of law.

To get started with TWS app, here is what you must do;

  • Get TWS License
  • Install TWS app on all Work Devices (separate license for separate devices).
  • Monitor work phone via an online dashboard.

Trust me, having your staff monitored with the best employee monitoring software is the most considerable flex for your company.

Final Words:

We understand that juggling with remote work and house chores can be exhausting. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we all are struggling in between work and home life. Homeschooling, preparing meals, running a household, and working a 9-5 shift, our living routine is very much overwhelming. As an employer, you must keep a check on your workforce remotely. And the best way to do that is to start employee monitoring with the world’s leading staff surveillance app TheWiSpy.


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