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Three Things You Need to Start Doing Right Now for Your Local SEO Strategy

– 46% of all Google searches are seeking local information
– 29% of pages contain duplicate content
– 77% of online users habitually read blogs

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things you need to start doing for your local seo strategy

Listen up! If your business is up and running and you are ready to be seen by the wide world of the internet, you need to start finding effective methods to get your site up those Google rankings. New businesses don’t always have the resources to hire a local SEO services company, and that can feel like you’re already starting from behind. Still, there’s no need to be discouraged. Below you will find three of the most effective strategies to maximize SEO for your business.

Local SEO Overview

Before we dive in let’s explain what exactly is local SEO

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization,’ and it’s the process of improving a website’s search engine rankings and visibility through the use of several digital marketing strategies. Local SEO determines how well your business performs on the search engine rankings within your local community.

Why Does it Matter?

When you consider that 46% of all Google searches are seeking local information, it paints a clear picture of how important local SEO is for client-generation. If your potential costumers see you at the top of their Google search results, they are that much more likely to choose your business. With that in mind, here’s what you need to do to get that local SEO services company in tip-top shape:

   1. Generate Quality Content

Why is Content Important?

Content is any art, communication, or experiences directed towards an end-user audience. Content is what you create to keep your potential customer engaged. The more content you have, the more visible you become online.

Benefits of Content Creation

Not only does content give your costumers something to read and watch, but it also carries many benefits for your search engine rankings:

  • Authority : Being a thought leader in your particular field is crucial in creating an influential audience. By creating high-quality content that makes people flock to you for news and insights about your industry, you ensure a steady stream of traffic.
  • Keywords : Generating content provides the opportunity to use keywords that Google identifies as relevant. If you use specific industry-relevant keywords effectively, your website becomes more accessible and more comfortable to see for your users.
  • Maximize SEO : Creating consistent content over time will improve your SEO. Propagation is everything when it comes to online marketing, and the easier it is for people to stumble across your content, the more traffic you can generate into your website. This can be enhanced by cross-linking to internal services pages, blogs, and videos.

   2. Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

 What is Google My Business?

This is a free tool provided by Google to allow companies to manage their online presence across the engine, including Search and maps. Optimizing Google My Business can make it easier for customers to find you and, by extension, improve your local SEO services company.

How to Optimize Your Google My Business

There are a few necessary actions you can take to improve your business listing and make it easier to be found by your potential customers:

  1. Set it up: Make sure you fill out all relevant fields and that all your contact and address information is current and accurate.
  2. Choose an appropriate category: Appropriately categorizing your business will make it easier for Google to decide where to direct searches.
  3. Load images: High-resolution images make your business stand out when users glimpse at your business during their searches.
  4. Use a local number: If your business shows a local area-code, it signals to Google that you’re a local business and will help you appear in localized searches.
  5. Engage and encourage reviews: Google wants to provide the most useful information to users, and showing a high rating next to your business will make it easier to generate traffic from clientele.

   3. Eliminate Duplicate SEO

 What is Duplicate SEO, and How Does it Harm Your Business?

Duplicate SEO, simply put, is content that can be found in multiple locations across the web. This phenomenon is surprisingly common; in fact, 29% of all pages contain duplicate content.

Duplication can damage your overall local SEO services company strategy because:

  • It makes it difficult for search engines to decide which version of your content to show.
  • Search engines can’t determine what content to include in indices.
  • It makes it difficult to find where to direct link metrics, which makes it hard to strategize ways to increase site traffic.

What are the Causes of Duplication?

Most duplicate content is mostly unintentional, and many creators have no idea that there are multiple versions of their content littering the internet. Common causes for content duplication include:

  • URL Parameters : Slight changes in URL often cause the same page to appear in different locations. com/content and might seem very similar, but that small change causes it to look like duplicates.
  • WWW v. non-WWW pages : If you have a website that exists in variations of a URL with and without the ‘www’ prefix, then your content exists in both versions as well.
  • Copied and Scrapped Content : Although mostly unintentional, there are instances in which other sites might use part of all of your content. Most of the time, this happens with product information or if your website is the source of knowledge on a particular topic. This process is called scraping.

How to Fix Duplicate Content

 If you want your users to see the content you intend to, consider the following remedies:

  • Indicate your preferred URL to Google using canonicalization
  • User 301 Redirects to guide traffic from a duplicate content page to the site in which you want the traffic
  • Link to the same consistent URL and not variations
  • Minimize how much similar content you are generating by varying topics and eliminating boilerplate repetitions

Now that You Have the Tools Use Them!

You can be your own local SEO services company! Awareness is always the first step to addressing a problem or proactively finding solutions. Eliminating duplicate content, optimizing Google My Business, and generating quality content will put you well on the way to gaining an edge on your competition. Now that you know what to do start implementing!


Jean-Pierre is a polyglot communication specialist, freelance journalist, and writer for with over two decades of experience in media and public relations. He creates engaging content, manages communication campaigns, and attends conferences to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. He brings his wealth of experience and expertise to provide insightful analysis and engaging content for's audience.

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