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Tips on how to choose a corporate gift



corporate gift

Companies are interested in motivating their customers and staff because this improves revenue and performance since their all feel appreciated. This article will answer the following questions, namely; why should you offer corporate gifts? which gift should you choose? Is there a perfect time to give it away?

Why offer a corporate gift?

Generally giving someone a gift is an act of gratitude and appreciation. The gesture has several meanings such as you can give a gift for a birthday, a special event, sometimes as a souvenir. The same concept applies in the world of business.

Above all, a corporate gift is used to thank customers for their loyalty. Brands want to reward those who choose to stay. By giving them some goodies shows them that they are valuable to you. The same goes for your employees. Rewarding them with small gifts helps you to keep good relations and strengthen teamwork.

Giving a business gift is also a good way to attract prospects. it became very difficult to approach customers directly during this time of Covid-19. But giving them some goodies will increase your company’s visibility and reputation. However, there is a need to choose practical and useful objects that they can use in their everyday life which also helps them remember your brand.

Finally, don’t neglect your employees. Give them corporate gifts to thank them for the work they do. Happy employees who feel valued will perform their tasks more effectively. The question now is what gifts to give.

Cadeau d'entreprise

A branded bag can increase visibility

Use custom bags as a corporate gift to increase your reputation. Whether it is for shopping or for carrying your belongings, a bag will be of great use. However, you must choose good materials; for instance, most countries prohibit plastic bags and so you can opt for cotton material. Such a bag is commonly called a tote bag.

A tote bag is practical, economical and ecological and so your customers will be proud to use it on a daily basis. Make sure it has your company logo on it to increase publicity. Although you have a wide choice of materials and colors, ensure that the bag has your corporate colors. You can also use these branded bags to wrap other gifts. This type of corporate gift will help you create an impression, especially for those who focus on ecology. For instance, you can offer a tote bag when a customer makes a purchase so that they can carry their shopping with it. The gift will thus be more meaningful.

When to give a corporate gift?

Customers appreciate gifts that are given at a time when they need them. Usually, most companies prefer to give gifts during the holiday season; however, there is no specific time to surprise customers and employees. You can offer a gift during a birthday, during the release of a new product or after signing a contract.

To customers, these little tokens of appreciation mean a lot and will strengthen your business relationship. You can also give a gift to a customer simply to thank them for choosing your business over others. This will already earn their loyalty over your competitors. Also note that it is also possible to offer a customer gift in the case of special events such as a wedding, a birth or retirement. However, make sure that the gift remains strictly professional.

The choice of gifts

It’s never easy to give someone a gift, especially if you don’t know them personally. However, you can make some efforts and give your customers a gift that corresponds to their tastes and preferences. This rule especially applies to customers that you deal with regularly.

cadeaux d'entreprise

Opt for customizable gifts. Be sure to choose objects on which you can print your brand (your logo, your name or other details). Nowadays, it is possible to customize almost any object, from the smallest to the largest. The choice of gifts will also depend on the message you want to convey. . Also take into account the age and gender of your customers or employees. The idea is that the gift should be useful, but also beautiful.

Usually, corporate gifts revolve around promotional goodies, pens and mugs. The possibilities are endless with technology. You will be able to give a gift of an object useful in everyday life or at work. This can be a USB stick, pen, notebook or badge holder and with the Covid-19 pandemic, you can also customize masks and a bottle of sanitizer to give to customers.

Take time to choose if you have to give a personal gift. This could for example be a bottle of wine or champagne. If you cannot personally deliver the gift, it is still possible to send a representative or courier. In this case, don’t forget to send the business card that goes with it so that the customer can easily recognize the sender.

Create a budget

It should be remembered that corporate gifts are a real investment. They must be of high quality since they help promote your brand and remember quality comes at a price. Plan spending on these gifts at the start of each fiscal year to avoid being caught off guard. You can then adjust your budget accordingly. Contact business gift professionals to save money without compromising on quality. They will be able to guide you based on your choices and will offer you attractive prices. Also, plan for events such as Christmas and New Year. This will protect you from possible price increases or delayed deliveries.

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