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Top 12 Most Viewed Live Stream On Instagram

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Ever since its debut in 2016, Instagram Live has been a massive success that has contributed to the careers of numerous high-profile celebs and spread their message far and wide.

The importance of going live on Instagram can’t be downplayed and is constantly used by celebrities and industry professionals around the world to get maximum exposure! Instagram works heavily based on views – the more people view your content, the more reach it gets! If you’re interested in expanding your IG account buy Instagram views for your stream are one of the best ways to spend your money! Here is a list of people who have seen massive success on IG Live and how their Instagram careers are doing! It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a blog you’re hoping people read, video content for everyone, or even a furniture store in real life to show people, Instagram Live can help

Taylor Swift – 186m Followers

Taylor Alison Swift, a massively famous and successful American singer-songwriter, is known the world over for her brilliant songs that span genres and bring happiness to the world. Born in Pennsylvania, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee at 14 to get into the music business and began her career doing country. Nowadays, she’s one of the most successful pop artists of all time! Her presence on Instagram is massive and her live streams always bring thousands of people.

National Geographic – 192m Followers

The famous magazine turned internet sensation, National Geographic delights and informs people on a regular basis. Formed in 1888 as a scholarly journal, the magazine has since seen many revolutions and changes to bring it to where it is today – something of an internet sensation! Using the visual storytelling power of Instagram, NatGeo has been able to create expansive visual content about the natural world, both in stories and in live broadcasts.

Kendall Jenner – 200m Followers

Very recently using her platform to promote an important message over Instagram Live, Kendall Jenner has truly won fame and fortune through her social media presence. Daughter of Caitlyn Jenner, she rose to prominence on the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” and to this day boasts tremendous wealth and influence. She was recently named the world’s highest paid model by Forbes and often walks the New York, Parisian, and Milan walkways.

Kim Kardashian West – 264m Followers

Known for a variety of reasons – a celebrity of many talents – Kim Kardashian is a socialite, model, media personality, and businesswoman who has taken the world by storm in the past two decades. Her online presence is tremendous with 264 million followers and her reach on Instagram is almost peerless. Heavily leveraging all aspects of IG to expand her brand is one of the key ways she has such a huge profile and her live streams often span countries!

Selena Gomez – 274m Followers

Beginning her acting career on children’s TV, Selena Gomez has turned into a global sensation with a huge online presence. Her Instagram account is incredibly popular and has lead her to share her brand with millions of people worldwide. The singer has numerous hit songs and a long list of albums – even a fragrance line, a handbag line, and more! All of these aspects of her brand are fully utilized on her IG account in order to effectively maximize her reach. Recently, she hosted a live chat with fans and saw massive success doing so, showing just how important it can be to fully lean into live streaming on Instagram!

Ariana Grande – 277m Followers

Born in June, 1993, this young starlet has seen success like few have before in history! Acting in a variety of things from movies to musicals and also putting out albums constantly, Ariana is a celebrity of massive power and influence! Attesting to this, her Instagram account is one of the highest on the site, boasting an incredible 277 million followers who she gives daily content updates to. Because of this, you can most certainly go anywhere in the world and be assured that anyone you meet will know who she is!

Cristiano Ronaldo – 367m Followers

One of the greatest soccer players of all time and one of the largest Instagram presences on the site, Cristiano is a football powerhouse whose name will go down in sports history! Hailing from Portugal and born in 1985, this young athlete currently plays for Manchester United and consistently performs at an absolute elite level. His Instagram is critical to his fame and with 367 million followers, it’s easy to see the reach he can exert! He presents much content to the Instagram community with his live streams, often giving Manchester United (and other accounts!) a taste of his tremendous reach!

Biggest Live streams on Instagram

While not as influential as the other names on this list with higher follower counts, the following three Instagram accounts hold tremendous interest as well! These three people have broken the record for live viewers during a live show, and all three are tremendously successful in their own right. With the ability to get hundreds of thousands of people watching you at the same time, their influence is unmatched!

Tory Lanez – 11m Followers

Canadian Rapper Tory Lanez has had numerous singles and albums peak on the charts, but the success of his Instagram account is a hallmark unto itself! Deciding to do a “Quarantine Radio Show,” featuring artists like Young Thug, Chris Brown, and Justin Bieber, the stream happened March 2020 and shot up to a total of 300,000 viewers! At the time, this was the largest live stream on the platform!

Tekashi 69 – 22.4m Followers

With an absolutely massive 2 million viewers during a live stream after leaving prison, Tekashi 69 – someone who is no stranger to controversy – had one of the most successful live streams of all time. Bragging about jewellery, complaining about people saying that he’s a snitch whose career is over, and generally talking about his gang activity, the live stream caught the curiosity of millions and will go down in history as one of the biggest live streams ever.

Acun Ilicali – 13.3m Followers

Somewhat of an unknown on this hemisphere, Acun Ilicali now holds the record for the most viewed show on Instagram Live with an absolutely astounding 3 million viewers! A Turkish TV star and producer, he is absolutely huge over there and owns two entire TV channels. The show in question – Survivor 2020 – was a reality show quite like our version of Survivor. When the show went live on Instagram to announce the combination of the two camps involved in the game, the stream smashed the record!

Instagram Views Can Make or Break Your Account!

That’s why it’s tremendously important to consider all avenues of success! By looking at the data and deciding to invest into your Instagram account, you will be rewarded with greater reach, more traffic, and more sales for your brand. Instagram Live is a core component of this, and with added views, more people will be able to experience your content. All that matters is how you leverage it to your advantage! To achieve faster growth you may look for a potential Instagram growth service.


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