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Enlightening Story of Vikramsinh Parmar, Founder of LawTally, in Making Justice Reachable to All

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Vikramsinh Parmar LawTaly

First of all, how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times? 

Vikramsinh Parmar: We are all fine, all thanks to the almighty. Though this year did bring a lot of struggle in terms of keeping businesses alive, we are more focused on staying prepared for what lies beneath us. Reminding everyone from our family about the social responsibilities, including everyone contributing to run our business together, we have been able to leave behind the unknown that existed a few months back. Now, at least we have a plan to fight back. 

So, yes, we are doing good. And, hope that everything gets back to normal soon.

Tell us about you, your career, how you founded LawTally

Vikramsinh Parmar: Maybe you won’t find my career very impressive if you are looking for companies with big names as my past experience. But I do consider that my career choice has been the turning point of my life. Like others, I wasn’t ready to join a company and work my shifts to put butter on my bread. For some, this would instead have been an easy choice. However, for me, it was a lot difficult.

I always wanted to become an entrepreneur, and taking a route that goes through wearing an MNC’s tag seemed too long for me. Hence, I decided to work as a freelancer, making myself available for challenges and exposures that aren’t experienced when working for a designated role. And, it did pay me well.

After working for just a few years, I was able to explore many facets of business and the practical challenges we all face. Thankfully, I saved enough funds for my business and finally started LawTally. And, I do wish my company to become successful. I aim to recruit over 100 employees and create new job opportunities and help the world bit by bit.

How does LawTally innovate? 

Vikramsinh Parmar: LawTally believes in equal right to seek justice for all. And while working for the same goal, we aim to touch the lives of those in need for the right guidance. The good still prevails, and all we need is the right direction to be able to reach out to the right solution. By enabling a highly user-friendly platform to connect experienced lawyers and legal advisors with millions of people in need of legal help, we innovated a new system that is unbiased and open for all who cannot find answers for their problems.

Our company verifies each detail of the registered lawyers and aims at eliminating any possible frauds that are happening behind the pretence of legal help. Visitors can talk to the registered lawyers and can ask for guiding them through their legal issues. 

Looking at the other side of the story, we also help lawyers to find clients. As we all know, many genuine lawyers find it difficult to get their first big break. We transform that struggle into a hassle-free experience by offering lawyers a platform where clients themselves approach for assistance. 

Overall, LawTally’s innovation isn’t limited to matching lawyers with those seeking legal guidance. However, to promote the right platform where justice isn’t limited to a few selected people, but to all. 

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how are you coping?

Vikramsinh Parmar: Trust me, it wasn’t easy at first. Working in an office with all the help around, things were completely different. Never had the chance to go from ‘office culture’ to ‘online culture’ after establishing LawTally. However, my experience as a freelancer did pay back in this time of the pandemic. Working from home was never new to me, but was for many of my employees. Hence, we created schedules and online training sessions for those unable to handle work from home. Balancing home and work together has its own challenges, but I have realized with time that opportunities are hidden at every corner. I always try to look further and find what can be transformed even through the worst of the scenarios. 

Hence, when COVID 19 got us stuck, I was all up for turning the challenge into a new opportunity for us and others too. We kept working from home and, with 100 percent uptime, did scale up our productivity manifold. In the pandemic, when companies aren’t able to keep their employees onboard, we created new job requirements. 

The best part is that our platform provided people a way to connect with lawyers for legal help without needing to visit their offices with an assurance of paying the verified account. We had to progress. We won’t consider ourselves heroes, but we did our part and are happy to help whatever number of individuals we could during this pandemic. 

Did you have to make difficult choices, and what are the lessons learned?

Vikramsinh Parmar: There is no way a business can progress without taking risks. We also made decisions that put us through some rough patches. And, we are proud to come out stronger. At the beginning itself, when we were releasing LawTally, we decided to start big. We stretched our goals to fit many smaller and bigger modules right from the start. 

It was risky as we planned every part of the project focusing on the bigger picture and never settled with less. From an outstanding solution to a great backup team, we set everything up with the highest expenses we can. And, we knew that we needed to stay strong during hiccups.

Only we had just started to earn returns, COVID 19 put the entire team into fear of losing what we had built so far. However, on the contrary, we planned and ensured to keep working our best. And we made unimaginable profits this year so far as well. 

Through our experience, we learned to never give up on dreams and working harder, no matter what, to achieve what we wish to. Isn’t that the basic lesson we must all follow? We had the chance to experience it in real and for good.

How do you deal with stress and anxiety? How do you project yourself and LawTally in the future?

Vikramsinh Parmar: To beat my stress and anxiety, I focus on what I can uncover further. I never leave sight of my goals. With that in mind, I ensure to keep trying unless I have found a solution to what’s keeping me away from achieving my aims. 

I revisit the plans, seek suggestions from every team member, discuss solutions, and do what seems to be the most apt solution of all, regardless of how difficult it is. 

In the future, I wish to become even more vigilant to the needs of the world for creating better and progressive solutions, considering the latest technologies for the best results. Creating sustainable solutions would not only help the creators but the world as a whole. And we plan to do the same, with every step we take forward. 

We have also planned a few more projects in the future and would soon hire more staff to realize more dreams together.

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game?

Vikramsinh Parmar: I feel the online directory isn’t a new concept. If you consider our platform one of those websites, you can find a lot of competition out there. But we aren’t just a platform with a database of a few verified lawyers. We are more than just a directory. We make ourselves different by approaching to the practical needs of the world and creating a solution that listens and acts to the defined requirements.

Instead of charging lawyers right away, we provide the first consultation free. So, we are about building a relationship and trust and profiting everyone who becomes a part of our family. Also, LawTally is a route for creating funds for bigger solutions to come in the future. It is a medium to bring people closer to the help they need. We are more of a digital partner welcoming every lawyer who thinks of changing the world by being available to its needs.

So, we definitely do not have head on the competition so far. We work on ethics that define our culture at the office. And those ethics lead us to a world where empathy comes before everything else. Understanding that every lawyer must get what he or she pays for, our service is very reliable. LawTally, instead of asking for unreasonable charges, focuses on understanding the budget and needs of every lawyer who wishes to register with us. This is to ensure that those connecting with our platform get the best from their spending.

I am proud of my team, who has understood the company’s values and brings those into action for the great outputs we have realized so far. 

Focusing on the same values, we will define our future endeavors. Without missing out on the unbiased and hassle-free solutions, we would definitely make our own league.

Your final thoughts

Vikramsinh Parmar: After researching thoroughly, we have realized that the need for prompt legal assistance from the best-qualified lawyers is a must to make a huge difference. Instead of wasting money on unnecessary suggestions and ending up with fraudulent legal companies, our platform guides visitors to choose from the list of verified lawyers with an appropriate degree. 

In this digital era, when solutions are becoming accessible more than ever, LawTally seeks to make the ‘right to justice’ reachable.

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