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Voucher Net Limited came as a result of a need to create value in the retailing of mobile phone top-up by making retailers have an efficient way of carrying out those Transactions while providing them an accounting tool. The retailing of recharge cards in Nigeria was also fraught with cases of theft and insecurity so my co-founder thought he had a solution to it as an IT expert and I had the business skills and a bit of disposable income to make the idea work and take it to the market.

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Your products and services 

Our product is an affordable POS solution that enables SMEs to sell phone airtime, collect cash for bill payments, money transfer, insurance, and other digital products in a secure and efficient manner, at the same time automate their retail process and Inventory management.

This will enable these SMEs earn from a new revenue stream while performing their normal business.

We have also made it even more easy for someone to become a retailer by deploying a Mobile app called MOBitooT which is available on google Playstore for free. The app basically transforms your mobile phone to a retailing device, which is paired via Bluetooth to a portable handheld thermal printer for printing e-pins and receipts.

Your success factors 

Homegrown technology, scalable, robust design, committed and passionate co-founders, complementing skill sets, vast market, stable margins, locked in partnership with all mobile network operators, committed employees, solution is welcome in the niche we operate, growth is steady and continuous. Our business approach is also acknowledged as the future of the business by the Mobile Network Operators in Nigeria. So we are already future proof.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

We ride on a very strong customer service culture. This is one of the greatest missing links in African business. We want to show customers that they can get and do deserve better treatment and attention to their concerns. We also are nimble therefore very adaptive using technology as a means to resolving issues while relying also on minimal human intervention to our processes. We think automotive processes always.

Your business model 

we make money from discounts on the face value of our products as discounted by the mobile network operators and commissions on transactions on every product sold by our growing retailers and direct to consumer products.

A few words about your competitors

our competitors are too big with huge overheads. We actually can make them more efficient with our distributors portal aimed at digitizing our competitors but, they are refusing to adopt so, we know that soon enough, they either adopt, adapt or die. Simply because we are already miles ahead of them in terms of technology and innovation and they simply are too big to be as profitable or too large to be as versatile and agile.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Wulliam

    30/04/2018 at 09:45

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