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“Vulture Academy” offers training to would-be small business owners to minimize failure




I have been an entrepreneur for more than 40 years. In 2002 I wrote a book tiled ‘Soaring Above vultures – How to survive as a small business‘. The book sold out immediately and I left it alone until 2016.  So many laws had come into effect that were troublesome for small businesses, I rewrote the book with a partner who was a specialists in business laws. We have published (Soaring II)the book privately and the first print run sold out to one customer – a college. The challenge they and many other educational institutions face is two-fold :

1 The graduates cannot find employment.

2. The first year drop-out rate puts many under-educated students on the street and unemployable.

I have restarted the Vulture Academy – The non-academic academy that offers real-life training in business skills for entrepreneurs. In this training venture we offer face-to-face training modules (23 in all) presented by entrepreneurs and specialists in their fields of business. We aim to offer 5 days courses in which students will be taken from the very first steps in starting a small business, through the minefields of day-to-day business challenges, to expansion, merges, take-overs, and franchising.

Each student will be given a copy of ‘Soaring Above Vultures II’ and a note book pre-loaded with examples of business plans cash-flows, etc, and advertising ideas and other needed material.

Since 1976, I have provided interventions for improving English skills in speaking, reading, and writing and adult numeracy.

 I am still in business 40 years later!

 We have a long and successful track record, especially in helping struggling students. 

 We supply our programs in just about every possible way – directly, through agents and distributors, and online. 

 Our main competitors in English Skills are far too expensive and too US-oriented. We have yet to lose to such a company.



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