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WaraCake : Nigeria’s largest online cake store



Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came : 

Olatunde Ayilara is the founder of WaraCake. He came up with the idea while in university. WaraCake is an off-shoot of a campus-based business which focused on manufacturing & delivering cakes to students during valentine. After piloting the idea in the Univeristy, we launched it commercially in Lagos Nigeria late 2014 and we have been bootstrapping since then. We had some investor’s interest several times but we are yet to hit the big break, so we are focused on selling and selling at the moment.

 Your products and services :

WaraCake retails cakes and other gift items like flowers, chocolate on the website. Aside retail, it also offers delivery services for these products in Nigerian cities including Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

 Your success factors

Wide market home and abroad, celebration items are always demanded regardless of economic situation.

 Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

We are a market-place so we have better competitive prices.

 Your business model

We make money via adding margin on prices. We also make money via sales of tickets to our cake fairs.

Website :

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1 Comment

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DSAbooks Planet: an online store that distributes books and digital materials of Nigerian authors



My name is Chioma Nwigwe, I am an ex-banker turned entrepreneur. I have over 9 years experience in Banking and decided to resign in 2016 to discover myself and pursue my passion. The idea came in 2016 after I read a book titled money won’t make you rich by Sunday Adelaja. I had gotten involved in a business investment that sunk my savings three years earlier ( 2013), all efforts to recover the funds proved abortive. We had gone as far as registering the case with EFCC yet there was no sign that the fund was going to be recovered.  I was in a serious problem because not only did I lose my funds in that investment, I also lost other people’s funds that I was managing. I decided to search for answers to prevent this problem from re-occurring in my life. I went in search of knowledge and self-education as I decided to take responsibility for my problem instead of blaming the next person.

After reading that book, I realized that I was to blame as it was my ignorance of the laws of money that got me into the problem. I decided to share that knowledge so others can benefit from the information that I found, that was how DSAbooks Planet was born.

DSAbooks Planet is an e-commerce online store that publishes and distributes mostly Sunday Adelaja books. The reason we decided to concentrate on his books is because he is Nigerian and has written over 300 books in Russia and translated over 150 to English. He has written books to address almost all problems common to man and has answered questions around marriage and relationship issues, self-education, problems, parenting, pastoring, serving God, leadership, Nigeria, death, etc. Not only did he write books, he has over 5000 messages on youtube addressing some of these questions. We have listened to him, our lives have been impacted and we believe that his content can deliver African continent from the third world position to the first world. 

Our success factors, in the past 3 years, we have been to coordinate the sale of over 50,000 of his books within Nigeria and Africa, and the demand for his materials have continued to increase.

We use the model of distributors to push these books and materials and we are happy to welcome more distributors on board especially in Nigeria/ Africa.

Our website address is

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Winelivery from Italy : the home delivery service of wine and other alcoholic beverages




Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came

Francesco Magro – Founder & CEO 

After his degrees at Università Bocconi, Mannheim Business School and University of Milan, he developed his early professional career in BTO S.p.a., starting as Innovation Consultant and then founding the internal startup Btech (that was brought to break-even in less than 12 months), was assigned in 2015 to the role of Head of Consulting and Information System. Before to close his experience in BTO S.p.a. was promoted to Group COO. 

From 2016 is working full time as CEO of Winelivery but also he collaborate with Starboost Srl as Senior Advisor. 

Before the degree he already had two experience as founder (TWH Events and

Andrea Antinori – Founder & Communication Manager

After her first degree in Physiotherapy and the collaboration with the University of Pavia, she went through another academic path achieving a Master in Luxury Goods Management. With an international background and an eclectic profile she is able to fluently speak four languages. 

She is Winelivery’s Communication Manager & Press Office  since the foundation enforced by her analytical approach and attention to a continuous self education.

She is recognised by the market as a SEO & SEM Expert and being invited as speaker in many events on this topic.

Giovanni Roberto – CFO & Deputy CEO

Graduated in Marketing Management from Bocconi University and with a Master of Science in Strategic Management from the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM),he began his professional career at BTO S.p.a., first contributing to the European development of the company as “Head of International Development”, and then, from January 2017, to be appointed Managing Director. After taking part in the foundation of Winelivery in 2016, he returned to the company in November 2018 with the role of CFO and Deputy CEO.

The idea of Winelivery came in the early 2015 when, during a dinner at one of the founder’s place,  we run out of alcohol. So we thought it could be great if it was possible to order some via app… but at that time no one delivered alcohol in less than 2 days! 2015 saw in Italy the growth of all the main delivery services, especially the ones dedicated to the “last mile” food delivery, but no one was focusing on beverage. On the other hand in the US there were already 4 companie entirely dedicated to alcohol delivery, all of them making great incomes. What else we should have done other than being the first ones to start an alcohol delivery company in Italy?

Link to online video

Your products and services 

Winelivery offers on one hand a last mile delivery service focused on wine & beverage: each bottle is delivered in less than 30 minutes and at the right consumption temperature. Through the app and the website it’s also possible to pre order any product and send gifts with a nice package and a handwritten card.

On the other hand the platform is used as privileged marketing channel, a media through which Brands and Producers can communicate and distribute their products. Winelivery’s offering is multi-level, according to the client’s needs the marketing team develops campaigns exploiting both it’s social network and it’s platforms to convey any kind of communications.

Your success factors 

Winelivery is innovating the communication and beverage distribution model, becoming the unique interlocutor able to connect producers and Brands with consumers, strengthening the relation and limiting inefficiencies, as those of the traditional value chain.

In a sector now characterized by a multitude of actors, Winelivery is positioned as a platform, for producers and Brands, capable both of enhancing products with an excellent service to private consumers, and of creating and managing marketing campaigns to stimulate brand awareness or launch new products.

Technological and service excellence is accompanied by a widespread distribution throughout the territory, focusing primarily on last mile delivery, but also on new concepts that can be adapted to cities with lower population density.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Uniqueness of the channel – through it’s platforms the company is able to create a deep bond between producer and consumer, transmitting to users not only the product but also its history and culture.

Product positioning – Winelivery is a premium service, not competing with other players on the price. This allows to help brands creating a relatively high positioning of their products during the launch phase.

Proprietary and profiled user base – Wineliverys user base is deeply profiled and constantly growing. The average user is high-spending and is sensitive to the communication of the manufacturing companies.

Your business model

Winelivery has a dual business model:

on one hand it is a “Retailer”: in fact, it sells with direct margins on the purchase price agreed with the suppliers, who place the goods in consignment stock in Winelivery’s warehouses. The reference market is mainly B2C. Furthermore, the same assets are used to serve the Ho.Re.Ca market with last-minute supplies and for corporate gifting services. The operating model envisages both the way in which operations are entirely insourced or by outsourcing the operational and delivery part.

On the other hand Winelivery is also a “Media”: it positions itself as an online shop window with a proprietary client base and, thanks to those assets, is than able to sell marketing and communication services to producers & Brands.

The opportunity to rapidly scale up both sides of the platform it’s really appealing: the greater the geographical spread is, together with the widespread dissemination of retail services, the greater will be the appeal of Media services for producers and Brands.

A few words about your competitors

Winelivery can boast of not having direct competitors. There are few comparables such as Food delivery services and Wine E-commerce. The first category offers a fast delivery but low focus on the product, the second, while offering a wide selection of bottles, has a longer delivery time (2 days commonly).

Your website & App



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ACHRY : an e-commerce platform that provides space for shops to present their products online



It all started with a problem and a question, why do I have to either go out in the heat or rain, sit in traffic or stand in line to check out my favorite shops and look for a certain product, or go through endless lists of products that I mostly ignore the origin of in online shops? Why can’t there be a mixture of the two? So I thought of creating a platform (website/app) that gathers all shops in all cities and gives them a space to showcase their products.

Our service is rather simple, to our users, it will be the place where they can search for any product or discount by checking out shops in their area or other cities, or follow their favourite and get notified everytime they add something new. As for our customers (Business owners), we give them the opportunity to have a space where they can exhibit their products or services with their own name and their OWN PRICES. Thus reaching more people.

Our success factors are very high simply because our service is highly needed. We all know that online shopping is taking over, people are opting for the easier way, and that’s hurting the business owner who invested from their hard earned money. With a platform like ACHRY, we give them the opportunity to join the online competition, by having their own showcase online, amongst other similar businesses in their area or category.

We are different because unlike all online shops and e-commerce out there, we don’t sell any product per se. Instead, we’ll have all shops in all cities listed through over 25 categories and have them sell their own. We put the shop’s name’s first and ours stays behind, they are required to put the same prices on their products as they do in their real shops. They don’t have to worry about shipping, they just update their page as easily as if they were updating their Facebook or Instagram.

Because our App and website will be free for our users, our customers will be the shops that will choose to appear in our platform and have a space. They’ll have to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions. The prices will be very low because we’d rather have a large number of customers paying us little money each, than a little number of customers paying us a lot, that and the more shops we have the more users we get which results in even more shops. And also 4 types of advertising available in our platform for the long term.

Our competitors are e-commerce platforms and online shops like Amazon, Alibaba and Jumia in Africa. They are BIG companies and rather scary to go up against. However, we believe that our platform is different enough, and needed enough to have a spot among them.


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