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Will Buying Facebook Likes Kill Your Business? Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Do It

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Growing a significant following on Facebook takes time and commitment. You can easily be frustrated as you strive to grow your audience without realizing desirable progress. The temptation to quickly grow the audience by buying Facebook likes could take over at such a point. If you are considering buying the likes just for numbers, without expecting any business value from the page, it is not the worst idea.

However, as you strive to grow your business, buying Facebook likes a bad idea, and it could sink your endeavor. Here is a quick look at why you shouldn’t buy Facebook likes for your business page.

Low engagement

Low engagement translates to low EdgeRank. EdgeRank is Facebook’s algorithm that determines which posts go into certain groups’ News Feeds. Facebook users often search for the best sites to buy Facebook likes. As you strive to grow an audience, it is hard enough to place such feeds to your audience, and with the bought likes, it gets twice as challenging. Those bought likes won’t react to your content, and the low engagement translates to a drop in the EdgeRank. This means that your post will be seen by lesser people, including your real followers who could view the feeds leading to productive engagements. Such contribution can adversely affect your Facebook page, and in the long-run, dig deeper into your pockets as you consider other ways to reverse the situation.


Damaged credibility

By buying Facebook likes, you are showing your real followers that you aren’t that committed to your business. You could learn more about it at It says that you aren’t willing to put in the necessary work to foster healthy and productive engagements, hence the shortcut. This damages your trust level, a significant issue that can dent your business credibility. As credibility is affected, engagement also takes a hit, skewing your advertisement results. It also makes it harder to understand your followers, a significant hiccup that could derail your pursuits to personalize your ads. Repairing credibility takes longer than winning it. By buying Facebook likes, you expose your business to a greater risk that could kill your marketing endeavors on one of the largest social media platforms.

Cost with no revenue

Your primary focus is to generate more sales from Facebook’s over 2 billion monthly active users. However, buying likes beats that logic, as they aren’t real accounts. Such users will never engage your business, leave alone become real customers. Even on the occasion that they are real users, they aren’t remotely interested in your business. This means that they’ll only engage with posts that drive little to no productive results, and at its worst, it could alienate your real followers. This makes it harder to facilitate healthier engagements, as the real followers will gradually lose interest in your business, and in the wrong run, spend more time and money chasing the wrong target audience.

A massive Facebook following sends the right signals that you are a credible business. However, if that followers’ base isn’t real, you’ll considerably hurt your Facebook page’s performance. Apart from driving down your content’s popularity, you’ll also be incurring ad spend without generating leads with a possibility of conversion. Don’t fall for the temptation of a quick fix; it will hurt your business a lot more than it will help.


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