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Why online food ordering system is imperative for restaurants?

kokou adzo



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We all familiar with online food ordering applications. If you’re not, then you are definitely not in the present world and need to wake up!

The food delivery market is now changing the game with its tremendous growth. As a restauranteur, being online is the best way to enlarge your current customer base & boosting your flow of revenue.

But how it became so relevant? Because the needs for our customers are more, they are expecting more from us. They want each and everything in the most convenient and quicker way. Again it’s pointed out one basic question, How do you stay one step ahead of the rest of your competitors?

The answer is really simple-online food ordering system!

With the involvement of technology, online delivering systems are gaining more popularity globally. It became the lifeline for every restaurant. However, making an online presence is just like tapping your customers on the shoulder and telling the story and good facts about your great restaurant.

Even before the COVID-19 situation, people were already accepted and applauded by the concept of online delivery services because of the plenty of prerequisites it offers.

Why is online food ordering system important?

According to the survey by the National Restaurant Association, three in five people in the UK use online food delivery at least twice a week. These metrics really demonstrate the growing needs of customers and the need for an advanced, fully-fledged delivery app. On the other hand for restaurants, it provides a flawless service by streamlining order management workflow and helps to reduce miscommunication and waiting time while taking orders.

How online food ordering system helps restaurants?

Good food wins people’s hearts for sure, but you are not just selling the food it’s more about the overall experience. To make the goodness in your food reach a million customers you need to adopt a good branding strategy that can help you in the long run. The new strategy starts with online food ordering system. It consists of two parts:

•   Restaurant website
•   Restaurant food ordering app

When you start a restaurant, branding, and promotions are extremely significant to communicate with your customers. This can be easily accomplished with the help of a dedicated website. With a website you can showcase a limitless amount of print information at a fraction of the cost and that information will be available 24/7 and you can also update the information anytime you want to.

Online food ordering apps play a significant role in enriching brand awareness for your restaurant and boosting customer satisfaction. With the help of real-time location intelligence, incorporated in food delivery apps provides buyers to find out more relevant search results within a click and provides chances for quick food delivery. This is directly connected with customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Studies show that restaurants that don’t have websites or apps for online food delivery are losing business. Surely you don’t want to be on this list. Right?

Why should you let your business slip through your fingers?

So equip your business with the latest and advanced technologies.

What are the best practices to improve the delivery experience of your online delivery platform a best-in-class one?

1. Schedule a customer-centric menu and delivery

The needs and prerequisites of customers are still growing. They started expecting more from us. They are looking for more options, more convenient methods, free delivery options, Special discounts, minimal time delivery, and the list is ceaseless. Of course, we can’t provide all of it but still can provide some of it for sure. With the help of the customer database schedule the menu on the basis of top-selling items, most positive reviewed items, and so on.

2. Redesign the exterior and interior to make the delivery seamless

One of the major problems in delivering system is the difficulty in operating between the kitchen, management, and the delivery team. Prevailing solutions are unequipped to control the blockage added from drivers entering and picking up orders. So it is necessary to install a driver-only entry and exit to reduce the blockage. Delivery shelves and automated processes are some better methods to avoid any wait time for drivers. Also, an integrated omnichannel food ordering approach will help you to streamline different channels, third-party delivery, your own app and hence provide more efficient service. The merging technique allows the kitchen to accommodate more order volume.

3. Include the traditional methods also

Remember one thing that not all customers are used to technology. Hence you can’t just focus on particular customers if you want to uplift your margin of profits. Accommodating more and more marketing strategies is the only solution to deal with this scenario, which including the traditional ways of taking orders through phones is still considered as an effective method. Consider using cloud-based phone dispatching tools to ensure each call is answered and addressed.

4. Food safety is mandatory

Maintaining the temperature of food and increasing food safety is the best way to reduce foodborne diseases. Consumers have a high expectation and have the right to get high quality and safe food.
Safety, nutrition, value, and quality should be maintained while delivering food to your customers. Setting standards for toxicological and microbiological hazards is the best way to ensure safety.
Providing sensory features like taste, aroma, palatability, and appearance boost the quality of the food. Check the nutrition level of every food ingredient while purchasing and serving the food. It is also important to provide good values like convenience, packaging, and shelf-life to improve the whole dining and delivery experience.

5. Delivery person and delivery time

It is important to track the feedback about the delivery person and whether he/she is meeting the promised delivery time. This level of responsibility is also important to consumers that come to look forward to a delivery from their favourite services within sensible timeframes.

What are the benefits offered by an online food delivery system?

Nowadays, online ordering became the lifeline for all restaurants, and it’s hard to disprove the advantages of using an in-house online ordering system.

So let’s accentuates some benefits of food delivery systems:

1. Meet customers’ needs

Convenience and doorstep delivery of food delivery apps make your brand more likeable by the customers. By providing a customised menu it helps in achieving s hassle-free ordering process for customers within a click. The innovative technology incorporated in these apps helps customers to place their order, send it directly to the kitchen, make payments, and collect the food from the counter when it’s prepared, all in just a few taps. With a mobile app or website, you can easily meet your customer’s demands and serve them better.

2. Visually appealing and stimulate customers to buy more food

Want to sell more food items to hungry customers online? Use the advantage of the menu psychology.
You all are familiar with the popular meme ”I saw the cake, cake saw me and then the cake disappear”
Sounds funny, Right! Yet it is true.

People are stimulated to take action when they saw delicious and tempting food.

The best way to stimulate such actions is by implementing an online food delivery app with appealing and tempting food images.

For instance, if an image of one of your top-selling Pizza is the first thing that hungry customers see, their visual palate will be enhanced.

Since it is more appealing and easy to use it tempts customers to buy more food. It displays images of the different food items that make the dish look more tempting and captivating and people are more likely to buy it. Restaurant online ordering systems have no area restrictions and have more room to tempt buyers into ordering more profitable items through imagery and enthralling food descriptions.

3. Order accuracy

One thing most customers hate is delivering wrong orders or different food items. It usually happens because of miscommunication or poor listening while taking orders. Here you lost one customer for sure! With a restaurant online ordering system, you can easily organise your online orders because here the customer is providing specific details about the dish directly to the kitchen and it will displays accurately on the kitchen printer. You can persuasively narrow down the process of taking orders over phones and avoid miscommunication. Customers can take their time and place orders more precisely.

4. Track real-time insights

The real-time insights in food delivery systems succour in analysing and perfectly keeping a path of inventory and growth. With this, you can keep and track data on transactions, delivery status, the customer feedback from anywhere, even when you are offline. By this, you can reach a plethora of customers at a time and cater to their food demands with more convenience.

5. 24/7 online food ordering

By using a restaurant online food ordering system, you will more flexible to provide service to your clients whenever it’s most convenient for them. Even if that happens outside your business hours. This in turn helps to expand the order size considerably. Because you can easily deliver the order within your working time or as per your customers’ preference.

6. You can collect important customer data

Knowing your customer is the most competitive edge in the food industry. An online food ordering system is a great way to get that insight. It helps to record customer information and order patterns for every transaction which in turn boosts repetitive sales. With this crucial data, you can track your regular customers and give alerts about special discount offers and loyalty programs.

7. Enhance online visibility

Online delivering platforms are one of the best ways to interact with your customers. Publishing your wide menu to such platforms helps people to directly buy your food even without stepping out of their home and hence it is more favourable to reach your service to a large number of people. It is the best way to create a strong bond with your customers and build loyalty. You can tremendously increase your brand visibility by taking advantage of the huge reach. The studies show that 93% of the online food ordering platforms are launched because of new customers. These new customers can discover your brand, order food directly from the platform, even recommend the app to their close ones and enhance your brand visibility.

8. Affordability

Of course, money matters!

Minimising the expenses and generate positive cash flow is one of the main statics of every business. By implementing affordable tools and generate income even without any extra cost can be possible with online delivery apps. There are a plethora of food delivery app benefits when it comes to startup costs. When you partner with a trustworthy third-party delivery platform vendor then the worry for logistics is solved forever. For instance, most of the third-party online delivery vendors provide insulated hot bags or delivery vehicles. With the experienced delivery errands, you don’t need to worry about losing time on training but only need to focus on a number of increased food sales along with the minimal amount of effort. Beyond the kitchen, the food delivery app will manage all of the ordering and delivering processes so that you can continue doing the best by making quality and delicious food that people will continue to order again and again.

The rapid advancement in technology and lifestyle has not only enlarged our perception to do different things quickly and effortlessly but has defined the future.

Think about it! With the constant hike in the price for fuel and raw material, restauranteur must adopt new methods of marketing for enhancing the little margins of profit. Online ordering can be the best option for restaurants to get more profit even without any additional costs. Even the buyers find it very convenient and exciting to order food from a wide array of options and also minimal time delivering policy. It’s a win-win game. The solution is to be industrious with your tools of online ordering.

There is no objection that online orders are swapping the way how people used to eat food. If you can keep up with this advanced technology you will definitely outrace your competition.


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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1 Comment

  1. Josh Green

    04/13/2021 at 9:13 AM

    Good read, thank you for this. Indeed, online food ordering system of restaurants is very helpful and beneficial. That’s why, if this area is well managed, it can give more sales for the restaurant.

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