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There is no Such Thing as, “Going Viral.” Why?

This might sound strange, but the truth is that nothing actually, “Goes Viral.”



This is according to Derek Thompson, an Atlantic journalist and author of the book, “Hit Makers: How to Succeed in an Age of Distraction.”

One of the central themes of this book is that things go viral for an entirely different reason than people think they do. Most people think that content goes viral simply because it was shared or watched millions of times.

But according to Derek this isn’t true.

In his book he mentions that in 2012 researchers from Yahoo studied how messages spread on Twitter. What they found is that 90% of messages don’t spread at all. The overwhelming majority of things that people see on Twitter come directly from their original source.

This means that the idea of people sharing things isn’t true. Most content doesn’t spread very far beyond where it was first posted. Instead, the reason why some things go viral is down to what he calls, “Broadcasting.”

By broadcasting he basically means that something was featured in a major media outlet.

For example, if 50 million people saw an ad which played during the super bowl, does that mean that the advert went viral? No, the reason why so many people saw the ad was because it was broadcast to millions of people all at once.

Sharing had nothing to do with it.

Here’s another example, if an article makes the front page of a site like Reddit, then it’s more than likely that millions of people could end up reading that article. The reason why that happened wasn’t because the article went viral. It was because the article appeared on one of the biggest sites in the world.  

In this case, you could say that the article went viral because it was broadcast on Reddit.

This then is the true secret of going viral.

The second secret is that your content needs to provide what Derek calls, “A familiar surprise.” This basically means people like familiar things, but with a twist – or a fresh perspective. It’s basically the same as everything on the net. The more views you get the better you do.

So what can marketers and business owners learn from this?

First, you should create content which is going to appeal to your audience. Something which is familiar to them but slightly different. Second, you need to get your content pushed in a place where millions of people are able to see it.

This can be as simple as paying for a sponsored news story on a major website. On the other hand, it can mean getting your content into a news segment on TV.

The real trick is to realize that people often think something is popular, simply because people SAY that it’s popular.

Going viral actually has no meaning. It’s a very simple formula. Create content that people find familiar and will enjoy, and then get it promoted in front of millions of viewers.

We are a team of writers passionate about innovation and entrepreneur lifestyle. We are devoted to providing you the best insight into innovation trends and startups.

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9 Boss Habits You Need To Adopt As A Startup CEO



The Chief Executive Officer of a company is the highest-ranking executive in a company with the primary responsibilities like making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of a company, acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors and the corporate community. Successful CEOs have an exceptional persona that makes them standout. This persona is built through adopting a myriad of habits, which we point in this article;

Be a good communicator

Any CEO must be a person with potential to communicate reasonably, articulately and rationally. The Chief Executive is the head and the senior top representative of the company; meaning that he gets to mingle and interact with various people on a daily basis. This position requires a person who knows what to speak and when to speak; a person who doesn’t let emotions compromise his or her rational judgment. It is totally illogical for a CEO of a company to involve themselves in vulgar verbal exchanges that can put holes into their personal credibility.

Respect Time

When you’re a CEO, you have various tasks to accomplish in a very tight schedule. Successful CEOs know how to keep time and how to use it. When you supposed to attend a meeting with partners or anyone, be there in time and avoid reaching hours late. People disrespect leaders who don’t value time.

Read Books

Reading is the most common way of getting informed. You can’t be a CEO of a company without being informed. The head of a company is considered to be a person with diverse pool of knowledge. Successful CEOs read a variety of genres, from autobiographies to fiction to business books. Billionaire CEOs like Bill Gates even have a list of favorite books on their websites.

Be Curious & Cautious

Nobody expect a CEO to be naive and stupid in whatever they do. A CEO is leader who is ever curious, wanting to know things by all means. In addition, they’re ever cautious to adopt anything. When employees approach them, they don’t just buy whatever they’re told. They question everything until they get what they’re looking for. In addition, Successful CEOs not only ask questions, they ask the right kind of questions to get the answer they need. According to Andrew Cosslett, the CEO of the InterContinental Hotels Group, he says that; “in business, the big prizes are found when you can ask a question that challenges the corporate orthodoxy,”

Motivate & Inspire

If you’re a CEO of a company, you need to build an image which people look at with great admiration. Being a CEO of a big company doesn’t deter you from being kind and empathetic. This means that it is possible to use your influence as a CEO of the company and do good in the community. This kind of image motivates and inspire people, as they see you as super role model.

Network & Build connections

When you’re a CEO, it means you have the responsibility to make sure the company you lead stand out. CEOs are people who strive to make sure they build and utilize networks and connections in every angel. Through these connections, the companies they lead can end up acquiring opportunities from them. CEOs can also network with their fellow CEOs to bounce ideas off and to receive or offer mentorship.

Be honest & transparent

When you’re a leader and you’re a liar, nobody would want to trust anything from you. Lying and dishonesty makes you lose respect from the very people you lead and those who would have trusted you. You as CEO should be willing to tell even the hardest truth to the people you lead. Furthermore, when a CEO is honest, this builds a transparent culture even in those he leads. This means that the company can’t risk doing something dishonest, just for the sake of protecting its corporate and business interests.

Be Selfless

A CEO is a person who should prioritize others before themselves. As a leader it is always a good habit to first look out for the interests of the people you’re leading as most of them expect you to be their rock in the times of trouble. Selfishness and oneness are a habit best known in people with corrupt and rigid mentalities.

Be open-minded

Being open-minded means being receptive and embracing to all ideas even when you don’t agree with them. A CEO of a company must be that person willing to pay attention to all people even if he disagrees with them. Simply because you’re the company’s top executive doesn’t mean you going to shutdown or intimidate everyone you don’t agree with. A CEO uses a rational approach to solve problems and make sure all people in the company are equally attended to and their problems effectively solved.

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10 (quick & easy) Work Makeup Tips for Entrepreneurs



As an entrepreneur, you can find yourself swamped with meeting deadlines, attending meetings or chasing down clients. This can get overwhelming and before long, doing your makeup can become like a burden which you may be more than happy to set aside so as to focus on the “more important” stuff.

A well applied makeup can make you the model professional that you aim to come off as whereas bad makeup can leave you looking like a complete and utter mess.

Here are 10 makeup tips that you as an entrepreneur should apply as you deal with the running of your company;

1 – Don’t Overdo

Whenever applying makeup, what should be in your mind is to make it seem like you aren’t wearing any at all. That’s ‘Makeup 101’. I know that that may seem like a herculean task but that’s what you should aim to achieve. You are a professional and an entrepreneur so your look should represent that.

2 – Go with Nude Color for Your Lips

I know you are a power lady running a business and you may want to go with something bold and powerful like red lipstick but you could end up in an embarrassing situation where your, at the time, perfectly applied red lipstick starts running down your face. Better to play it safe and go with soft nude or peach colors, or as a last resort, lip balm can do the trick.

3 – Don’t Forget the Brows

After applying a full face of makeup, a lot of women forget to fill in their brows or probably do not bother, giving what I’ll call an “unfinished look.” Look, I’m not suggesting that you draw on every single fibre, but if you lightly apply a bit of pencil or shadow, you’re certain to showcase your confidence and professionalism.

Remember to set all of your makeup in place before you head out for the day. To achieve this there are a number of products you can use such as a finishing powder or a setting spray. Some brands of the latter can set your makeup in place for up to 24 hours.

4 – Falsies are a No No

Going for a huge party or maybe an informal event? Slap on your false lashes and everything’s good. Going to work though, where you’re more than likely going to spend all day jumping from one meeting to another, meeting all kinds of people? It’s probably a terrible idea to put on those falsies. It could leave you in an awkward situation if in the middle of your meeting with one of your most important clients, your false lashes were to fall off. Major oops!

5 – Don’t Use Glitter

It probably goes without saying, but in case you don’t know, glitters are not for work environments. It doesn’t matter if it’s a highlighter or a glitter eyeshadow. Your time is better spent in the running of your business than applying a frosty lip.

6 – Ditch the fake Bake

From time to time we love to try out some fake tan and there’s absolutely no problem there, but it’s best to push your fake tan experiments to weekends. As an entrepreneur you should not show up to work on different days with different shades of dark. Your clients are probably going to think that you’re not one to make up your mind on something quickly.

7 – A Blotting Paper is Handy

You’re likely to experience varying temperatures in an average day. Having blotting papers in your bag at all times means that you can easily reach for one and quickly apply, and just like that it would appear like you just had a full makeup session. Blotting papers do this by getting rid of the oil or shine.

8 – A Lip Balm is Essential

Having different seasons means that it gets to the time of the year when it gets cold and your lips tend to get dry after taking the time to get your makeup going. At those times, you can easily use your lip balm and you’re good again. Another hack is to use it refresh your lipstick after a meal at the office.

9 – Take Your Body Spray or Perfume With You

Your deodorant or perfume should absolutely be part of the essentials in your handbag. It is hygienic. The office environment could drastically change and your body may have a less than ideal reaction to it. Your perfume got you covered in such a situation.

10 – Do Your Touch Up Away From Your Desk

You’re an entrepreneur. How would you feel if you’re walking through the halls of your company and you happened upon one of your employees focused on getting her makeup right, right at her desk? Not a good look right? Well, it would not be a good look as well if you as the boss were to take on that habit. It’s company time and that time is better spent on productive things.

Makeups may not be absolutely essential, but you never know where or when they’ll become handy and tip the scales in your favour.

Remember that it’s better not to wear any makeup than to wear it wrong!

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Top 10 Cities in the US for Entrepreneurs and Startups (outside of east coast and silicon valley)



You may want to launch your startup in the US, but you’re wondering which city has a critical mix of network, venture capital funding, and talent to drive your business. Silicon Valley has been providing a startup ecosystem for years now; however, you can find your way across the US.

The country has several metro areas with increasingly skilled workforces and growing infrastructures to support your startup. The majority of these cities have appeared in the rankings of top cities in the US for entrepreneurs and startups.

Therefore the article provides you with a list of significantly less expensive metro areas outside the East Coast and Silicon Valley to build your business.

1. Atlanta is the most populous city and the capital of Georgia. It has a blossoming tech culture, thus a top technology town in the US. The metro area has an exploding blend of opportunities. It’s one of the cheapest places to live in Georgia, and the cost of doing business is below the national average. There is a lot of labor from talented graduates leaving Georgia Tech and Emory University. Atlanta is the home to multinationals such as Coca-Cola Company, Porsche AG, and the Home Depot.

2. Austin City is the capital of Texas State and has a reasonable cost of living, high levels of education, and plenty of labor. It is the home to world-class multinationals like Google, Apple Inc, Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung Group, Facebook, and PayPal, among others. These giants have changed the city as well as lured talents to this metro area. The small business community operating in this city is known for its supportiveness. Thus, Austin is not only offering lots of live music, but it’s also creating business.

3. Boston is located in Massachusetts and the most populous city in this state. This capital is the home to several tech startups targeting senior citizens. The city is ranked the top metro area for social venture startups and has overtaken New York for venture investment. Companies like General Electric, Fidelity Investments, and Cengage are located in this city.

4. Chicago is the most populous city in Illinois and the third in the US. The city’s tech proficiency is starting to get noticed in the startups’ ecosystem. The metro area has been climbing up the radar of the top cities in the US for startups and entrepreneurs due to its capital market and innovative culture. Although Chicago had scarce resources for startups, today, the city is the home to several businesses at different phases of their startup journey.  Chicago is the home to Boeing.

5. Denver is the capital of Colorado that is attracting hordes of millennials after Austin. The city is technology-focused, thus attractive to angel investors. Some of its growing segments are machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. Further, the cannabis industry is responsible for its startups.

6. Detroit is the largest city in Southeastern Michigan that allows startups to stand out despite being a big city. The metro area has a low cost of living, plenty of talents and empty lots, and skyscrapers for purchase. Detroit has been the home to General Motors for many years.

7. Los Angeles is a city in the State of California that is known for its stars, sun, and surf.  It falls behind New York and Silicon Valley as the largest hub for startups and the center for tech entrepreneurship. For that reason, it has attracted more investors and venture capital investment. Companies like Space X, Snapchat, and Oculus calls LA home. Further, the city is the center of the country’s film and television industry, as well as the headquarters of Hollywood. Therefore, Los Angeles is ideal for startups and entrepreneurs due to its vast potential.

8. Nashville is a city located in Tennessee and among the top ten fastest-growing cities in the US due to its impressive unemployment rate and creative work environment. The Nashville Entrepreneur center provides entrepreneurs with opportunities for co-working, networking, and workshops. You will find Genesco, Universal lighting technologies, Thomas Nelson publishing, and Jerry Jones Guitars here.

9. Salt Lake City is a mountainside city located in Utah, where the transcontinental highway and railroad crosses. The city is known for its world-class skiing, and it’s the home to Adobe, Oracle and Electronic Arts. Its cost of living is affordable when compared to other tech hot spots. The city has skilled labor due to its three major universities and several colleagues releasing qualified graduates every year. Further, Salt Lake City has business-friendly laws, thus a hotbed of startups and entrepreneurs.

10. Seattle is also among the fastest-growing cities in the USA. The city is located in Washington and is the home to Microsoft, Starbucks, and Amazon, among others. The city of Seattle has a booming tech industry, vibrant population, and a series of unique shops, exciting restaurants, and coffeehouses that are welcoming to entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners. Although Seattle doesn’t have significant tax incentives, it offers economic development ventures and plenty of venture capital companies that nurture the development of startups and small businesses.

Other Rising Cities

The following cities are slowly growing towards becoming successful hubs for startups and entrepreneurial activity. These are; Charlotte, Columbus, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Baltimore, San Diego, and Pittsburgh.


It would be best if you considered other cities besides the Silicon Valley as you prepare to launch you’re your startup or even growing your existing business. The article has provided a list of cities with reasonable costs of living and doing business, plenty of skilled labor, attractive to venture capital, and a supportive busy community that is needed to fuel your startup or existing business.

These cities house some of the global giants like Amazon, Apple Inc, Microsoft, General Motors, Hollywood, and Boeing, among others.  Indeed this makes them attractive for startups and entrepreneurs due to already established infrastructures. For that reason, you can commercialize your idea or expand your existing business in these top 10 cities in the US.

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