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7 little-known but very lucrative sectors you should consider getting into



lucrative startup ideas

Entering a very saturated market can be challenging for a new business. In view of that, you should consider getting into little known but very lucrative industries.

There are thousands of startups ideas that you can consider. Entrepreneurs have successfully used them but there are some little known lucrative sectors that you can consider. Here are 7 niches that can inspire you to get started:


Nowadays, more and more people are concerned with problems of insomnia. For example, it is estimated that insomnia is responsible for a loss of productivity of 63 billion dollars each year in the United States. That is a huge challenge. The good news is that every year, startups are launched to provide innovative solutions to this problem. Some of such startups are the application Calm that helps you calm down or Gravity Blankets which markets duvets that facilitate sleep and makes you fall to sleep easily.

Digital nomads / Telework

The pandemic has introduced a flexible way of working. For that reason, it’s expected that there will be more freelancers, digital nomads and teleworking employees in the coming years.

Many companies and startups understand this well and offer solutions for such businesses and workers.

Organic cosmetics

Organic foods have continued to permeate Western food. Today, there is also a strong demand for healthier products in other sectors and particularly in the cosmetics market.

The global natural and organic beauty market was worth $ 11.5 billion in 2018 and is expected to more than double by 2025!

Biodegradable tableware

The need to consume better and in a more sustainable way is known to all. Companies are also facing stricter regulations for single-use products, including disposable tableware.

This is why we are seeing the birth of an anthology of new innovative companies that offer many solutions to consume better. And this trend will continue growing in the coming years.

Weight loss

Obesity has become a global problem in recent decades. There are many companies in the weight loss sector: manufacturers of weight loss supplements, diet experts and coaches, or applications to help lose weight are on the increase.

Some studies show that this market could be nearly $ 650 billion in annual sales!

Box of fresh dishes to prepare

Everyone likes to eat healthy meals, but few people really have the time to cook for hours. This is the problem that many new startups are trying to answer.

Overall consumer spending on box meals has grown three times faster than spending in restaurants and grocery stores since 2015 and the market is still expanding.

Survival kit

A survival kit contains everything that can help you during a disaster. For the most part, they include medical supplies (medicine, bandage, etc), tools, water, dried food, a radio and survival blankets…

Already nearly 4 million Americans are close to all forms of disaster (natural disasters, world wars…) and this trend has spread to the rest of the world due to the global crisis.

So, you can consider these areas if you’re thinking of launching a startup in the near future.

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