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Why Companies Must Adopt Digital Documents

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While the pandemic has forever changed the business ecosystem, one reality remains constant: documents are still the foundation of how business gets done.

As companies navigate the massive changes that took place in the last year, from pandemic protocols to distributed workforces, business leaders are looking to drive flexibility, efficiency, innovation and responsiveness as PDFs and word documents no longer cut it.  In this environment, it is even more essential that you have in place simple, sophisticated all-in-one solutions to easily manage the creation, editing and signing of documents. Digital document collaboration and eSignature solutions are critical to ensuring the efficacy of a remote or hybrid workforce.

Across industries and job functions, companies are leveraging digital documents to eliminate process bottlenecks, saving time and increasing efficiency.

With more HR teams now bringing on new hires remotely, an automated document solution that offers 24/7 access to up-to-date online documents can ensure that onboarding is consistent and streamlined for HR, the manager and the job candidate. The sales team benefits from a centralized process, which fosters a frictionless customer experience. A digital document workflow puts an end to the constant uploads and downloads with each new contract version, the juggling between different systems and file formats, and the tiresome back and forth as contract details are ironed out.

Third-party research from PandaDoc confirms that businesses understand the value of digital documents, with respondents acknowledging that digital documents are easier to create, collaborate on and complete than paper versions; generate cost savings; and offer increased productivity.

A Streamlined Process

An automated digital document workflow streamlines the entire process, from document creation to approval and distribution. As you move from static to dynamic document creation, you’re enabling real-time editing and collaboration. With the endless back and forth between stakeholders eliminated or held to a minimum, digital documents promote a better user experience – for both employees and clients. Pre-approved information, corrections and up-to-the-minute data insights can be quickly inserted into a document.

But the benefits of digitizing paper documents don’t stop there. The process offers additional efficiencies in how your business organizes, tracks and stores those forms. PandaDoc customers find that digital documents with reusable, easy-to-use templates and collaboration tools also foster a more professional, consistent, error-free final product that help ensure they present all departments at their company at their best.

By Shawn Herring, PandaDoc VP, Marketing.


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