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VPN for Port Forwarding – Why it is Beneficial

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Port forwarding is a well-known technique used in networking. It allows the connection between external devices and any specific device or service within a private local network. 

Let’s say you have a security camera in your home network and want to access its live feed remotely via your smartphone. 

Port forwarding opens those ports on your router, which, in this case, would direct incoming requests to the camera, enabling remote access without hassle. 

Let’s discuss some more benefits of forwarding ports securely.

Port Forwarding with a VPN 

Using port forwarding without a VPN exposes your devices or services directly to the internet, which can be risky. 

Port forwarding comes with a range of cybersecurity risks you cannot take for granted. To counter this issue, opening ports with a VPN shield is ideal.

A VPN acts as a secure gateway, allowing you to access your devices and services remotely and protecting your network from unwanted access.

8 Amazing Benefits of Port Forwarding with a VPN 

Port forwarding comes with many plus points. Let’s have a look at them.

1.Remote Access

First and foremost, the most fantastic thing about port forwarding with a VPN is that it allows you to access various devices from anywhere in the world remotely. 

Those applications, services, and devices within your LAN can be accessed remotely by you, all with the help of VPN port forwarding. 

2.Smooth Gaming Experience

Another fantastic thing about port forwarding with a VPN is that it makes the gaming world much more fun and lag-free. Numerous online games need particular ports to be opened for you to enjoy the game entirely. 

You can do it with the help of this technique and enjoy a smooth, lag-free gaming experience. Plus, you can also access games that are inaccessible in your region.

3.VoIP and P2P 

If you regularly use VoIP services like Skype, you’ll find solace in VPN port forwarding. It’s because port forwarding improves the quality and speed of such services and even gives you access to VoIPs where they are unavailable. 

Not only this, but peer-to-peer file sharing also becomes faster, all thanks to this particular service. 

4.IoT Devices Management

This is an era of smart homes and modern devices. Unlike in previous ages, you can now control your smart devices while lying in bed or far away from home. 

From lighting to locks, everything can be controlled with the help of port forwarding with a VPN.

5.Secure Access

When you port forward with a VPN, you automatically increase your devices’ security level. You won’t have to worry about a hacker or a malicious attacker waiting silently to attack you. It’s because your connection will be encrypted with the help of a reliable VPN. 

This way, no hacker can intercept the information transmitted between your home network and remote devices. 

6.Bypass Geo Barriers

If you’re trying to access a service or device remotely that’s geo-limited or blocked in your current location, VPN port forwarding can help you bypass these annoying restrictions by connecting to a server in a different region.

7.Network Segmentation

A VPN can segment your network into different subnets or virtual LANs (VLANs), allowing for more granular control over which devices or services are accessible via port forwarding. This is valuable for managing security and access permissions.

8.Mask IP Address

When connected to a VPN, your system will act as a bridge between your device and your internet connection. This bridge will make your location inaccessible to hackers. It protects your system within a network by displaying the VPN’s server IP address, and you will stay untraceable. 

This feature is handy when enabling port forwarding to create a barrier against hackers and their malicious intent.

How to Setup Port Forwarding with a VPN? 

Setting up port forwarding with a VPN is a relatively easy nut to crack. You need to follow the basic steps, and everything is ready. 

Select the VPN

First of all, you need to decide on the VPN. Choose a reliable VPN with maximum features and positive user reviews. Plus, ensure that the VPN you’ve selected supports port forwarding since some don’t. 

Setup Port Forwarding

Next, log into your router’s settings and go to the port forwarding section. There, you’ll need to create a new rule and provide the specifications regarding the ports and the IP address of the relevant device you want to access. 

Connect to the VPN 

Once you set up the port forwarding, connect your network with the VPN. Connecting with a VPN will be easy as most of them come with applications that have a user-friendly interface. They’re easy to operate and don’t require any technical knowledge. 

Once you follow these steps, you can port forward easily with excessive security, all thanks to the VPN. 

VPN for Port Forwarding Enhance Security

Port forwarding and a VPN can be a much more reliable combination for all your digital needs. It doesn’t just enhance the security but the overall functionality as well. 

Encrypting your IP address through a VPN increases the cybersecurity level tenfold. You can keep your private information and data accessible from malicious threats and attacks and manage ports efficiently.

Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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