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Are self-storage type furniture repositories interesting?

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self-storage type furniture repositories

A relatively fashionable innovation in the box rental area, particularly for companies, self-storage is a rather interesting alternative that aims to offer more space to companies that lack it. We will see here how this model stands out from other proposals, where you have to get information to access it and its current level of availability.

Definition and advantages of self-storage type storage

Self-storage is a model of furniture storage that differs from standard box systems mainly due to its accessibility, given that the stored resources are available 24 hours a day. In most cases, you will receive an access tool that will allow you to have the box at any time and which can be in several forms such as:

  • A badge;
  • A key;
  • A pass.

It is possible to have the box provided by self-storage to store tools, goods, inventory, or even archives. In addition to its availability, the main advantage of this model lies in the savings it enables, particularly for companies established in costly real estate sectors.

Selection criteria

As for basic furniture repositories, there are basically three important criteria to consider in a storage box. The first is insurance, which should cover the disappearance of your property, such as theft. Humidity is also a factor that can affect the type of items you can leave. Finally, the security available to the place should also be an aspect to take into account.

Main differences

Unlike self-storage, other models of furniture storage only allow access to the contents of the rented boxes on specific time slots or even on specific days of the week. Conventional systems are also poorly suited for store resources temporarily given their numerous access procedures, unlike self-storage, which is available at any time.

Use of self-storage type furniture repositories in business

Given its economic and logistical components, self-storage remains a rather interesting alternative for all kinds of businesses. This is particularly the case for construction companies who need quick access to their stock for transport to the site. It is also a useful option for young businesses due to the reduced costs of this type of storage unit.

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