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service entre particuliers un recours utile pour son bricolage

Every day, households are confronted with minor problems: a broken refrigerator, a clogged sink, faulty electrical connection, etc. It can be expensive to hire the services of a craftsman. One alternative that has proven to be very profitable in recent years is peer-to-peer service. Some have devoted themselves especially to DIY activities and offer quality services at home. When to call on a local service for your DIY?

General information on local DIY services

Do-it-yourself jobs tend to be difficult to do, especially when you have little experience or don’t have the right tools. Local services are particularly effective in responding to this problem.

Among the solutions that are presented to you, My super neighbor is one of those offering the most complete skills for service between individuals. It is an impressive network of people with skills in several areas, including DIY which is particularly in demand today.

The different DIY services

DIY needs can be broken down into four categories: home improvement, electrical, renovation, and plumbing. It is therefore important to know what is the field of competence sought in order to choose the type of handyman who will be able to carry out the work.

The layout

The move-in work requires specialized tools and above all a certain knowledge of the elements to be assembled or disassembled. A service between individuals for development work takes into account:

  • The assembly and disassembly of furniture;
  • The installations of curtain rods, bath screens;
  • Fixing shelves, television, mirror, shower bar;
  • Furniture repair.


Electricity-related work must be carried out with extreme care. It is, therefore, preferable to call upon competent persons. They can achieve:

  • Installations of electrical outlets, radiators, home automation;
  • Installation of lamps and lights;
  • Repairs in the event of a short circuit.

The renovation

Using a peer-to-peer service can be very useful for renovation work. These include:

  • Interior and exterior painting;
  • Insulation of walls, doors and windows;
  • The installation of wallpaper, parquet, PVC tiles, carpet tiles, lino, etc.


A plumbing handyman can do the following work:

  • Repair of leaks and flushes;
  • The outlet of a sink;
  • Connection of household appliances (washing machines, dishwashers);
  • The change of flushes, taps, drains.

Steps to follow

To benefit from service between individuals for your DIY needs, online platforms will be of great use to you. Indeed, the latter is based on certain operating principles. The first is that of registering as a client. To do this, you will need to submit certain personal information such as your email address and phone number.

The next phase concerns the work you want to do. It consists of posting a clear advertisement that accurately describes your needs. However, there are certain details that you should mention in your ad. Indeed, the speed of the service between individuals will depend on the level of precision of the elements of the advertisement. It must be mentioned :

  • The type of service you need;
  • Details for establishing an estimate;
  • The dates of completion;
  • Your availability ;
  • Pictures of the construction site.

Once this data is online, you will have several answers. You can therefore choose according to the pricing of the handyman and the opinions of people who have previously used his services. Payments are generally made through a secure interface and the handyman only takes possession of them once the work has been completed.

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