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How to launch your startup online?

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comment lancer sa startup en ligne

The internet is full of opportunities that can help create your own startup and thus become your own boss. This is an enticing idea however you need some preparation before fully launching your business.

Indeed, there are numerous ideas and chances of success, but as with any project you have to plan things in order to avoid the simplest pitfalls that could slow your growth, or lead to the failure of your future business.

Want to know more about how to get started in order to turn your dream into reality? What are the pitfalls to avoid and important factors to consider to be successful? So this article is for you!

Why do you want to launch your startup?

One of the most obvious reasons is of course to earn more money and have a sense of freedom by being your own boss. The first thing you need to ask yourself is what motivates you to pursue this endeavor.

Starting a new business is a great project that requires time, and a lot of time indeed. You have to know how to persevere and remain motivated when you encounter hurdles. No matter how prepared you are, there will always be events beyond your control that can complicate matters.

So does that mean you shouldn’t be prepared? No, the more prepared you are for all eventualities, the more effectively you will be able to handle complex situations. You just have to know that creating a startup requires a lot of motivation and time, especially at the start when the project is in its early stages. Are you ready to get started? So let’s see where to start!

How to start

Launching a startup is all well and good but you have to get the niche and how you will reach the audience in order to attract your customers. The first step is to determine a niche. A niche is a specific centre of interest that brings together people with common interests. For example, sport is an area, now if your goal is to sell skis, we can say that your niche is the sale of accessories for winter sports or seasoned slopes.

If you have skills, knowledge, or a specific area you are interested in, this can be a good start to explore an idea to launch your startup. Likewise, one should be aware of the most important areas on the internet, which are likely to make the most money.

Thus, everything that relates to making money whether it is cryptocurrencies, the stock market, investing, in short how to make money, constitutes the first area. Then there is everything related to love, health, animals and finally everything related to education and entertainment whether it is learning a new language, a new skill, online gaming etc.

These five areas are the ones that generate the most money on the internet, but they are so vast and so it is important to define a more specific point, hence the idea of finding your niche depending on your tastes, skills or simply because it is a growing business.

Define your audience

Once you’ve determined your niche, before you jump in, it’s important to ask yourself who is going to be your audience. If you want lipsticks, there is a good chance that your clientele is predominantly female, while if you specialize in toys you will certainly have a much younger audience.

Knowing how to define your audience will allow you to target them with your marketing strategies. We do not address a young audience in the same way as we do to adults, so depending on your content, your clientele, you will certainly have a way of presenting things in order to convince them. This is an extremely important point that should not be overlooked.

Launch your startup online

Now that you have defined your niche and at least your audience, there are still a few points to prepare. First of all what kind of activity do you want to engage in? Generally, three possibilities must be considered between the BtoB, BtoC or even less known but strongly developing the CtoB. In all three cases, B means “business” and C “consumer”. Do you prefer to create a startup that will want to seek clients in the professional world (that is to say companies?), Or do you prefer to deal directly with individuals?

Likewise, the CtoB, therefore, means “consumer to business” it is a model where customers are remunerated by an action they perform and this indirectly benefits you. This can be for example completing a survey and you earn money by providing answers to their questionnaires.

Defining your financial model in the first place is not always easy, but you still need to plan in order to prepare yourself.

Before the launch of your online startup, you will first have to choose a name for your website, you can either use a domain name of the same name as that of your startup if it is already existing or you will have to find a suitable name for your business.

Generate traffic

Traffic refers to the process of acquiring an audience and therefore potential customers. No matter what startup you have decided to launch online, you must be able to show that you exist, you must be visible to your audience (hence the importance of targeting your future customers).

There are so many startups in different fields, but sooner or later you are bound to have competition when you launch your business. Besides having to manage it at first, you must define a strategy in order to find your future customers. This involves creating an online site, blogging, managing your social networks and any ideas that you think are good to take to attract your audience.


There is no perfect plan or way to launch a new business. However, with good preparation, you can set your business to success. These suggestions will help you to get started.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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