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Long-term storage tents – an efficient way to increase your storage space




The risk of doing business during a pandemic is greater, but there are also new opportunities related to the rapid development of the disease, such as eCommerce.

The possibility of exploiting this business opportunity may depend on a rapid increase in logistics capacity, which may require investments in warehouses.

Traditionally constructed warehouses are an investment that is costly and time-consuming.

An alternative is the long-lasting storage tent, a structure made of light and sturdy aluminum profiles, which adapts like traditional marquees to local wind and snow loads and is designed for a long service life of up to 50 years.

These are not just large tents but fully functional rooms with insulated walls and a billowing roof. European regulations require that the roof of the storage tent be made of PVC. An insulated storage tent can have a thermofoam roof or an inflated roof, where the insulation is a layer of air pumped between PVC membranes. A pressure support pump is required here. Storage tents only require concrete foundations in special cases. The standard solution is to erect a room on a flat surface: paving stones or asphalt. This drastically reduces costs and speeds up assembly, and as a result, two 1000 m rooms are built even in one day!

When deciding on the type of structure you want, you may find it important to compare the benefits of a traditional storage facility that you have used for years with those of a smaller storage tent with an inflated roof. You may realize that a structure wrongly considered only temporary was chosen as a warehouse intended to be used for several decades.

A less expensive solution than a temporary warehouse storage is a storage tent whose cover is made entirely of durable PVC fabric. These warehouses can also be adapted to local wind and snow loads (snow up to 350 kg / m 2 ) and prove useful as protection for goods that do not require thermal insulation.

Currently, a limited number of companies offer safe photovoltaic installations on the roofs of storage tents made up of many panels. The tent structure should be reinforced to ensure safety and the ability to withstand local wind and snow loads. Long-term storage tents are great value for money. The room price represents up to 25% of the cost of building a room using traditional technology.

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