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Marketing strategy: Pinterest offers its services to entrepreneurs




With the increasing democratization of social networks, many entrepreneurs are adopting digital marketing strategies. Based on the strength of its reputation and a high number of subscribers, the Pinterest site recently decided to increase its visibility by offering its services to entrepreneurs. It does that by launching a marketing campaign targeting advertisers.

A strategy to increase its global visibility

Available in six different countries, Pinterest’s new marketing campaign allows businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to be visible on its interface. Referred to as “What if their next…was on Pinterest”, this strategy aims to provide an advertising opportunity to entrepreneurs who want it. With more than 250 million users worldwide, Pinterest has become a real hub in the digital world, so much so that it now acts as a go-to site for many advertisers. In fact, today, around 93% of the site’s users visit it before making a purchase and 83% of them say they have already purchased after seeing an ad in their searches.

While Pinterest’s audience is very diverse and especially spread across the world, all users seem to have one thing in common: 97% of their searches on the platform do not include a brand name. A habit that allows all businesses, small, medium or large to be discovered.

A host of other digital solutions

While Pinterest is leveraging its visibility and sizable audiences to help businesses, there are plenty of ways to establish a digital marketing strategy. So some online programs like Dynamics 365 Marketing software, aim to facilitate the development of multichannel campaigns and the acquisition of new customers, all this while providing you with real-time data and improving the connection between sales and marketing. But this is not the only solution! As for digital tips, it is also possible to set up a mailing strategy and a strong presence on social networks. A golden opportunity that all entrepreneurs should exploit.

Some timeless techniques

Although going digital holds the most effective marketing strategies, some companies have continued relying on more traditional campaigns. Thus, street marketing is still present in our daily life: billboards, distribution of flyers, human animation or even event action, the techniques of “street marketing” are numerous and varied.

In another genre, some bosses still choose cold calling or the use of branded company vehicles. These vehicles have stickers bearing the name of the company, and goes around a neighborhood, or sometimes a city, in order to create awareness about the company and its services.

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