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Rugged tablet: Why it is a winning choice



Tablette durcie

As a result of new technologies, new electronic gadgets have emerged to improve the working conditions and the mobility of professionals. Among these devices, we find the hardened tablet, a revolutionary tool designed for workers. Today, it is a device widely used in the building industry, thereby enhancing the quality of the workforce. So what makes the rugged tablet such a popular tool?

Rugged tablet: Usefulness and benefits

The rugged tablet is an industrial terminal that has been around for over 20 years. It has been developed specifically for the needs of certain professionals. They are indeed those working in challenging environments rarely accessible to electronics (construction, battlefields, manufacturing plants, etc.).

Thus, the design of the rugged tablet takes into account the risks inherent in these areas. It benefits from its great robustness and excellent sealing. It is made from durable materials, improves productivity, and allows quality work to be done.

In addition, it offers improved connectivity, optimal performance, several features, etc. It allows professionals to run a mobile version of their business applications and withstand extreme temperatures, along with the advantages mentioned above. Further, it is also shockproof, insensitive to vibrations and drops, and works even in very dusty and humid environments.

Discover the characteristics of a rugged tablet

The rugged tablet has key features that distinguish it from the mainstream tablet and which also helps you to make the right choice. Regardless of the supplier, the hardened tablet is characterized by the following elements:

  • An IP protection index: It is a 2-digit number representing the resistance to water and dust of the hardened tablet;
  • A MIL-STD classification: This indicates that the gadget has been subjected to some environmental resistance tests (vibration, pressure, thermal shock, etc.). Also mentioned here are the results of the drop resistance tests.

Other physical elements may accompany its level of robustness. We distinguish Gorilla Glass screen, double frame, more flexible choice of material, better heat dissipation, etc.

How to choose the right hardened tablet?

There are several criteria for choosing the hardened tablet. First, you must consider its strength and impact resistance. There is a difference between the semi-hardened tablet and the hardened tablet. The former is used under reasonable conditions, while the latter has a robust chassis for more advanced use cases.

The next criterion is the level of connectivity and autonomy. The rugged tablet should enable multi-channel communication.

You should take into account the size, brightness of the screen, and efficiency of the operating system. A compact tablet makes mobility easy, while a large tablet makes reading easy. Rugged tablets powered by the Android operating system typically offer a wide range of free and paid app choices. Finally, the last criteria are the accessories and the quality/price ratio of the rugged tablet.

While considering your budget, it is recommended to opt for a tablet with a large number of accessories. For example, to protect it from dust and rain, choosing one with a protective case is advisable. If you had to draw on a plane, a stylus would also be of great help.

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